“… We don’t have to live in the kind of America the two major parties have in store for us. Together, let us continue to lay the foundations for an America worthy of our Founding Fathers.”

Ron Paul at the Rally for the Republic

Complete Rally For The Republic Video
Ron Paul’s National Press Club Conference 9/10/08
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Ron Paul A Campaign for Liberty
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Recent and Upcoming Appearances

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Lew Rockwell interviews Ron Paul 9/19/2008
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NPR: Ron Paul Weighs In On The Financial Catastrophe 9/23/08
Ron Paul Radio Interview KLAA AM 9/23/08
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Ron Paul on C-Span: The Bailout Will Destroy the Dollar 9/29/08
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Ron Paul-Alan Colmes FOX News Radio 9/30/08
Ron Paul on CNN Morning America 10/1/08
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Ron Paul on the House Floor 10/3/08
Ron Paul Responds to the 700B Bailout on CNN 10/3/08
Ron Paul’s speech from the JBS Convention 10/5/08
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Ron Paul Interview by Paul Westcott 10/14/2008
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Restore the Constitution – Chuck Baldwin 2008
Ron Paul For President 2008 – Restoring The Founding Fathers’ American Dream

Ron Paul News – What Americans Are Saying

Ron Paul: The Peoples Champion
Dr. Ron Paul, the Champion of the Constitution & currently the world’s most prominent representative of Liberty talks on CNN American Morning (17th October).

Topics addressed include;
Inflation, Death of the Dollar, End of Monetary System.
– “It’s an immoral system”
– ‘Can’t trust McCain or Obama’
– ‘We’re going to suffer’

He hits it out of the park at the end section..

“Get the government out of the way, quit spending money, balance the budget, bring our troops home. And let the American people keep the money they earn, that means drastically reducing taxes, get the government out this over-regulation, give up on the idea that inflation solves every body’s problems.”
– by You Tube
October 17, 2008

Ron Paul: Bailout Means We’ll All Suffer
They don’t understand the idea that people have to work. People have to save, instead of consumers spending more money.

The market is saying you should back off, spend less money, and save money. Everybody says, no, don’t save money. You’re supposed to go out there and spend money.

The people who have saved in the last five years have money in the bank, and cash is good right now. They’re going to buy up the bargains. They’re going to get a good deal on a house. Prices on houses should come down. We shouldn’t keep them artificially high. We shouldn’t try to stimulate housing. There are too many houses. We should let the market make these decisions.

It’s arrogant for the politicians and the bureaucrats to believe they can plan the economy and sort this all out. We’ve been doing it for all these years, and the monetary system is so confusing and so corrupt, that the sooner we get back to believing in ourselves, believing in freedom, believing in sound money, believing in the Constitution, we’re going to solve these problems.
– by CNM
October 17, 2008

Ron Paul in 2012?
Ron Paul appeared on CNN’s American Morning on Friday, pushing the same apocalyptic message he served up during the Republican primaries, with one difference. His prediction of doom makes a heck of a lot more sense now than it did then.

I don’t think “global governance” is exactly what Ron Paul has in mind. But my guess is that something along these lines is going to get hashed out later this year or next — and whoever is elected President of the United States is going to play a very large role in determining the contours of the new global regulatory system.

And if doesn’t work? Well then, Ron Paul, or someone like him, will probably get a chance to pursue a different approach.
– by Salon
October 17, 2008

“Voter Ire Threatens GOP Seats”
Neoconservatism is being rejected across the country, as those who supported the bailout are coming to find. If the Democrats manage to get a landslide majority in Congress this November, it won’t be so much a mandate for their beliefs as it will be a repudiation of false conservatism.

We have a perfect opening here to spread the liberty message. True conservatives like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff have been talking about our economy for years and warning about the tremendous expansion of government being carried out by the neoconservatives.

As Dr. Paul has stated, freedom is popular. Let’s make sure we are out there offering a clear alternative to the false conservatism currently emanating from Washington.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 17, 2008

Help Campaign For Liberty Get the Word Out
It is time to hold the politicians accountable!

As you well know, the unconstitutional “bailout” of failed lenders that became law earlier this month has, as Dr. Paul predicted, thrown the economy into even more turmoil.

As Dr. Paul said, the free market did not cause this problem and only the free market can fix it.

But even as I write this, Big Government insiders from both parties are frantically working to design even worse legislation for the next Congress.

This legislation may even be presented in the upcoming lame duck session of Congress to take place after the November elections.

They just don’t get it!

And unless you and I, and tens of thousands of other Liberty-minded Americans act now, they will continue us down the road of socialism. That’s why I am asking for your help right away.
– by Ron Paul For President 2008
October 17, 2008

Real Men Write In Ron Paul
One day in the future your descendents will look around at the economic wasteland and ask who is responsible. You can tell them that it was the politicians who were in charge. But when your children ask you if you voted for those politicians, how will you answer?
– by Jeff Wrobel / Nolan Chart
October 17, 2008

Ron Paul’s Strange New Respect
Over at the reliably lefty Salon comes praise for the most recondite, yet now seemingly most vital, aspect of the Ron Paul message: fiat money has catastrophe baked right in. An excerpt:
– by Brian Doherty / Reason
October 17, 2008

Andrew Jackson comments on the economic crisis and ending the Fed
Well, not quite, but the warnings against the paper money system made in his 1837 farewell address can be directly transferred to our day.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 17, 2008

Peter Schiff on CNN, 10/15/08
EuroPac President Peter Schiff comes on at the 2:20 mark to debate Professor Jeremy Siegel about the bailout’s effect on the economy.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 17, 2008

2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: Government Price Fixing Pushes Us Into a Socialist System
WHAT: Clear Channel Online Music & Radio’s National Correspondent, Paul Westcott, interviewed the former 2008 presidential Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul, who is also a Texas Republican Congressman and leader of the Campaign for Liberty. The discussion focused on the federal government’s announcement to invest billions of dollars into the private market and Dr. Paul shared his thoughts on the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Below are sample (and some controversial) quotes from Dr. Paul’s interview:
– by Yahoo Finance
October 17, 2008

The Freedom Index
“The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution” rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.

Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the only House member to score a perfect 100 percent. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) was the top scorer in the Senate with 90 percent. We encourage readers to examine how their own congressmen voted on each of the 10 key measures as well as overall.
– by The New American
October 16, 2008

Rachel at the Rally – Lew Rockwell
Rachel gets a moment to sit and talk with Lew Rockwell backstage at the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis.
– by You Tube
October 16, 2008

JBS Founder Robert Welch on Fiat Money and Inflation in 1974: Forerunner of Ron Paul?
Most of you are familiar with Ron Paul’s dismissal of the recent aggressive actions of the federal government to fix our nation’s financial crisis as an attempt to fix problems that were caused by creating money out of thin air by creating still more money out of thin air. However, I’m guessing that very few of you are familiar with similar warnings about the danger of allowing the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air from Robert Welch in the 1960s and 1970s. Here’s an example of Robert Welch’s warnings about fiat money in 1970:
– by Larry Greenley / JBS.org
October 16, 2008

The Republican party could have had this…
Instead it went with this…
– by BrassCheck Tv
October 16, 2008

Ron Paul Endorsed: B.J. Lawson, the Hybrid Candidate
Yet Lawson has raised nearly a half-million dollars in campaign contributions, even without major support from the party establishment. Last week, Ron Paul gave him props in an e-mail to his supporters, generating $170,000 in online contributions for Lawson in one day—and in total, $230,000.

Money, charisma and a resonating message: The 34-year-old Lawson is the first GOP candidate to run a viable campaign against Price since Fred Heineman narrowly defeated the Democrat during the Republican Revolution of 1994. (Price reclaimed his seat two years later.)
– by Lisa Sorg / IndyWeek.com
October 16, 2008

Still to Come, the Third-Party Debate
NY Times- the Third-Party Debate:

Watch it this Sunday on C-Span at 8pm EST! Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney will show up for the debate, and maybe Bob Barr might show up.

WATCH IT! If they have enough views they will have another one they said!
– by Daily Paul
October 16, 2008

Voting Guide For The Ron Paul Supporter: Bob Barr vs. Chuck Baldwin
For the Ron Paul supporter living in Louisiana or Montana you are somewhat lucky. Ron Paul will be on your ballot on November 4th so you can vote for him. For the rest of us who reject the write in of Ron Paul as truly a wasted effort the decision comes down to two candidates: Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin. Anyone who reads Liberty Maven regularly knows I’m supporting Bob Barr, but my goal is to make this comparison unbiased. Continue reading to see if I’m successful.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 16, 2008

Maryland Republican candidates receive Ron Paul support
Maryland’s Republican candidates received a boost of support from U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas at a rally that attracted more than 250 supporters.

Paul, a former presidential candidate, spoke Oct. 9 at the University of Maryland, College Park, and endorsed Republican congressional candidates Peter James (Dist. 4) of Germantown, Richard Matthews (Dist. 2) of Baltimore, Steve Hudson (Dist. 8) of Silver Spring, Collins Bailey (Dist. 5) of Waldorf and Mike Hargadon (Dist. 7) of Woodstock.

“I’m here to give them support to do everything possible to help them win their campaign,” Paul said.

