Ron Paul’s Recent MSM Appearances

Freedom Watch with Ron Paul and Ralph Nader 01/19/11

True Fidelity to the Constitution 01/19/11

Ron Paul on America Live, Fox News 01/19/11

Ron Paul on CNN’s American Morning 01/19/11

Ron Paul on FBN Tom Sullivan Show Jan 8 2011

Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Good Morning America

Ron Paul on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan

It’s a “Role of Government” Problem

“They’re Not Going To Leave Iraq Or Afghanistan!” Ron Paul & Rand Paul Interview

“Some Individuals Here In Washington Want To Fight Every War Around The World!”

Ron Paul on CSPAN’s “Newsmakers” 12/19/10 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fed, Omnibus Spending Bill 12-16-10

Congressman Paul Talks Taxes on the Glen Beck Show 12-16-10

Ron Paul : High Unemployment Caused by Federal Reserve!

Ron Paul “I Always Will Vote For Lower Taxes”

Ron Paul On WikiLeaks “This Is A Deliberate Attempt To Close Down The Internet”

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Maria Barteroma 12/14/10

Ron Paul on Bloomberg 12/10/10 “The Power of Ideas will Prevail”

Ron Paul on Fox Business 12/10/10

“Some Questions To Consider” Ron Paul Defends WikiLeaks
“Killing The Messenger For Bad News” 12/09/10

Ron Paul Announces Chairmanship on Freedom Watch 12/08/10

Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 12/02/10

Drs. Ron and Rand Paul on Fox and Friends 12/02/10

Ron Paul “At Least Some Republicans Have Started Talking About Defense Cuts” 12/02/10

Ron Paul on the Criminal Federal Reserve – Bloomberg 12/01/10

Ron Paul Talks TSA on Freedom Watch 11/22/10

Ron Paul Debates TSA Screenings – CNN 11/19/10

Ron Paul interviewed by Neil Cavuto-11/18/2010

Enough Is Enough!

Ron Paul Discusses Federal Reserve Transparency on MSNBC 11/17/10

Ron Paul & Rand Paul Freedom Watch 11/13/10

Ron Paul on Supervising the Fed – FBN 11/12/10

Ron Paul Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show 11/10/10

Ron Paul on FBN Cavuto 11/8/10: Benny and The Fed

Ron Paul on CNBC Squawk Box 11/08/10: Fed Matters

Ron Paul Discusses the Fed with Neil Cavuto 11/5/10

Ron Paul on Stossel 11/4/10: Did Libertarians Win?

Ron Paul on Fox Business 11/3/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business 10/20/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business 10/14/10

Ron Paul vs Lawrence O’Donnell 10/11/10 – Part 2

Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul 10/09/10

Ron Paul Speech to Tea Party Uncensored

Ron Paul: We Can’t Say Cut Spending For Food Stamps But
NOT For The Military Industrial Complex! 10/09/10

Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano on the Federal Reserve 10/06/10

Ron Paul on Eliminating the Fed FBN 9/29/10

Ron Paul on Government Reform FBN 9/21/10

Ron Paul in the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer 9/8/10

Ron Paul Discusses End of Combat Operations in Iraq FBN 9/1/10

Ron Paul: Audit the Gold! 8/26/10

Ron Paul: Without Hate For Islam Our Aggressive Foreign Policy Couldn’t Continue

Ron Paul Slams NYC Mosque Demagogues MSNBC 8/23/10

Ron Paul: Goal Of Protesting NYC Mosque Is To Blame Islam For 9/11 8/23/10

Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell: End the Fed, End the Wars, End the Empire 8/11/10

Will Rand Paul join Ron Paul on Capitol Hill? 8/4/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business 7/30/10

Ron Paul discusses Afghanistan with Rick Sanchez on CNN 7/29/10

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich push for U.S. withdrawal from Pakistan

Floor speech in support of the Fair Sentencing Act Jul 28 2010

Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke Financial Services Hearing July 22 2010

Financial Services Hearing July 22 2010

Financial Services Hearing July 22 2010 Part 2

Paper Money Breeds Inflation and Destroys the Currency’s Value

Give the American People Accurate Information

Majority of Americans Believe Obama is a Socialist

Ron Paul – The Situation Room 7/7/10 – Part 2

Ron Paul on CNN John King USA 07/05/10: Michael Steele, Oil Spill, Rand Paul

Ron Paul on CNN 07/04/10: RNC Chair Michael Steele War Comments

Fighting War Against People Who Have NO Tanks! NO Planes! NO Ships!

Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano on Money Rocks 06/30/10

Ron Paul on Federal Reserve Audit and Financial Regulation 6/30/2010

Ron Paul/John Duncan on Freedom Watch 06/26/10

Ron Paul Discusses Presidential Power on FOX 6/24/10

Ron Paul Discusses the BP Oil Spill on the Situation Room 6/22/10

Ron Paul Discusses the BP Oil Spill with David Asman 6/22/10

Ron Paul Testifies Before the Conference Committee 6/16/10

Ron Paul on CNBC’s “Street Signs” 6/15/10

Ron Paul/Sarah Palin on Freedom Watch TV 06/12/10 – Part 2

Ron Paul: Restore a Full Audit of the Fed! 6/9/10

Ron Paul Speech on the House Floor 6-3-10

Ron Paul on Don Imus Show 6-3-10 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fox Business 6-2-10

Ron Paul on The Mangru Report – Fox Business 5-26-10

Ron Paul on Fox Business 5-21-10

Dr. Paul at Financial Services Hearing 5-20-10

Ron Paul Interviewed by Alan Colmes 5-20-10

Year of the Political Outsider?

Ron Paul on Squawk Box 05/17/2010

Ron Paul: Stop the Bailout of Foreign Banks! – 05/12/10

Ron Paul Unhappy About Senate Vote to Audit Fed – 05/11/10

Ron Paul on U.S. Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece – 05/10/10

Ron Paul: How the Crisis in Greece Relates to the U.S. – 05/06/10

Ron Paul: Money Isn’t Worth What It Used To Be! – 05/06/10

Ron Paul and Alan Grayson with Dylan Ratigan: Audit the Fed! – 05/03/10

Freezing Government – 04/27/10

Ron Paul on MSNBC Hardball – 04/22/10

Ron Paul – Today’s Conversation Was Nothing But War Propaganda!

Ron Paul on the Constitution, Keynesian Economics – Fox Business 04/20/10

Ron Paul – Fox Business, 04/19/10

Ron Paul on MSNBC April 15

FoxNews w/ Megyn Kelly April 15

Congressman Paul on Happy Hour April14

Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke at JEC Hearing 4/14/10

Ron Paul on the State of the GOP 4/12/10

Ron Paul at 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference 4/10/10

Ron Paul on Larry King Live 4/9/10 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5

Ron Paul on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan 4/9/10

Ron Paul on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan 4/1/10

“We Have Only One Party! And They Fight Over Power & Influence! 3/26/10

More Questions from Dr Paul 3/25/10

Ron Paul at the Financial Services Hearing 3/25/10

Ron Paul on the Stupak Executive Order 3/24/10

Congressman Paul Questions Geithner 3/22/10

Ron Paul: Bill Makes Health-Care System Worse 3/22/10

Ron Paul on the Unconstitutional Health Care Bill 3/21/10

Ron Paul Interview With CNN John King 3/19/10

Ron Paul on FOX Business 03/16/10

Ron Paul – “The ED Show” MSNBC, 03/15/10

Ron Paul: Giving Fed More Power ‘Makes No Sense’ 03/11/10

Ron Paul in Strong Support of Kucinich’s Afghanistan Resolution 03/10/10

Ron Paul Discusses NationalID with Megyn Kelly 03/10/10

Ron Paul – Fox Business 03/03/10

Ron Paul: Fed Needs to Clear the Air on its History

Jack Cafferty Interviews Ron Paul 2/27/10

Congressman Paul Questions Hillary Clinton 2/25/10

Ron Paul Floor Statement on Assassinations

Opening Statement of Ron Paul at Humphrey Hawkins Hearing

Congressman Paul Questions Bernanke

Ron Paul on Larry King 2/22/10

Ron Paul vs. Warmongering Squawkers 2/22/10

Ron Paul At CPAC 2010! Part 2 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fox News talking about the CPAC Win 2/21/10

