Corporate flu shot programs matter to the business community.

These medical initiatives are available and instigated by public and private practices to ensure that workers do not suffer from common ailments that can force them away from their desk or work site for extended periods of time.

From inner cities and dense metropolitan areas to suburban communities and outer regional locations of Australia, this is widely regarded as safe practice no matter what the business, no matter what the industry and no matter the demographics or location.

2018 saw the injection of the influenza A, a flu shot that has helped to diminish the spread of the disease and its symptoms heavily.

Yet there can be no room to relax these programs simply for convenience sake as it requires these strong proactive measures to keep workers fit and healthy.

Here is why the business community backs these initiatives so strongly.


Cutting Down Absentee Rate For Employees

Corporate flu shot programs are designed for one very central and practical purpose – to cut down on the absentee rate for employees. Individual studies vary according to their date, location and company demographic, but there has been anywhere between 25-35% of an improvement in the absentee rate to see workers ready, healthy and available for work more often. These programs are used as proactive measures to cut off instances of the flu at the source before they begin to spread and fester, and this is why the business community backs these medical initiatives as a matter of course.


Eliminates Individual Employee Cost

Corporate flu shot programs are a ways and means of reinvesting back into their own people as far as the business community is concerned. When workers are left to see their general practitioner or visit a public hospital on a day off or during a workday, they have to incur their own cost. This is an added burden for employees that don’t want to have that hassle and because of it, they can often neglect their duty and return without being vaccinated. Needless to say that scenario leaves everyone else exposed to the potential threat.


Quick and Efficient Process

From the moment an HR manager books in for corporate flu shot programs to the arrival, injection time and documentation, there is very little that individual employees have to do other than be present for the initiative. This fast and efficient timeline means businesses do not need to reserve hours out of a day and reschedule important activities for this medical matter.


Cost Efficient Through Private Practice

With private medical institutions making themselves available to issue corporate flu shot programs, there is a wide variety in the market to choose from. This is helpful for small and local enterprises that only have a handful of employees to large global conglomerates who have thousands of employees strewn across various departments. The pricing is scaled and this gives flexibility to operations that need to keep their budget in mind.


Good For The Brand

There is a positive PR angle that can be sourced when implementing corporate flu shot programs. By hiring these professionals to arrive on site and inject each employee with the right vaccine, it showcases to partners, sponsors, peers and customers that the brand is conscious about the health and well-being of employees. Generating positive public relations material can be hard to obtain artificially, but taking part in this respected practice is a ways and means of telling the public that you are a brand that truly cares.



Corporate flu shot programs continued to be valuable for businesses in Australia. It makes sense from a work efficiency standpoint, from a financial point of view and morally it is the right approach to take to invest back in the people who work for the company.