The event was co-sponsored by the Maryland Students for Liberty, a political group that focuses on promoting libertarian ideals and supporting libertarian candidates.
– by Timmy Gelles / Gazette.net
October 16, 2008

Ron Paul: Washington’s True Maverick Talks Bailouts, the United States Constitution and Re-Making the US Dollar
Often called the most honest man in Washington, Ron Paul, the unsinkable Congressman from Texas’s fourteenth district, has positioned himself as resident watchdog for the United States Constitution. Ron Paul holds a point of view that, although echoing the wording of our nation’s founding fathers, rings downright alien to the United States government of today.

We are now living in a nation where Federal social and economic programs are our government, where our currency status hinges on the stock market rather than the gold standard and where our current President has taken more liberties with the United States constitution than any other President in our country’s history. Under these circumstances, Ron Paul just doesn’t seem to fit in. Reason being: we’ve grown accustomed to, and quite comfortable with, large Federal government and the act of re-shaping laws for convenience.
– by Allison Kugel / PR.com
October 15, 2008

How Can We Have Capitalism with No Capital?
It has been long understood that our federal government is going deeper into debt, consistently raising the debt ceiling and demonstrating no fiscal restraint. In recent years, debt ceiling increases have been placed in “must pass” legislation as a means to guarantee that Republicans as well as Democrats would vote for them when Congress was under Republican control.

We also know our nation’s “negative savings rate” reflects the habits of private citizens, showing those habits to be not tremendously different than the habits of the public sector. Yet, the signs of decline are becoming ever more apparent. So apparent, in fact, that it seems unlikely that bailouts or other gimmicks will have even short term success
– by Ron Paul / Texas Straight Talk
October 15, 2008

Ron Paul Interviewed by Paul Westcott
Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul spoke to National Correspondent Paul Westcott on Tuesday.

The discussion focused on the federal government’s announcement to invest billions of dollars into the private markets and how he sees the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain.
– by News Radio 1510 WLAC
October 15, 2008

Paul Joins Calls For Investigations Into ACORN, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Area congressman Ron Paul joined nearly 30 other House Republicans yesterday in signing a letter requesting hearings to investigate the potential misuse of taxpayer funds by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, commonly known as ACORN.

Paul and other House Republicans are also calling for the former CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to testify at an upcoming hearing regarding the government sponsored enterprises’ purchase of subprime mortgages between 2005 and 2007.
– by John Pape / FortBendNow.com
October 15, 2008

Rachel at the Rally – Gary Johnson
I was excited to be able to interview Gary Johnson backstage at the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis last month. I also had to ask him about his unique glasses…
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 15, 2008

NEW – Videos from St Paul
When questioned on what form of government was created by America, all but one answered that we are a democracy. This lead to questions about the pledge of allegiance which of course they all new and finally figured out that they are in a Republic and not a Democracy.

When questioned on what is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, they either didn’t know or would talk about issues. When informed that the main difference is that a Republican supports an advocates a republic form of government and a Democrat supports and advocates a democratic form of government they became somewhat curious.

This lead to trying to get them to understand that individual rights could be voted away in a democracy and that they couldn’t be (at least they’re or not SUPPOSED to be able to) in a republic.

When given the question: Do you find it *interesting* that your entire life, you have lived in a republic and yet for your entire life your Media, government and even your clergy have convinced you that you live in a democracy. At that point, you could almost see them beginning to use parts of their brains that haven’t been accessed in a long time and their eyes beginning to clear.
– by Daily Paul
October 15, 2008

The Rally for the Republic DVDs are Coming !!!
The Campaign for Liberty is proud to announce the release of The Official Rally for the Republic DVD and The Rally for the Republic Highlight DVD. Both will be available on Tuesday, November 18th, just in time for the start of the Christmas shopping season.

The Complete Rally for the Republic is a wonderful keepsake for those that attended and those that were there in spirit. Running over 5 hours on 2 DVD’s, you can relive all of the great speeches and music that made this such a fun and historic day.

The Rally Highlights DVD is about an hour long and will serve as a great introduction to those new to the movement and the message. It includes the best of The Rally for the Republic, The Ron Paul Nation Celebration, Leadership Conference, Ron Paul Book Signing, and much more!

Both will contain lots of extra goodies at a price for any budget.

Look for both of these titles in the Campaign for Liberty Store, coming soon to CampaignforLiberty.com!
– by Don Rasmussen / Campaign For Liberty
October 15, 2008

Ron Paul on Fox Business 10/14/08
Ron Paul responds to Bush Plan to socialize banks.
– by You Tube
October 14, 2008

Sickness Unto Debt
One of the burning questions regarding the recently passed bailout, and the one that almost no one has bothered to answer, is how the government intends to pay for it. Governments have three main methods by which they can raise funds: taxation, printing new money, and debt. As our $10 trillion national debt shows, the federal government has always enjoyed raising money by issuing new debt. Money is gained upfront, while the cost of repaying that debt is pushed onto future generations.

This method is especially favored today, since imposing $700 billion worth of taxes would lead to widespread public dissatisfaction. When the cost of all the recent bailouts plus the cost of all the new lending facilities the Federal Reserve has initiated are added together, we quickly reach a figure in the trillions of dollars. Even with the debt ceiling being raised to $11.3 trillion, the issuance of debt alone cannot begin to cover the cost of all the bailouts in which the government is engaged. Every indication is that the government will use both debt and inflation in its attempt to keep the economy running at full speed.
– by Ron Paul / The Big Money
October 14, 2008

The Fed is Destroying Your Money RIGHT NOW
Congressman Ron Paul has provided us with two bills that would move things in the right direction.

The “onest Money Act” and the “Free Competition in Currency Act,” would end the Federal Reserve’s monopoly control over what American’s use as money. This would force Federal Reserve Notes to compete with other potential forms of money, such as gold, and thereby constrain their ability to create new dollars.
– by Mike Miller / Liberty Maven
October 14, 2008

What You Can Do to End the Tyranny of the Federal Reserve
The bailout opposed by so many Americans was nevertheless negotiated by the Federal Reserve with the help of Congress and the Administration. The final bill for the hotly debated rescue of the rich is over 1 trillion dollars including the ear marks and special interests sops that were included. But this is small change compared to the money that is being pumped into the monetary system by the Federal Reserve without any debate or consent. New money is being printed at record rates, insuring that the currency you have in your pocket will buy less and less everyday. As more people wake up to the threat to American’s future posed by the Federal Reserve, interest is being renewed in the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR2755).

This legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul in June, 2007 would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve altogether one year after the bill becomes law. Although legislators have yet to bring Paul’s bill to the floor, mounting interest in the bill in the face of recent Fed actions suggests it will be revived from its current state of languish in the House Committee on Financial Services.
– by Barbara L. Minton / Natural News
October 14, 2008

Ten Things the ‘Straight Talker’ Can’t Tell You
Ron Paul is right. He has been the true maverick in this race, not me – and he is a principled one, to boot. In my old age, I have realized my many failings, and I cheerfully admit them to you today. I have called Dr. Paul to apologize, profoundly and personally, for smirking at him, making fun of him, and otherwise ignoring him during the primaries. I should have been his strongest ally. I apologize to all of you for not supporting him. I have assured him that I will welcome his counsel in my administration. And I promise that I will follow it.
– by Christopher Manion / LewRockwell.com
October 14, 2008

Ron Paul – Let the Market do its Job
Amid the financial turmoil, the U.S. President George W. Bush daily delivers his views on the nation’s crippled economy. Those who hope to succeed him in office claim only they know how to get America off its knees. But the one winning the public trust battle is congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

He believes the economy has to tank naturally in order to rebound quicker – otherwise the pain will be prolonged. He voted twice against the $US 700-billion dollar bailout plan the majority of Americans oppose.
– by Russia Today
October 14, 2008

Ron Paul ‘Only True Voice Amid Growing Crisis’
Amid the financial turmoil, the U.S. President George W. Bush daily delivers affirmations on the nations crippled economy. Those who hope to succeed him in office charge that only they know how to lift America off its knees. But the one winning the public trust battle is Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.
– by You Tube
October 13, 2008

Ron Paul University
Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty has put together countless resources for learning about the philosophy of liberty. There are recommended videos, essays, articles, and books all organized by subject matter. The high level subjects are: Economics, Sound Money, Foreign Policy, Constitution, and Civil Liberties.

The materials complement the recommended reading list included at the end of Ron Paul’s best selling book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”. Many of the reading and viewing assignments are available online for free. Unless you consume books as quickly and easily as “my friends” rolls off of John McCain’s tongue it will take you a lifetime to read everything.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 13, 2008

The Loneliness Of A Ron Paul Supporter
It’s getting lonely out here. With the United States embracing economic socialism from both Republicans and Democrats, the voices for capitalism and free unfettered markets are bouncing around in an echo chamber. Those of us who believe in the America of our founders have faith in only a handful of people to redirect the fear-induced socialist policies back to the freedom of our founding. One such person is Ron Paul, the much media-maligned Republican Congressman and former presidential candidate from Texas.