Ron Paul: Allow The Free Market, Not The Fed, To Set Interest Rates

Ron Paul & Rand Paul Explain Why Voters Are So Angry

Ron Paul talks Tea Party with Maddow 02/09/2010

Ron Paul on Cavuto: Fed Involved with Greece Bailout? 2/9/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business’ America’s Nightly Scoreboard 2/5/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business: Geithner and AIG 1/27/10

Ron Paul interviewed by Ali Velshi – CNN Newsroom 01/27/10

Ron Paul on Larry King Live 1/25/10

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Squawk Box 1/25/10

Ron Paul on Fox Business 1/22/10

Ron Paul: Perpetual War, Perpetual Spending – 1/22/10

Ron Paul “Nothing Has Changed! CNN 1/21/10

Ron Paul on Competing Currencies 1/20/10

Ron Paul – Rick’s List CNN 01/20/10

CNN: Paul on the State of the Nation 1/19/10

Ron Paul on FBN with David Asman 1/14/10

Ron Paul on the FBN Don Imus Show 1/11/10 – Part 2

Ron Paul on CNN AC360: Sarah Palin and Tea Party Movement 1/8/10

Ron Paul on the Rachel Maddow Show 1/6/10

Ron Paul on the ED Show 1/5/10

Ron Paul on Larry King Live 1/4/10 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Larry King 12/28/09

Ron Paul on Larry King 12/16/09 – Part 2 – Part 3

Ron Paul on Cavuto 12/16/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business: Bernanke World’s Greatest Counterfeiter 12/16/09

Ron Paul on Morning Joe 12/16/09

Ron Paul On House Floor – Debate On Iran Sanctions! 12/15/09

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Squawk Box 12/15/09 – Part 2 – Part 3

Ron Paul on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto 12/09/09

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 12/09/09

Ron Paul – The Ed Show – MSNBC 12/03/09

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck with Judge Napolitano 12/03/09

Ron Paul on “I Wouldn’t Vote for Bernanke” 12/03/09

Ron Paul on MSNBC’s “Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan” 12/03/09

Ron Paul on CSPAN Washington Journal 12/03/09

Ron Paul on House Floor: War is a Racket! 12/02/09

Ron Paul at the House Foreign Affairs Hearing 12/02/09

Ron Paul: Obama Preparing for Perpetual War! 12/2/09

Ron Paul on House Floor 12/1/09

Ron Paul – The Kudlow Report, 11/30/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business Happy Hour 11/30/09

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Squawk Box 11/23/09 – Pt 2

Ron Paul Introduces HR1207 as Substitute to Watt Amendment 11/19/2009

Ron Paul on House Floor: End the War in Afghanistan 11/18/09 – Pt 2

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Squawk Box 11/13/09

Ron and Rand Paul with Judge Napolitano 11/6/09

Congressman Ron Paul on Morning Meeting w/ Dylan Ratigan 11/5/09

Ron Paul at Financial Services Hearing 11/4/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business “Nightly Scoreboard” 11/04/2009

Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore on Larry King CNN 10/29/2009

