woman getting a haircut in a salon

If you have just moved to New South Wales and have no idea where to start looking for a hair salon in Sydney CBD then fear not we have the perfect guide for you. To understand what you should be looking for in a hair salon in the Sydney CBD we have chatted with many stylists to get their opinions on what you should be looking for and what really makes a salon different from the rest.

Below we have some simple tips that will make looking for a new hair salon in the Sydney CBD much easier you for!


Get referrals from your friends and family

One of the most effective ways for getting recommendations for a hair salon in the Sydney CBD is to ask your family and friends. This includes your work friends and other acquaintances such as your current stylist before you left. Getting a referral from someone that you can trust will help make the search a lot easier as you already have someone vouching for them.

Asking your previous stylist is also an effective way to get a good recommendation. If they have traveled to Sydney before, chances are they know a stylist there that would be perfect for you which would also save you a lot of time and effort. If they are friends with them it makes it even better as they can chat about what styles and techniques suit best for your hair tone and style.


Check out their website and social media pages

Before you go to a new hair salon in the Sydney CBD you should be definitely checking out their website and social media pages. Their website is a good indication of their professionalism as it shows that they have invested in making sure that their image is pristine and welcoming for new visitors.

Social media pages are the perfect way to identify if the stylists working there will be good for. Normally after a good cut or colour the stylists will be able to get a photo of the look to share to their pages. With these being posted publically you can find the style that you want along with the stylist that did it as well. Even if the salon is too pricey for you or is too far away you can always use social media pages as references for your next do.


Visit the place beforehand

If you want to be sure that the place is right hair salon in the Sydney CBD for you, you can always book an appointment for a consult to make sure that the place is clean and up to your standards. This also gives you a good indication into how busy the place is and if the stylists there are well groomed and friendly to any new potential clients.

The last thing you want happening is that you booked an appointment only to be greeted by a messy salon with people who don’t care what you want and are only trying to make a quick buck off your head. Going in and having a consult is an effective and discreet way to make sure that everything is up to standard before you spend your money and invest in your hair.


Check out their prices and compare it to other salons

One of the most important things to do before finding a new hair salon in the Sydney CBD is to look at their pricing chart and what they have to offer. Appointments for women are getting more and more expensive these days so be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

This tip also works well if you look at the social media pages to find out how much a service is and compare it to the final product on previous clients. If the price is too high or the final product simply looks tacky be sure to avoid them at all costs.

Additionally find out what other services the salon offers. My personal salon does pedis and manis as well so you can be sure that you can find me there if I need any TLC!

So if you have recently moved to New South Wales and are looking for a new hair salon in the Sydney CBD, be sure to follow these simple but sweet steps. Don’t run the risk of getting a bad cut or colour. You want to be sure that the service you are getting will be worth your investment of your money and your locks. These steps will be your best friend when you are trying to find an appointment for a big event or if you just need a new look.