I say media-maligned in reference to his presidential campaign because in these days of bailouts and increasing central economic planning Ron Paul is a hot media ticket. Lately it seems that every time you turn the television to a national news channel he is there pounding the free market drum. While his words are welcomed they are never acted upon by those who have the power to do so. Paul introduces his own legislation and it gets ignored. Paul discusses that we are doing the exact wrong things in our economy to prolong the agony rather than shorten its duration. He says we didn’t learn from the Great Depression because we are making the same mistakes today.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 13, 2008

Congressman Paul Calls for Congressional Page Applicants
Congressman Ron Paul is pleased to announce that he will be able to appoint a Congressional page this year.

For more than 175 years, messengers known as pages have served the United States Congress. Currently, approximately 100 young men and women from across the nation serve as pages at any given time. Pages must be high school juniors and at least 16 years of age. Pages are appointed and sponsored by a Representative or Senator for one academic semester of the school year, or a summer session. The right to appoint pages rotates among Members pursuant to criteria set by the respective chamber leadership. Academic standing is one of the most important criteria used in the final selection of pages.

To apply, please call Congressman Paul’s office at 202-225-2831 and ask for Jennifer. Deadline to apply is October 27th.
– by Congressman Ron Paul Press Release
October 13, 2008

Ron Paul in a new PC game!!
www.POLITICALMACHINE.com I didn’t know if anyone had post’d this yet. The Political Machine 2008 is a PC game that teaches in a fun way. A road to the white house, Ron Paul is one of the caricatures in which to play with.
– by Daily Paul
October 13, 2008

We’re All Socialists Now
I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people seem to have discovered that Barack Obama is a socialist.

There’s a lot of that going around.

Socialism, I mean.

The only politician that I know of on the national scene who is definitely not a socialist is Texas congressman Ron Paul. And look where that got him. During the presidential primary campaign Paul was treated as a laughingstock by his fellow Republicans for such stances as his call for young people to be permitted to opt out of Social Security.

Paul’s having the last laugh these days. As you can see in this clip, the entire U.S. economy is now socialist thanks to the big corporate bailout, says Dr. Paul.

And then there is the unpleasant fact that every senior citizen in America is what my Aussie friends used to call “a dole bludger,” someone who takes welfare without working.
– by Paul Mulshine / NJ.com
October 12, 2008

Paul Added to Louisiana Presidential Ballot
When Louisiana voters go to the polls to chose a president on Nov. 4, they will find a name on the ballot many might not expect – Ron Paul.

Louisiana will be only one of two states where voters will have the opportunity to pull the lever for Paul, a congressman from Texas who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination. Paul built a wide coalition of grass roots support that helped him raise tens of millions of dollars for his campaign.

Paul has been added to the Louisiana ballot on the top of the Louisiana Taxpayers Party ticket with Barry Goldwater, Jr., a former Republican congressman from California and the son of the late Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential nominee in 1964.

Paul and Goldwater are on the ballot due partly to the efforts of an Alexandria man, Brent Sanders.
– by Tom Bonnette / TheTownTalk.com
October 12, 2008

Ron Paul / Barry Goldwater Jr. Advertisement
This is the ad we want to run in Louisiana. It was designed to promote the “4 points” and third party candidates that support them. Hopefully, this ad will run in other states as well, so we designed the ad so the ending could be easily changed to support other tickets.
– by Louisiana Taxpayers Party
October 12, 2008

Ron Paul on Fox News Cavuto 10/11/08
Ron Paul Rescuing The Rescue W/ Cavuto FOX 10/11/2008
– by You Tube
October 12, 2008

Education Resources Now Available
Our educational resources are now available. They’re intended for everyone: beginners will get a sense of the basic things they should read, watch, or listen to; more advanced students of these subjects will find recommendations for resources that will add to their knowledge as well.
– by Thomas Woods / Campaign For Liberty
October 12, 2008

Ron Paul, His Republicans Rally, Refuel on Economic Turmoil
Five Maryland Republican congressional candidates rallied with their ideological benefactor, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Thursday night, beseeching their incumbent opponents to “vote the will of the people.”

The unending war in Iraq, the economic bailout and the troubled economy prove the congressmen haven’t fulfilled that responsibility, the challengers and their leader said.

“Not only have we continued the Campaign for Liberty, but all of a sudden, it seems that our views have caught on,” Paul said after he ascended the stage to muffled rock music in an auxiliary gym at University of Maryland’s Comcast Center.
– by Christopher Weaver / Southern Maryland Online
October 12, 2008

Ron Paul – CIGARETTES better than MONEY!!!
Ron Paul in 1983 getting on their ass as usual about destroying our economy, currency and country – why, how and what was going to happen – and that at some point something has to be used that has real value and not this fiat paper money which is now nothing more than the ink and paper that it is printed on, and the only reason it has worked this long is because at one time it *did* have gold backing which created *confidence* which the dollar has been “coasting” on since, but is of course gradually losing it’s momentum originally produced by the gold backing, losing confidence because of the removal of gold backing, which will at some point become *worthless* and that real commodities like gold, silver, CIGARETTES, coffee, herds, cattle, flocks, land, wheat, corn, beans, honey and oil will need to be used for money or as backing for MONEY again!!!

SOME kind of backing and abolish this credit and debt-based currency and economy based on the “flexible currency” introduced when backing was abolished. It must again be based on PROPERTY and not just ink and paper.
– by You Tube
October 11, 2008

The Perspective Politician: Ron Paul Speaks To Maryland Crowd
Paul’s main purpose was to lend support to Republican congressional candidates, such as Richard Matthews, a 28-year-old running for congress in the state’s 2nd Congressional District. Matthews started out as a Ron Paul meetup organizer last year.

Matthews was one of the five candidates Paul endorsed – all of whom share Paul’s beliefs about limited governmental intervention in economy, non-interventionist foreign policy and civil libertarianism.

For all the candidates, the recent bailout of the financial system passed by congress was a major topic of contention.
– by Kevin Robillard, The Diamondback / CBS News
October 11, 2008

Ron Paul To Be The Decider In Montana
Airing Date: Oct.10, 2008
Ron Paul To Be The Decider In Montana
Wolf Blitzer Interviews Brian Schweitzer
– by You Tube
October 11, 2008

Ron Paul on Fox Business News 10/10/08
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 10/10/08
– by You Tube
October 11, 2008

Remember the Maine system? Real electoral-college reform
As I’ve noted before, I supported Texas Congressman Ron Paul in the Republican presidential primary. He was the sole contender who embraced – or even understood – the philosophy that was mainstream in the GOP during my youth. I call it simply “conservatism,” but these days it’s necessary to call it “paleo” (old) conservatism to distinguish it from the new or “neo” conservatism of McCain and Palin.

But Paul lost out to John McCain. Fair enough. I could have held my nose and voted for McCain as the lesser of two evils. All he had to was open the “big tent” and invite Paul in. But McCain went out of his way to make it clear he didn’t want the votes of paleoconservatives by effectively excluding Paul from the GOP convention. Meanwhile he gave a speaking slot to ultraliberal Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut senator with a voting record to the left of Harry Reid’s.

So I’m taking Ron Paul’s advice and going outside the two-party system this year. Paul proposes that right-wingers vote for either the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party, and I second that motion.
– by Paul Mulshine / NJ.com
October 11, 2008

Ron Paul endorses five GOP candidates
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) dropped into Maryland Thursday to show his support for five of Maryland’s Republican Congressional candidates. The event — designed to raise cash for the candidates’ campaigns — was held at the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland in College Park.
– by Danny Reiter / PolitickerMD.com
October 11, 2008

The Persistent Politician
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) appeared before a crowd of several hundred cheering, applauding fans last night at the Comcast Center.

As Paul walked up to the podium, he waved his arms for quiet. Silence filled the room. He began his speech and mentioned the suspension of his presidential campaign.

One voice could be heard above his speech and the crowd: “Write-in!”

While Paul’s supporters may not be large in number, they definitely never give up.
– by Kevin Robillard / Diamond Back Online
October 10, 2008

Ron Paul on the Credit Bail Out Part 1 of 3 – Part 2 – Part 3
Scott Drake and Congressman Ron Paul discuss his opposition to the credit bail out, the situation with AIG and the future economic implications to the US Government. Ron Paul is one of the very few members of congress who was warning for years of the increasing size and scope of the government and careless regulation of markets, watch this three part interview on The Legal Broadcast Network, found at www.legalbroadcastnetwork.com
– by You Tube
October 10, 2008

Discussion Thread: Is this the final collapse of the fiat money system or will the governments actions keep it pieced together a little longer?
Despite the bailout, the rate cut, and the interventions, the world markets continue to fall fast. Please share your thoughts, concerns and questions below.
– by Don Rasmussen / Campaign For Liberty
October 10, 2008

CNBC Poll: “Who Should We Have Been Listening to?
Tell them WHO they should have been listening to!

– by Daily Paul
October 10, 2008

Jim Rogers, World Banks Unleashing Inflationary Holocaust
According to Rogers the markets actually hate the government intervention and this is why stock markets are plunging around the world. “they are unleashing an inflationary holocaust. Because they [government] does not know what else to do. They are making mistakes.”

More likely they know exactly what they are doing and will use this crisis to consolidate wealth and power.

