Concrete grinders are very useful tools that are used on a surface to prepare it for concrete. No job is the same and from such there are multiple variants that exist to work on any type of surface. The right equipment for your job will depend upon the job itself and if you need to level off a slab or polish the material it give it a showroom like look.

While the concept of a concrete grinder is rather simple, you still need to be aware of the correct protocol in order to execute the job correctly. Generally speaking no matter what the size of the tool or job is, the all work in the same way. There is a head that rotates and grinds a surface to the bones. Different attachments to the head can be equipped to give you a certain outcome.

Below we are going to explore some tips to help you operate a concrete grinder.


Knowing your plugs and positions


A you will find that a lot of concrete grinders will have adjustable handles and controls for ease of use. From such you can create different positions to best suit the job that you have at hand. Below are the three different positions that are used for handling.


This position is the most suited for when the machine is in operation. There are a lot of concrete grinders that can be adjusted for all different heights which makes the operational use of them a lot easier.


Tooling position refers to when you tilt the machine up so you can easily change out the pads and discs of the machine.

Storage and lifting

The final position is used when you are taking the machine off a truck. Putting it into the handling position makes it a lot easier to move and transport the machine when it is not in use.


Controlling dust

Dust is a common side effect from many construction jobs and using a concrete grinder is no different. When you are going through your checklist to ensure that you have all the parts that you need, you should also be checking to see if you have your dust control methods in place.

Most machines come with a vacuum attachment that allows you to suck up the excess dust as you are operating the device. If the model you have bought or hired doesn’t have that feature, you can also dampen the surface you are working on with a hose. You should also be aware that this will create a slurry byproduct and can be very messy.


Procedure for operating the concrete grinder

Below is the recommended procedure of events that you follow before using one of these devices.

  1. Check your machine to see if the correct position and plug is equipped.
  2. Adjust the handle to the user’s height and to also fit the elevation of the job. Being comfortable while you are operating these devices is very important as you will need to push down on it while it is turned on.
  3. Check that the vacuum hose attachment is connected and turned on. This step can also be replaced for make sure the surface you are working on is dampened.
  4. Tilt the machine back to free the grinders up before it is switched on.
  5. Press the start button.
  6. Use the machine appropriately and in the correct manner.
  7. If it does trip for any reason, an overload button will pop out. You should let the machine rest and cool down for a few minutes before using it again.