“If We Do What’s Right, It Will Benefit the Entire World.” 10/29/09

Ron Paul: Placing Sanctions on Iran is an Act of War! 10/28/09

Ron Paul at Joint Economic Committee Hearing 10/22/09

Ron Paul with Tavis Smiley 10/21/09 – Part 2

Ron Paul talks Economics on CNN American Morning 10/19/2009

Ron Paul – Hearing on Afghanistan 10/15/2009

Ron Paul on CNN’s Situation Room 10/14/09 – Part 2

Ron Paul on the Ed Show MSNBC 10/14/09

Ron Paul on Fox News 10/4/09

Ron Paul on “Fox and Friends,” 10/1/09

Ron Paul Foreign Policy Speech 9/30/09

Ron Paul on the Daily Show 9/29/09

Ron Paul HR1207 Hearing Highlights 9/25/09

Ron Paul “We Should Never Be Fearful Of The Truth” MSNBC 9/24/09

Ron Paul: More Government Won’t Help – C-Span 9/23/09

Ron and Rand Paul on Fox Business 9/23/09

Ron Paul on Bloomberg 9/23/09

TIME Magazine Interviews Congressman Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Fox Business 9/15/09

Ron Paul on “Morning Joe,” 9/15/09

Ron Paul, CNN “American Morning,” 9/14/09

Ron Paul Response To President’s Obama’s Address To Congress

Ron Paul On Pending Nightmare – Glenn Beck 9/7/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business News: Time to Audit the Fed! 8/31/09

Ron Paul: Kennedy Death to Push Health Care Reform 8/26/09

Ron Paul talks Health Care with Anderson Cooper 08/20/2009

Ron Paul on CNN “Larry King Live” 8/18/09 – Part 2

Ron Paul on “The ED Show” MSNBC 8/12/09

Ron Paul on CNN 8/11/09 on Healthcare

Doctors Ron Paul & Rand Paul On Health Care Reform 8/6/09

Ron Paul: What Are They So Afraid Of? 7/30/09

Ron Paul: “The Federal Reserve is a Government Unto Itself” – MSNBC

Ron Paul on Fox Business 7/22/09 – Part 2

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 7/22/09

Ron Paul on CNBC Kudlow & Company 7/21/09

Ron Paul – The System is ‘Deeply Flawed’ – Fox Business

Ron Paul Interview Bloomberg 7/21/09

Ron Paul Opening Statement Fed Hearing 07/21/2009

Ron Paul Questions Ben Bernanke on Definition of Inflation 7/21/09

Ron Paul: If Obama Wanted Change He Could Do Something!

Opening Statement on Federal Reserve role and Consumer Protection 07/16/2009

Ron Paul Questions Fed Governor Elizabeth Duke 7/16/09

Ron Paul Questions Jim Carr of NCRC at Financial Services Hearing 7/16/09

Ron Paul’s Opening Statement at Fed Hearing, 7/9/09

Ron Paul questions Vice Chair of Federal Reserve Kohn 7/9/09

Ron Paul Questions Meltzer and Galbraith During Fed Hearing 7/9/09

Dr. Ron Paul on MSNBC with Carlos Watson 6/18/09

Ron Paul: Obama’s Regulatory Plan Will Prolong Recession – Bloomberg 6/17/09

Dr Ron Paul On Reforming Health Care CNN 6/15/2009

Ron Paul on Government Regulation Of Tobacco 6/12/2009

Ron Paul Opposes Foreign Relations Authorization Act 6/10/09

Ron Paul on CSPAN’s “Students and Leaders”, 5/27/09

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 5/27/09

Dr. Ron Paul on Cavuto ~ Fox Business 05-26-09

Ron Paul Debates Ed Schulz on MSNBC, 5/20/09

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck with Guest Host Judge Andrew Napolitano 5/20/09

Ron Paul: Current Conditions or Just a Bad Dream 05/19/2009

Ron Paul discusses Austrian vs. Keynesian economics on Morning Joe 05/15/2009

Ron Paul: Thought New Admin WE WOULD BE FIGHTING LESS WARS! 5/14/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business 5/11/09

Ron Paul on Fox Business: Stress Test Propaganda 5/7/09

Ron Paul Questions Richard Holbrooke at the Foreign Affairs Hearing, 5/5/09

Ron Paul Discusses the GOP with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow 5/5/09

Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke on Inflationism, Interventionism, Socialization 5/5/09