You can sense the frustration of Jim Rogers having to speak to so called experts who have no real understanding of the financial markets or economic theory. This is what media consolidation gets us, actors reading scripts for the bankers and corporate 100 who we just bailed out with our own futures.
– by D. H. Williams / The Daily Newscaster
October 10, 2008

The Ron Paul Money Machine Bombs a Republican Congressional Candidate
I asked Ron Paul’s political director, Jesse Benton, about the money bomb and why Ron Paul decided to back Lawson. He said:

“The money bomb for B.J. Lawson was a confluence of three factors. First, Dr. Paul has tremendous fundraising appeal and his fans and supporters respond to his requests. His nationwide network is second to none. Secondly, B.J. Lawson is a great candidate, and people recognize that. Finally, Dr. Lawson spent time working with Dr. Paul’s national following and developed name ID with them. Put all three together, and thousands of supporters came together to give a tidal wave of small contributions.”

Will Ron Paul’s extra $250K make the difference in the race? Perhaps. But one thing is clear, a national network of citizens like those connected by Paul can impact a Congressional race outside of the establishment.
– by David All / Tech Republican
October 10, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Well-Positioned in Battle for Soul of the GOP
A third, more hopeful – and I daresay realistic – possibility is that out of the financial darkness now besetting America and the world, a better way can be forged. At its best, the Republican Party has been a beacon for fiscal responsibility, a strong, smart military, individual liberty and real, honest-to-goodness free enterprise, not the government subsidized version crippling us today. The Ron Paul Revolution is poised to lead the way.

The fact that Paul supporters are still motivated enough to respond to an essentially meaningless poll even as they organize in precincts, districts and states across the country indicates a movement still on the rise. It’s not the poll results that matter; it’s the confirmation that the energy of the Ron Paul Revolution the poll tapped into is still very much alive and well. 2008 may belong to Obama and the Democrats, but as he faces the transition from candidate to president, Americans will already be wondering about what they can do if Obama’s plans and policies for the United States aren’t successful.

You can bet Paul’s supporters will be ready, willing and able to shape the direction of that debate – so much so that it’s going to surprise a lot of people who haven’t been paying attention.
– by All Voices
October 10, 2008

Ron Paul Addresses John Birch Society
Dr. Ron Paul, Texas congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was the featured speaker Saturday evening, October 4 on the final day of the John Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. The topic of his keynote address was “Restoring the Republic: Lessons From a Presidential Campaign,” in which he lectured the audience on how our republic can be restored with groups such as the John Birch Society (JBS) and his own Campaign for Liberty leading the way.
– by Brian Farmer / The New American
October 10, 2008

Thank you, Ron Paul. Iran Resolution Shelved (H. Con. Res 362)
You may remember this speech from June 26, 2008.


A friend of mine sent me this article from Truthout: In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

The article says, “The game-changer occurred when lawmakers realized that the resolution would lead to a naval blockade and war.” I don’t think they came to that realization on their own. We can all thank Ron Paul for that. He was all over H.Con Res 362 before it was even introduced, as we hear in the above video.

Once again, Dr. Paul was way out ahead of the rest of Congress, and the rest of us, sounding the warning. What more can I say, but what we have all said a thousand times?

Thank you, Ron Paul.
– by Michael Nystrom / Daily Paul
October 9, 2008

Republicans, Ron Paul Was Your Only Hope
You laughed at him. You made fun of him. You called him extreme, a gadfly, a kook, and many other trite terms of marginalization. His only crime was the truth in stark contrast to every calculated, vacuous platitude uttered by his Republican opponents. Now I can’t help but imagine Ron Paul sitting in his easy chair surrounded by gold and silver bullion smiling knowingly saying, “Who’s laughing now, bitches?!”

No, that isn’t Ron Paul’s style, as we learned from the debate where Paul whispered, “Make, fun buddy”, under his breath in reaction to yet another moronic insult emanating from somewhere between Mitt Romney’s sculpted sideburns. Ron Paul is a man deserving of integrity and respect at work in the sea of extreme buffoonery that is Washington DC.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 9, 2008

Is Ron Paul a modern New Guard for the Right?
That’s the question that Tech Republican wants to know after Dr. Paul once again shocked the political establishment with one of his patented “money bombs.” This time for North Carolina congressional candidate B.J. Lawson. The one day surge of donations was aimed at raising $200,000 for Lawson’s robust challenge to long-time incumbant and bailout villain David Price. The effort raised more than $250,000. Lawson has been a principled and articulate voice against the criminal bailout.
– by Don Rasmussen / Campaign For Liberty
October 9, 2008

Paul on the Ballot to Stay
Despite his request otherwise, Ron Paul is on the Montana ballot, which began going out to voters Monday, and those responsible for getting him there continue to campaign for the Texas congressman.

Paul, a Republican whose libertarian platform resonated well in Montana, was placed on the Montana ballot by the state’s Constitution Party. That went counter to the national Constitution Party’s nomination of Chuck Baldwin and Paul’s withdrawal from the presidential campaign.

Paul wrote Secretary of State Brad Johnson, asking to be removed from the ballot, but it was too late.

“There was nothing in Montana law that would allow him to be taken off the ballot, unfortunately,” Bowen Greenwood, Johnson’s spokesman, said Wednesday.

Unfortunate, he said, “Because the man asked us not to be on the ballot. Brad hates to not be able to honor that request for him, but the law is the law.”
– by Daniel Person / Bozeman Daily Chronicle
October 9, 2008

G Edward Griffin about Zeitgeist Addendum
I don’t like to criticize anything that is helping to spread the truth about the Federal Reserve and 9/11 but I must agree with the substance of what you have said about this video. I watched it two nights ago and was deeply disturbed by its message. At first, I thought it would be best to just let it play itself out in expectation that most viewers would cross it off as whacky. However, the production value is high, the effects and sound score are compelling, and there is enough truth embedded in the beginning to capture the attention and possibly the trust of many within the freedom movement. So here are my comments on a few items of concern:
– by Daily Paul
October 9, 2008

“Ron Paul Republican” Thursday Evening at the University of Maryland
Congressman Paul will hold a rally for five Ron Paul Republicans running for US Congress tomorrow at the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The event will start at 8:00 pm with short addresses from each candidate, followed by a speech by Dr. Paul.

Candidates include:
– by Business Wire / Yahoo Finance
October 9, 2008

Financial rescue legislation: Is the Constitution irrelevant?
“That in itself was unconstitutional but it’s been done before and it will be done again,” Rep. Ron Paul said of the Senate-initiated tax changes.

But that is not the extent of the constitutional questions about the Rescue Act.

“It’s amazing, you take a very bad bill, appropriating $700 billion, you can’t get enough votes to pass it so you take it back out, you make it much worse and take it up to over $800 billion,” Paul added.

“Today is an even sadder day than on Monday,” Paul said. “Here today when the special interests got their two cents in, or their $10 million worth of lobbying in, the members switched their vote. Fifty-seven switches, many of them conservatives.”
– by Craig Westover / MinnPost.com
October 8, 2008

Ron Paul Supporter on Local News Explaining the Bailout
“Your Two Cents”- ABC 6 Viewer Shares Feelings on Federal Bailout
– by You Tube
October 8, 2008

How the Extreme Right and Left Tried to Stop the Wall Street Bailout
Conservative Republican Ron Paul and liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich were even more blunt. Said Paul on the House floor, “The beneficiaries of the corrupt monetary system of the last three decades are now desperately looking for victims to stick with the bill after they have reaped decades of profit and privilege.’ Added Kucinich, “Under the failed $700 billion bailout plan, Wall Street’s profits are Wall Street’s profits and Wall Street’s losses are the taxpayers’ losses. Profits are capitalized. Losses are socialized.”
– by Jack Hunter / Charleston City Paper
October 8, 2008

Discussion Thread: What if…?
By the time that Iowa and New Hampshire went to the polls in January of this last year, the market were already almost 10% off of its highs from the summer before. However, it took another 9 months for the crisis to become so acute that voters began to really focus in on what was happening and why.

We have seen that Dr. Paul and other Austrian economic thinkers have been in high demand for analysis and explanations of what is happening. All of which leads me to wonder what might have been had this crisis come to fruition a year sooner as far as Dr. Paul’s campaign and the relative attention that it received. I know that many people wish they could have another chance to support and vote for Dr. Paul because I talk to them everyday.

Do you think that Dr. Paul could have won the Republican nomination under the current conditions? Please use the comments section to offer your opinions, predictions and ideas about this hypothetical as well as where you believe this movement and this message will go given the economic crisis and the accuracy with which we predicted it.
– by Don Rasmussen / Campaign For Liberty
October 8, 2008

Wall Street rescue may be worst legislation ever
I find it strangely satisfying that Congressman Paul, the little Texan who was soundly thrashed in his Quixotic quest for the Republican presidential nomination – the man who was laughed at and mocked as a kook when he tried to alert us all to the fragile and unsustainable nature of our money system – is now seen by more and more Americans as the one politician who told us the truth. No wonder the system spit him out.
– by Ron Smith / BaltimoreSun.com
October 8, 2008

It’s the Stupidity, Stupid
My advice is to take the advice of Ron Paul, the principled libertarian and failed GOP presidential contender who was openly insulted by McCain during the primary season, as I detailed in this column. Paul is advising those who share his principles to send a message to the GOP by voting for one of the right-wing alternatives to the Tweedledee and TweedleDem choices the two big-government parties are offering.
– by Paul Mulshine / NJ.com
October 8, 2008

And They Said RON PAUL Was Crazy
Whether you realize it or not, if you opposed — and still oppose — the monstrously immoral federal bailout bill passed and signed into law last week, you have cast your lot with Ron Paul.

For years, Rep. Paul, the only advocate and student of Austrian economics in Congress, has been warning of this very collapse of the economy at the hands of central bankers at the Federal Reserve and their arbitrary manipulation of the money supply, along with their willing accomplices in Congress. In fact, had this current calamity occurred only eight months earlier, we’d probably be watching Ron Paul debate Mr. Trotsky right now instead of Comrade McCain.
– by Trevor Bothwell / Examiner.com
October 8, 2008

WWRPD – What Would Ron Paul Do? Prepare for a Depression
The current worldwide financial collapse has its roots in decisions made by Alan Greenspan, George Bush and Congress. The parallels to the period before the Great Depression are eerie.
– by Jim Quinn / Nolan Chart
October 7, 2008

Ron Paul Keynote at the JBS 50th Anniversary Celebration
On Saturday, October 4, Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul addressed the sold-out crowd at the celebration of the John Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary. Video Link
– by JBS.org
October 7, 2008

Ron Paul Endorses October 7th Moneybomb
A lot of folks have begun calling B.J. Lawson the next Ron Paul. The comparison is very flattering. . . for me.

For those who are not yet familiar, B.J. Lawson is a wonderful young candidate running for Congress in North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District. B.J. is a medical doctor, family man, Constitutionalist and a fierce defender of individual freedom. We need B.J. Lawson in Congress to stand beside me in the fight for liberty, and against the corporate socialism that has overtaken our economy!
– by Lawson For Congress
October 7, 2008

Ron Paul Says Bailout is Morally Wrong
The House of Representatives passed on Friday a $700 billion bailout package that says the government can lower the interest and loan principal on mortgages of people who cannot pay their monthly mortgage bill – and that policy is “morally wrong,” Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) told CNSNews.com.
– by Nicholas Ballasy / CNSNews.com.
October 7, 2008

Vote for McCain? Here’s my price.
All I want is for him to announce that his choice for Secretary of the US Treasury is Ron Paul. The same Ron Paul who will immediately want to know why we need a Federal Reserve Board to provide us with paper coupons in place of real money (gold and silver). The same Ron Paul who for decades has repeatedly warned all of us of the dangers of issuing fiat currency and inflating that currency at staggering rates. The same Ron Paul who has consistently resisted any legislation not related to reducing or eliminating the powers of the Federal Reserve Board or government interference in the marketplace.
– by Nolan Chart
October 7, 2008

Ron Paul gets a plug from Frank Luntz
Frank Luntz, Fox News pollster who has been universally loathed by Ron Paul supporters for belittling his Presidential candidacy in the Republican Primary, has changed his tune and compliments Paul for delivering the perfect message against the corporate bail out on the floor of Congress.
– by YouTube
October 7, 2008

RNC 2008: A Ron Paul Republican’s Perspective
I was pleased and honored when I ran in Monongalia County as a Delegate to the WVGOP State Convention in February of 2008, and was elected by it’s citizens. You can imagine how I felt when I found out I would be attending the National Convention as an Alternate Delegate, part of the West Virginia Delegation.

I remembered reading about conventions in the past which several candidates would attend. The crowd would be a riot of politics, philosophy, and good will to our Nation. I wanted to be a part of something similar, sharing my love for Liberty with other Delegates.
– by K Patrick / Freeople
October 7, 2008

Fear Based Voting – A Nation in Turmoil
Many citizens never knew about the Ron Paul movement and the young people, Democrat, Republican and Independent, freedom lovers all, it brought into the political process. Excited voters who cared about the issues, the Constitution, and making our country a better place, now jaded toward the political system and that is a shame.

Corporate media chose to air, only clips which showed the outer edges of the movement. They never showed rallies filled with main stream Americans, moms and dads, teens and seniors all together in unity. Ron Paul supporters of every race, creed, political leaning, and financial means were never acknowledged. The idea of a united America was frightening to them. What would they do if we all got together and actually found out that we have much in common? Americans united for liberty scare the hell out of the Status Quo and so it had to be destroyed by ridicule and neglect.

Someday, Americans are going to be very angry when they realize what might have been and what caused it not to be.
– by CJ Graham / NewsWithViews
October 6, 2008

Guess you should have nominated Ron Paul
Right now, the Republicans are on a path towards losing the White House to the least experienced and most liberal candidate anyone can remember.

Why? McCain can’t disassociate himself from Bush and he is a total and complete ignoramus on all matters economic.

The perfect Republican nominee at this point would be Ron Paul of course.
– by James Ostrowski / The LRC Blog
October 6, 2008

Chuck Norris: “Ron Paul is the Only Guy I Trust” – Part 2
Alex interviews American martial artist, action star and television and film actor Chuck Norris.
– by YouTube
October 6, 2008

Prepare for the Worst – The Financial Mess
I believe that sums up the current situation pretty well. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I am not prepared at all for the worst case scenario — The Collapse of Paper Currency

“The greatest threat facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own government, marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation. It is this one-two punch-Congress spending more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed printing money to make up the difference- that threatens to impoverish us by further destroying the value of our dollars.” – Ron Paul

Well said Ron. This recent bailout ushers in a whole new era – an era of fiscal recklessness that is beyond comprehension. We and when I say “we” I am referring to our “elected” officials have decided that businesses no longer need to be held accountable for their actions – CEO’s can now drive Corporations into the ground and get rewarded for it, with Millions!
– by Compounding Dividends
October 6, 2008

Thanks for the Inflationary Depression
Lew Rockwell interviews Peter Schiff
– by The Lew Rockwell Show
October 6, 2008

The Best Candidates Special Interest Money Can Buy or “Who Owns Whom?”
Top 10 Corporate PAC Contributors:


Goldman Sachs $739,521
UBS AG $419,550
Lehman Brothers $391,774
Citigroup Inc $492,548
Morgan Stanley $341,380
Latham & Watkins $328,879
Google Inc $487,355
JPMorgan Chase & Co $475,112
Sidley Austin LLP $370,916
Skadden, Arps et al $360,409


Merrill Lynch $349,170
Citigroup Inc $287,801
Morgan Stanley $249,377
Wachovia Corp $147,456
Goldman Sachs $220,045
Lehman Brothers $115,707
Bear Stearns $108,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co $206,392
Bank of America $133,975
Credit Suisse Group $175,503

– by Campaign For Liberty
October 6, 2008

Ron Paul’s Plan To Kill the Fed!
If Dr. Paul is successful this would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve one year after the bill becomes law. The Federal Reserve Act, passed by Congress in 1913, laid the foundation for the creation of a privately owned and controlled central bank and gave private bankers the power to control the nation’s money supply.

Now is the time for Americans to fan the flames. Call your congressman. Beg them to support Paul’s bill, which would abolish the Fed. Then, we all need to rally around Dr. Paul and pray our butts off to keep him safe. There can be no end to these manufactured financial crises until the government gets rid of the Fed and replaces it with honest, debt-free money.
– by The False Oswalds
October 6, 2008

Ron Paul Likes Lawson
A lot of folks have begun calling B.J. Lawson the next Ron Paul. The comparison is very flattering. . . for me.

For those who are not yet familiar, B.J. Lawson is a wonderful young candidate running for Congress in North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District. B.J. is a medical doctor, family man, Constitutionalist and a fierce defender of individual freedom. We need B.J. Lawson in Congress to stand beside me in the fight for liberty, and against the corporate socialism that has overtaken our economy!

B.J. is running against an entrenched big government liberal who voted for the $700 billion taxpayer bailout of Wall Street and has a long history of voting for huge spending, raiding your social security trust fund for pet projects, and even voted for the Patriot Act.

A recent poll shows B.J. Lawson within striking distance in this election, but he needs your help!
– by Free Market News Network
October 6, 2008

Ron Paul to Publicly Endorse Maryland Republican Congressional Candidates
Congressman Ron Paul will headline a rally and fundraiser this Thursday night, October 9th, at the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland in College Park. General admission to the event is $25 ($5 with student ID), with doors opening at 7:30pm. A VIP event with Ron Paul will begin at 6:30pm and will cost $150. The event will be sponsored by Maryland Students for Liberty and Liberty PAC. All the Maryland Republican Congressional candidates have been invited to participate and speak.
– by Richard Matthews For Congress
October 6, 2008

Red State, Blue State, Bailout State
As an update to this post, Esse Le Quire sent me this link to a great web reference that breaks out the bailout vote by color.
– by Karen DeCoster / The LRC Blog
October 6, 2008

Dr. Paul’s Statement on the Passage of the Bailout
Madame Speaker, only in Washington could a bill demonstrably worse than its predecessor be brought back for another vote and actually expect to gain votes. That this bailout was initially defeated was a welcome surprise, but the power-brokers in Washington and on Wall Street could not allow that defeat to be permanent. It was most unfortunate that this monstrosity of a bill, loaded up with even more pork, was able to pass.
– by Ron Paul / Campaign For Liberty
October 5, 2008

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk on the Bailout
Yes, Dr. Paul has been criticized and ridiculed. By those who live in an echo chamber and don’t give anyone except those who agree with themselves a fair hearing. It’s time to listen to all points of view, because we are living through one of the rare times when the landscape of this economy is being permanently changed.