Ron Paul: “Stop The Swine Flu Hysteria!” CNN 5/2/09

Swine Flu Skeptic Ron Paul: The Sky Isn’t Falling! ABC 4/30/09

Ron Paul Questions Sec. of State Clinton, 4/22/09 C-Span

Ron Paul: America Came Into Being Through Secession – CNN 4/21/09

Ron Paul on Fox News 4/15/09: How to Fight Somali Pirates

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 4/15/09: Legalizing Marijuana

Ron Paul Response to Obama Speech MSNBC 4/14/09

Ron Paul: Barack Obama is “Preaching Inflation…Economic Fascism” 4/14/09

Ron Paul Interviews Ivan Eland on Recarving Rushmore 4/4/09

Ron Paul Opposes Insane Budget on House Floor 4/1/09

Ron Paul is not surprised at GM firing on Fox Business 03/31/09

Ron Paul Debates War on Drugs Supporter 03/27/2009

Ron Paul: Why Doesn’t the Government Have To Prove Guilt? 03/26/09

Ron Paul: Debt Is To Blame – Fox Business 03-25-09 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fox Business, 3/24/09

Ron Paul questions Bernanke on Capitalism 03/24/09

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck TV Show ‘Full Interview’ – 3/23/09

Ron Paul talks AIG Bonuses on CNN American Morning 03/20/09

Ron Paul House Floor Extended Remarks 03-19-09

Ron Paul: Quit Bankrupting this Country 03-19-09

Ron Paul on Bloomberg “I see no Purpose for the Federal Reserve…” 03-17-09

Ron Paul Debates Stephen Baldwin on “Larry King Live” 03/13/2009

Ron Paul “We Need More Earmarks!” – 3-10-2009

Ron Paul Slams Cavuto on Earmarks – Fox News – 3-10-2009

Ron Paul Interview with DL Hughley/CNN 3/7/09

Ron Paul on Unconstitutional War Powers 03/05/09

Ron Paul 03/04: The end of the war in Iraq is not near.

Ron Paul on MSNBC 3/3/09

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 3/3/2009

Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 3/3/09

Ron Paul On CNN American Morning 03/02/09

Ron Paul Takes Viewers Questions on CNN 02/27/2009

Paul And The GOP – CBS Interview 02/26/09

Paul: More Troops A “Disaster” – CBS Interview 02/26/09

Ron Paul Questions Paul Volcker – Joint Economic Committee 02/26/09

Ron Paul “The Federal Reserve Is the Culprit!” 2/25/09

Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke “What Would It Take For You To Admit You Were Wrong?

Ron Paul “You Can’t Reinflate The Bubble! 2/25/2009

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 2/24/2009

Ron Paul on Real Time w/ Bill Maher 02/20/2009

Ron Paul Discusses Stimulus on CNN American Morning 02/16/2009

Ron Paul on Fox-Business by Phone 02-14-2009 – Part 2

Ron Paul: What If The American People Learn The Truth 2/12/09

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke 2/10/09

Ron Paul: Gold Standard 1/30/09 Fox Business

Ron Paul on C-Span’s Washington Journal 1-29-09

Ron Paul: Bin Laden Mocks Economy – CNN Money 1-27-09

Ron Paul Talks About the Economy on Morning Joe 1-27-09

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 01-27-2009

Ron Paul on the Failed Bailouts C-Span 01/22/2009

Ron Paul on the Federal Crime Called the Fiat Dollar C-Span 01/21/2009

Ron Paul on the Death of the Dollar on Fox Glenn Beck 01/21/2009

Ron Paul Discusses Geithner On Bloomberg TV 01/21/2009

Ron Paul on Cavuto again 01-17-2009

Ron Paul on FOX: Obama Is Confused 01/16/2009

Ron Paul on C-Span 1/9/09: Israel Created Hamas!

Ron Paul and Dick Armey Discuss Obama’s Stimulus Plans on Fox 1/8/09

Ron Paul on CNN 1/7/09: Why Do We Run A World Empire!

Ron Paul on Neal Cavuto 12/22/2008: Where’s The Bailout Money Going?