I am printing below Dr. Paul’s thoughts on the historic bailout of the financial sector.
– by Elizabeth MacDonald / FOX Business News
October 5, 2008

Ron Paul On Passage of the Bailout
Congressman Ron Paul gives us his thoughts on the passage of the bailout bill just minutes after leaving the floor.
– by YouTube
October 5, 2008

“All Ron Paul-endorsed candidates vote against Wall Street Bailout”
In addition to supporting Constitutional government and reining in excessive government spending, all 8 of the incumbent federal candidates with Dr. Paul’s support – Denny Rehberg (R-MT), Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Bill Sali (R-ID), John Culberson (R-TX), Paul Broun (-GA), Walter Jones (R-NC) and Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) – voted today in the House of Representatives against the Wall Street bailout bill.

“Dr. Paul salutes his follow House Members who stood with him and voted against this government bailout boondoggle.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 5, 2008

List of Representatives who Switched from “Nay” to “Yea”
The following representatives voted “Nay” during Monday’s bailout vote and switched their votes to “Yea” for the vote on Friday.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 5, 2008

From C4L President John Tate
I want to thank everyone for all of your hard work during the bailout fight. Although yesterday’s vote was a disappointing reflection on the House of Representatives, we should take great encouragement in the fact that we came together as one and shocked the media and the DC establishment these past weeks.

Now that the vote is over, we must proceed to the next step: keeping our promises to hold Congress accountable. Many representatives and senators will assume that you’re done with giving them your opinions because the votes have been completed. Matter of fact, they’re counting on it.

Contact their offices and let them know that you will stay true to your commitment. If your representative and/or senator voted for the bailout, get together with other freedom-minded individuals in your community and spread the word on the recent unconstitutional activity of your member(s) of Congress.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 5, 2008

Ron Paul’s speech from the JBS Convention October 5th
In case you missed it, Revolution Broadcasting has been LIVE all weekend at the John Birch convention.

Listen to Ron Paul and other great speakers here :
– by Daily Paul
October 5, 2008

Ron Paul Responds to the 700B Bailout on CNN 10/3/08
Congressman Ron Paul Responds to the $700 Billion bailout immediately after it was signed into law.
– by YouTube
October 3, 2008

Ron Paul on Fox Business Oct. 3rd, 2008 (Pre-Bailout)
Ron Paul explains why he will vote “no” on the Wall Street bailout bill. Listen and learn
– by FOX Business News
October 3, 2008

You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression!!! Ron Paul
Congressman Ron Paul’s speech opposing the Wall Street bailout.
– by YouTube
October 3, 2008

House Passes Unconstitutional Bailout
Find out how your representative voted here. Depending on which side campaignforlibertythey took, be sure to call them back and give them your opinion. Remember, the battle to reclaim our Republic is just beginning. Let them know that the people are not going to stop paying attention just because this vote is over.
– by Campaign For Liberty
October 3, 2008

Populists Back Ron Paul’s Plan To Kill the Fed
The trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout plan negotiated by the White House and Congress has reinvigorated the debate about Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR 2755), which was introduced into Congress in June 2007.

In the halls of Congress, legislators have yet to bring Paul’s bill to the floor. It is currently languishing in the House Committee on Financial Services.

However, there has been a great deal of discussion about this landmark legislation on the Internet and in the alternative press. Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin has even made abolishing the Fed one of the top planks in his platform.

Paul’s measure, as it is now, would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve one year after the bill becomes law.
– by American Free Press
October 3, 2008

RP is having an effect whether the MSM wants to admit it or not.
I decided to Google trend the topics of Austrian economics vs. Keynesian the other day, and look what I found:
Wow! Internet searches for Austrian economics were nonexistent until midway 2007. Also, note the recent spike in interest in Austrian economics and which city is leading the way…Washington D.C.! Apparently, RP has not just been educating us.
– by Daily Paul
October 3, 2008

Action Alert: No Bailout-none!
Congress must not bail out the failed banks! This is an unconscionable violation of the public trust. We encourage everyone to contact their congressmen and let them know that the continued looting of the American taxpayer for the benefit of corporations is wrong and must stop. Together we can mobilize to change our politics and our nation, but it begins with you.
– by Campaign for Liberty
October 3, 2008

Turning up the Pressure
We stand at a dangerous precipice. With the Senate passage of the bailout bill, this massive government scheme is now only one House vote away from becoming the law of the land and giving unprecedented power to the executive and the FED.

The House will vote within the next 24 hours, already some members who voted against it on Monday are wavering and even changing their votes.

Its time to double our efforts. Call, email and fax your congressman immediately! Find 5 friends and have them do the same.

The battle is not yet over, it will be tough, but we must keep fighting.

Click here to get the names and contact info for your representative and let them know that they work for you and a yea vote on Friday will be regarded as an insubordinate act by a soon-to-be former employee.
– by Matt Hawes / Campaign For Liberty
October 3, 2008

Ron Paul Doesn’t Lie
Fortunately, I discovered a politician who sticks to his morals, doesn’t accept bribes from lobbyists, and has made his money through honest work: organic farming and practicing medicine. I don’t even consider him a politician, I would call him a statesman instead. His name is Dr. Ron Paul, who is a Republican congressman.

I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting him and his wife, Carol, and speaking with them on several occasions about raising a family, recipes, gardening and investing. Paul has made his money through righteous means. He is a millionaire, not because he accepted personal gifts from corporations, but because he invested his hard-earned money wisely in commodities: gold, silver and mining resources.
– by Joanna Simmons / East Tennessean
October 3, 2008

Proposed Bailout Package: Doom’s Day or Doublespeak
“The process of this bailout reminds me of a panic-stricken swimmer thrashing in the water only making his situation worse,” said. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. Dr. Paul argues the root cause of the current economic crisis is a failed monetary system, and the bailout will only make the situation worse.

“The more money and credit you create out of thin air, the bigger the challenge it will be to the dollar,” Dr. Paul said earlier in the week on Fox News. “What they are doing now is creating a situation where every single person in this country is going to suffer with dollar deprecation. That means the savings of every person.”

While Dr. Paul readily admits his way of addressing the crisis would create a short-term pinch – he believes there could be a “very serious recession for a year” – he is adamant the bailout alternative is worse.
– by Joe Murray, The Bulletin
October 3, 2008

McCain, Obama, and the Status Quo Exposed by Ron Paul and the Bailout
The bailout bill roll call votes were/are the liberty litmus test. In the face of overwhelming opposition many so called “representatives” voted for the bill against their constituent’s wishes. If you believe in true freedom you cannot vote for a candidate that voted for the bailout bill. The test is as simple as that. Be stubborn like John Adams. Quench your liberty thirst like Thomas Jefferson. Lead your fellow patriots like George Washington. Learn economics like Ron Paul. Exercise your right to not vote for the collectivist status quo.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 3, 2008

Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 10/2/08
Ron Paul is explains why he is against the Bailout. “What they are doing is very seriously wrong.” 10/02/08
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

Ron Paul Makes New Prediction
Ron Paul will be joining us at 12 Eastern on Friday to discuss the new house vote. Although details seem to change as quickly as a model at fashion show, I’m looking forward to seeing what his next prediction is about the Rescue Bill.

When he we talked to him last week, he believed there would be a Great Depression. If the House, and again, the timing is murky for Friday, does pass the vote, I want to ask him to predict how long before we see the economy begin to recover, if at all.

If you have questions for the Representative, please leave them in the comments section. I’ll go through them before the show.
– by Cheryl Casone / FOX Business News
October 2, 2008

Americans on the Bailout: We’re Pissed!
It’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention a majority of Americans oppose the bailout plan passed last night by the Senate and heading toward the House.

As discussed here and here, many Americans seem to understand the “real” economy — i.e., Main Street — will suffer if the plan fails, but they still oppose it and view it as a bailout for Wall Street “fat cats.”

“I’ve lost my money because of these idiots, now they want me to subsidize their losses too???,”
– by Aaron Task / Yahoo Finance
October 2, 2008

Glenn Beck hits McCain on Bailout and Earmarks
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

McCain Urges Bush To Spend $1 Trillion On Bailout — Without Congressional Approval
I’m not making this up. John McCain today urged the Bush Administration — on more than one occasion — to immediately and uniliterally spend $1 trillion buying up home mortgages.

I was watching live when he made the proposal this morning, and it seemed like such a staggeringly insane idea that I assumed he couldn’t be serious. He couldn’t think that Bush should just spend $1 trillion without asking Congress for permission…could he?

But then I saw his economic adviser try to back the idea up, and then I saw McCain make the proposal again during the NBC Nightly newscast. So he’s serious. He really thinks that Bush should just spend $1 trillion without talking to Congress, without seeking approval, without building any sort of consensus — without getting any protections whatsoever for taxpayers.

Update: Here’s video of him making the proposal on three separate occasions Tuesday.
– by Jed Lewison / The Huffington Post
October 2, 2008

McCain & Obama Vs. Ron Paul on Bailout
Two days after the House rejected the mammoth $700 billion bailout bill, the Senate passed it. Not surprisingly for those who understand the world of realpolitik, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama both voted for it.

On the other hand, Congressman Ron Paul, who unlike McCain and Obama actually predicted the crisis the nation now faces, offered a very different viewpoint when he was interviewed on CNN yesterday, prior to the Senate vote. According to Paul, we have gotten into financial trouble via excessive spending and borrowing, and more spending and borrowing — including the creation of money out of thin air – will inevitably make the economy worse in the long run.
– by Gary Benoit / The New American
October 2, 2008

Duck Tales Inflation Lesson
An episode of Duck Tales dealing with the negative consequences of inflation.
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

$700 billion is Nothing
Voters are rightly furious at the proposal to spend $700,000,000,000 that the government doesn’t have to bail out Wall Street bankers who created the current economic crisis in the first place. But why then aren’t we concerned about the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve is pumping into the system? Or the trillions missing from the Pentagon? Or the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble.
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law
Rep. Brad Sherman says Congress threatened with Martial Law if bill is not passed
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

Paul Tells Why He Won’t Vote for McCain-Palin
Paul is now returning the favor by calling for Republican voters to reject McCain in favor of one of the third-party candidates to McCain’s right. When I spoke to him on the phone the other day, Paul told me he is backing Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. But he also is telling voters to look at Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, “just so they don’t vote for the establishment.”

As for McCain, Paul said, “The Buchananites and the libertarians have trouble getting along with him. He’s really building his alliance with the Liebermans of the world.”

That would be Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, a Democrat who has a National Taxpayers Union rating of F compared with the straight-A rating of the physician-politician known as “Dr. No” for his habit of voting against spending bills. Lieberman got a prime speaking spot at the convention and was even reported to be McCain’s first choice for the GOP vice presidential nomination.
– by Paul Mulshine / NJ.com
October 2, 2008

“Dear Ron Paul…HELP!!!”
This is a letter to Ron Paul and to all who are sick and tired of the “big money” running our country’s affairs.
– by YouTube
October 2, 2008

Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: A manifesto”
Ron Paul, the Texan Libertarian who ran for President on the Republican ticket this year so he could participate in the “phony” televised debates, is also a 70-year-old retired doctor and economist who lived through World War II, Vietnam, the creation of HMOs, Watergate, the Kennedy Assassination, the Cold War, Alan Greenspan and both Gulf Wars. Paul released “The Revolution: A Manifesto” in April. That being said, what makes him and his platform different from all the other well-off old white guys running the government these days to warrant the attention of the average American?

Paul’s political message is simple, yet eloquently and concisely stated in his 167-page book: Follow the Constitution and read about our founding fathers, who predicted many of the situations we find ourselves in. Doing this would solve many of our national woes – monetarily, militarily and domestically. Given the events on Wall Street this week, Paul’s message in the introduction becomes eerily prophetic.
– by John Hitzel / Truman State University
October 2, 2008

Glenn Beck: We the People vs. Barney Frank
Is it my imagination or is Glenn Beck starting to spew some truth? I’m starting to like this guy. Perhaps we’re seeing an awakening in the making. We the people’s court is in session and Barney Frank is guilty as charged! This According to Glenn Beck: “There is no doubt in my mind that this man actually helped push us, not just watch it, pushed us into the mess we’re in now.” He also supplies some interesting info about the friends of Obama.
– by Revolutionary Politics
October 2, 2008

What a great read for Ron Paul supporters
On the Fourth of July 1776, we were at war, or rather this nation had just ended a war, and we were for the first time an independent nation. But what did it mean? What does it mean now? – Independence. This nation was one of England’s colonies for hundreds of years and in that time had grown to become one of England’s most productive colonies.

Though the Magna Carta was in place the rights of the colonists were continually violated. It became necessary to stop England’s abuse of the colonist’s rights so ultimately the Declaration of Independence was drafted. In response the King of England doubled the sales tax to the colonies from 3% to 6%.
– by Daily Paul
October 2, 2008

**URGENT** The Bailout In Under 1 Minute
If you don’t get it now, you won’t get it at all.

This is NOT a rescue plan for the economy. It is a bailout for FOREIGN BANKS AND INVESTORS.

Here is PROOF.
– by YouTube
October 1, 2008

Action Alert: Urge Your Senator to Do the Right Thing
The United States Senate will be taking up the bailout plan tonight. The following Senators are considered key votes on this bailout. Please take a moment to call these Senators and urge them to cast their vote against this dangerous legislation. And please, call your two U.S. Senators and urge them to vote no as well.
– by Matt Hawes / Campaign For Liberty
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul: Buying Bad Bebt is the Wrong Solution
Two days after the House rejected the $700 billion bailout bill, the Senate is set to vote on the rescue plan for financial institutions.

Speaking to CNN’s John Roberts on Wednesday, House Financial Services Committee member and former Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul discussed why he thinks the bailout bill is the wrong solution to the economic problem and what he would do to secure financial security.
– by CNN
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul on CNN Morning America 10/1/08
Ron Paul appeared on CNN American Morning today with John Roberts. He was again asked about his position on the bailout efforts from our lawmakers.
– by YouTube
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul: Genius that Pulled a Number on 3 Largest Parties
The upcoming race for president can’t be counted on as a win for friends of liberty, if you were only counting votes. Ron Paul saw the bigger picture.
– by Dan Steward / Nolan Chart
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul Is Asked “Will You Run For President Again?” By Alan Colmes
Ron Paul was interviewed by Alan Colmes on FOX Radio this evening. They discussed the bailout and some rather detailed positions by Ron Paul on what can be done to help fix the economic problems we face. Of course, both Alan and Ron agreed that the good Doctor’s solutions are probably too fundamental to be implemented any time soon. Towards the end of the interview Colmes asks Ron Paul if he will run for President again. Listen below for the answer.

Listen to the the Ron Paul – Alan Colmes Interview [MP3]
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul at Bircher birthday bash
Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, the Libertarian hopeful in this year’s GOP presidential contest, will headline 50th anniversary celebrations of the John Birth Society in Appleton, Wisconsin, this weekend.

Paul will speak on the topic “Restoring the Republic: Lessons from a Presidential Campaign.”
– by Joel Connelly / Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 1, 2008

Ron Paul appears on Montana ballots – for Constitution Party
Ron Paul’s campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination was not successful, but despite losing out to eventual nominee John McCain, Paul’s name does appear on Cascade County ballots – as a Constitutional Party candidate.

Montana’s Secretary of State, Brad Johnson, was told several weeks ago that Ron Paul requested that his name be taken off the Montana ballot. By the time the Secretary received the request, however, it was too late to make the change.
– by Montana’s News Station
October 1, 2008

CNN Owes Ron Paul An Apology For Misquoting Him In Interview
Ron Paul appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss the bailouts. The interviewer put up a quote attributing it to Ron Paul that was actually written by Lew Rockwell on his own site. The site the interviewer found the quote on was actually RonPaulForPresident2008.com, which is not Ron Paul’s site, but rather a very popular Ron Paul site run by a supporter (also listed in Liberty Maven’s blogroll). That site aggregates Ron Paul related news and posts it. In this case, the words quoted are from this post by Lew Rockwell on LewRockwell.com.
– by Marc Gallagher / Liberty Maven
October 1, 2008

Who Predicted U.S. Economic Collapse Years Ago?
Defying President Bush and the leaders of both parties the US House rejected a $700 billion economic rescue plan in a revolt that rocked the US Capitol, sent markets plunging and left top lawmakers groping for a resolution.
– by Mercola.com
October 1, 2008

Lipstick on a Bailout
This time last week, the biggest bailout in the history of the world seemed to be a fait accompli. Last weekend, the Fed Chairman and the Secretary of the Treasury had harsh words of doom and gloom for Congressional leaders, with the rest of the administration parroting along, and by last Monday it seemed both parties were about to fall in line and vote our Republic away by socializing the banking industry through this bailout. Foolish business behavior was about to be rewarded, and propped up a little longer, the bubble blown a little bigger, and our coming Depression made that much greater, but then something happened on the way to the House floor. Citizens made their voices heard.
– by Ron Paul / Texas Straight Talk
September 30, 2008

Common Sense and Courage – Lost American Virtues
Why does only one man out of 435 members of Congress and 100 Senators speak this way? Why is he a pariah and a “nut case” among his fellow political “leaders” and most of the public as well? Perhaps the severity of the upcoming financial crisis will force the public to re-examine the underlying common sense of Dr. Paul’s words.
– by Tony Allison / Financial Sense
September 30, 2008

Ron Paul Interview on KDKA Radio Pittsburgh
KDKA Dimitri interviews Ron Paul
– by KDKA Radio
September 30, 2008