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 12/19/2008

Ron Paul on Bloomberg on SEC Regulations 12/17/2008

Ron Paul on C-Span 12/10/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Neal Cavuto Fox News 12/5/2008

Ron Paul on CNN Headline News 11/18/2008

Ron Paul Fox Business News 11/18/2008

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke about World Currency 11/18/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News Cavuto 11/15/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News Cavuto 11/10/2008

Ron Paul on Fox Business News With Neil Cavuto 11/06/08

Ron Paul CNN American Morning 11/06/2008

Ron Paul CNN American Morning 11/04/2008

Ron Paul on MSNBC Rachel Maddow 10/29/08

Ron Paul on Cavuto FOX News 10/24/08

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 10/24/08

Ron Paul on FOX Business Tonight 10/23/08

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 10/17/2008

Ron Paul on Socialism, Inflationism, and the Death of the Dollar 10/14/08

Ron Paul Rescuing The Rescue With Cavuto FOX 10/11/2008

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 10/10/08

Ron Paul Responds to the 700B Bailout on CNN 10/3/08

Ron Paul on C-Span – You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression!!! 10/3/08

Ron Paul on Fox Business 10/3/08 (Pre-Bailout)

Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 10/2/08

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 10/1/08

Ron Paul on CNN: 9/30/08

Ron Paul on C-Span: The Bailout Will Destroy the Dollar 9/29/08

Ron Paul on FOX News with Neil Cavuto 9/27/08

Ron Paul on Your World with Neil Cavuto 9/25/08

Ron Paul Fox Business Interview With David Asman, 9/24/08 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 9/24/2008

Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke at Joint Economic Hearing CNBC 9/24/2008

Ron Paul on CNN Late Edition 9/21/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News: Fact vs Fear 9/20/2008

Ron Paul On CNN About The Economic Meltdown 9/19/2008

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 09/18/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul on FOX Business News 09/18/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul on MSNBC discussing Economic Shenanigans 9/18/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News Cavuto 9/17/2008

Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck Show 9/10/2008

Ron Paul on CNN Situation Room 9/10/2008

CNN Ron Paul at the National Press Club 9/10/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News 9/9/2008

Ron Paul on The Colbert Report 9/4/2008

Ron Paul Glenn Beck 09/03/2008

Ron Paul on FOX News 09/03/2008

Ron Paul on CNN 09/03/2008

MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Covers Rally for the Republic 9/3/08

Ron Paul at the Rally for the Republic 09/02/2008

Ron Paul on CSPAN’s Washington Journal 09/02/2008

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 09/02/2008

Ron Paul On FOX Regarding Gustav 08/31/2008

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 08/28/2008

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 07/30/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul on FOX News 07/23/2008

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 07/16/2008

Ron Paul on Kudlow and Company, 07/16/08 – Part 2

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 7/16/08

C-Span Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke 7/16/08

Ron Paul on FOX Business News 7/2/2008

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 6/19/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul on MSNBC Morning Joe 6/18/2008

Ron Paul on CNN Situation Room 6/16/2008

ABC News: Ron Paul talks with Tom Abrahams 6/12/2008

Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 6/12/2008

Ron Paul Discusses His Own Convention on Cavuto 6/10/2008

Ron Paul: Talks, not war with Iran – Washington DC 6/10/2008

C-Span Future of Freedom Foundation Conference 6/6/2008

C-Span Ron Paul Speaks with Iraq Lawmakers 6/5/2008 – Part 2

Ron Paul Revolution in San Diego 5/23/2008

C-Span Book TV 5/18/2008

Fox Business David Asman Interview 5/13/2008

FOX News Neil Cavuto – 5/6/2008

CNN Situation Room – Book Bomb 5/2/2008

Night Talk Bloomberg TV – 4/29/2008 – Part 2 – Part 3

CNN American Morning – 4/28/2008

Neil Cavuto FOX Business – 4/15/2008

Neil Cavuto FOX Business – 4/03/2008

Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke Bloomberg TV – 4/02/2008

Glenn Beck – 4/01/2008

CNBC’s Kudlow & Company – 3/20/2008

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