What a heroic day! The people rose up against a coalition of every evil group in America: the central bank, Wall Street plutocrats, politicians, banksters, think tanks (including the pseudo-libertarian sort), big media, big academia, and big business, and won. Today we got a taste of what things may look like when the regime is finally toppled, and its theft and killing stopped. The Austrian economists are vindicated again, as is Rothbard’s political analysis, and our pizza party for Mises’s birthday today look on an especially festive air. The bad guys may yet beat us, but how sweet to see the CNBC types running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Now let’s get to work to defend the free market and sound money, and finger the Fed and all who support it as the culprits. Oh, and by the way, congratulations, Ron Paul.
– by Lew Rockwell / The LRC Blog
September 30, 2008

Bailout Fails!
Congressman Ron Paul gives us his thoughts on the failure of the bailout bill just minutes after leaving the floor.
– by YouTube
September 30, 2008

You’re Going To Destroy A Worldwide Economy! Ron Paul
Ron Paul speaks to Congress in opposition to the Wall Street bailout.
– by YouTube
September 29, 2008

Dr. Paul’s House Floor Remarks on the Bailout
Dr. Paul gave a quick speech on the House floor this morning concerning the bailout. Due to the nature of the debate today, he didn’t have time to read his full remarks, which were put into the congressional record and are featured below:
– by Campaign For Liberty
September 29, 2008

226 NAY, 207 YEA (one still to vote)

But CNBC REPORTING: Voting remains open. Reps can still change their votes. Arm twisting begins. The vote is not yet closed. Reps can still change their votes.

Stay tuned.

Republicans 66-132 yea/nay
Democrats 141-94 yea/nay

Dems sell out. House GOP holds the line.

Great work Citizens and Patriots!
– by Michael Nystrom / Daily Paul
September 29, 2008

Final Vote
We’re all watching the final vote. Comment here.

I’m as speechless as you are right now. Keep making those calls and keep an eye out for people switching their votes. You can be sure there is a LOT of arm twisting and intimidation going on right now.

Update – We’ve won the first round! But this is just the first round. The Senate vote is on Wed., and you can guarantee that they’ll be back soon to try things again in the House.

Thanks to all who called, emailed, wrote, and faxed!!! Keep it up!!!!
– by Campaign For Liberty
September 29, 2008

No Cheers for the Bailout: Ron Paul Interview
You can’t pin any blame for the country’s financial meltdown on Congressman Ron Paul. The libertarian Texas Republican and former Pittsburgher has been warning for two decades about the unhappy — and inevitable — economic consequences of a loose monetary policy, fiscal irresponsibility and too much meddling in the marketplace by the federal government.
– by Townhall.com
September 29, 2008

Ron Paul Warns Of “Dark Ages” On Glenn Beck Radio Show
Ron Paul was on the radio with Glenn Beck this morning. They discussed the bailout legislation and how it may or may not affect the United States. Both lamented the push towards globalism and the truly frightening prospect of an authoritative central bank for the world. He specifically mentions that he fears a coming “dark ages” due to the stripping of individual liberty through centralized control of money. Listen to the interview MP3
– by Liberty Maven
September 29, 2008

Chuck Norris: Clandestine Conservatives in Hollywood
We’ve got to get back to that form of patriotism – one that is based within the Constitution not congressional corruption, one that elects a man for his character, not his charisma. These are type of citizens and leaders who don’t go deeper into debt to bail out debt. These are the type of citizens and leaders who will say enough is enough. Like Ron Paul, who, after drawing similarities between the $700 billion dollar bailout and the Great Depression, said, “The only thing we learn from history, I am afraid, is that we do not learn from history.”
– by Chuck Norris / WorldNetDaily
September 29, 2008

Chuck Norris Star at Political Event
Norris even mixed martial arts and politics, saying he once told someone if he had one wish, it would be to go to Washington with Paul, line up all of the members of Congress and wait for Paul to point out the corrupt politicians.

“We would walk down the aisle, he points to one and says ‘He’s crooked,’ and I grab him and choke him unconscious,” Norris said. “The ones that are honest stay and focus on getting us back on our feet.”

It was only at the end of Norris’ speech that he said he supported Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin, because they’d bring Paul and Huckabee into the White House.
– by Ohio.com
September 29, 2008

New Ron Paul Biography – Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas
Announcing a groundbreaking new book titled Ron Paul: a Life of Ideas. This biography is the result of a year of intense work, written mainly by Libertarians from LewRockwell.com, the Mises institute, NYT Bestseller Christopher Horner and others. The authors worked exceptionally hard to assemble the real story of Ron Paul by doing extensive research and conducting first hand interviews with Ron, wife Carol, family members, old school friends, colleagues, and a few political adversaries.

Every drama-filled chapter has a few revelations that will surprise even die-hard supporters. Given the current threat of financial meltdown, it is interesting to look back at how Dr. Paul has predicted every phase since 1971. The book very clearly shows that on the important issues, he has been able to warn his colleagues with uncanny precision about potential threats to the American people.
– by Daily Paul
September 28, 2008

President Ron Paul? President Ralph Nader? Americans Split on the Need for a Third Party
Do we need a third party? Americans are evenly split on the question, according to Gallup, with 47 percent saying yes and 47 percent saying no. What I find particularly striking is that in the middle of last year, 58 percent favored a third party and 33 percent thought the two parties were doing the job.

Of course, the problem with such a question is the specifics: How many of that 47 percent are on the Ralph Nader side of the spectrum, and how many on the Ron Paul? If the 47 percent—or even a large number of them—could coalesce, they would be a powerful force. But they are too fractured and diffuse.
– by Robert Schlesinger / U.S. News & World Report
September 28, 2008

Has Our Revolutionary Moment Arrived?
I believe that all libertarians, constitutionalists, Ron Paul Revolutionaries lrc blog(whatever label persons at this moment choose to designate themselves), etc. should focus on one simple undiluted radical message: that of the very illegitimacy of the American state, and the American people’s repudiation of the criminal elites which reign over them in their name. The point should be driven home over and over that the original American Revolution was based on the idea of government by consent, and that today this concept has been twisted and perverted beyond any meaning. This should be done attacking the very legitimacy of the welfare-warfare state — the inter-relationship between its American empire and the Wall Street bailout — with the Fed being the enabler of it all. You, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and Justin Raimondo have been articulating this theme for the last couple of months. It is time that everyone within the interlocking networks of LRC, Antiwar.com, the Campaign for Liberty, remaining RP MeetUp groups etc. focus on this same crucial elemental point, in basic simple terms that virtually all members of the American public can understand and comprehend: The American state is bankrupt, both morally and financially. The criminal elites who reign over us must be repudiated.
– by LRC Blog
September 28, 2008

Royal Bank of Scotland to get Billions from Bailout
Jolly right. The Sunday Herald reports today:

THE ROYAL Bank of Scotland is to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the planned $700 billion bail-out that comes courtesy of the American tax-payer if the US Congress gives the financial rescue package the go-ahead this weekend.

The bank’s share of the bail-out will enable RBS to offload billions of dollars of questionable assets.

As Ron Paul has said, with the US holding the reserve currency of the world, we’ve exported and magnified our economic blunders. It is mind-boggling to attempt to see the magnitude of this deck of cards. Seeing that we are trying to again export dollars as bandaids in this bailout, it is painful to think of the lengths to which our treasury may try to go to make us pay for it.
– by Campaign For Liberty
September 28, 2008

If you agree, call your Congressman today.

Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (Introduced in House)

HR 2755 IH


1st Session

H. R. 2755

To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes.


June 15, 2007

Mr. PAUL introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Financial Services
– by Campaign For Liberty
September 28, 2008

…And We’re Just Getting Warmed-Up
t is important to get as many eyes as possible on this important message, but it is just as important to sign-up as a member of C4L (we currently have 111,200) and to donate so that we can offer the kinds of tools, training, organization, and member services that will help you take back your neighborhood, your county, your state and our nation. Get involved today and continue the R3VOLution!

This is just the beginning and I see big things in our future. We are standing at the brink of history. Together we can help shape a peaceful and prosperous future where the flames of liberty burn bright in every heart. Never get discouraged and never give up.
– by Campaign For Liberty
September 28, 2008

Call Ron Paul Correct About the Economy
The American financial system is in fact collapsing, and panicked commentators want to know why. For answers they’ve been turning to none other than Ron Paul, who, in one of the unexpected benefits of the meltdown, is now enjoying more airtime and more respect than ever before.

Congressman Paul surely takes no joy in being proven right. But all of us can only wonder how different the economic landscape might be today had America years ago taken Dr. Paul’s advice — weaned the economy from the Federal Reserve system, restored the gold and silver standard of yesteryear, and repealed toxic regulations like the Community Reinvestment Act that have encouraged malinvestment and hampered the operation of the free market.
– by Charles Scaliger / The New American
September 27, 2008

The Ron Paul Solution
You can’t pin any blame for the country’s financial meltdown on Congressman Ron Paul. The libertarian Texas Republican and former Pittsburgher has been warning for two decades about the unhappy — and inevitable — economic consequences of a loose monetary policy, fiscal irresponsibility and too much meddling in the marketplace by the federal government.
– by Bill Steigerwald / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 27, 2008

Fox News calls Ron Paul an economic genius!
Neil Cavuto admitting that Ron Paul was right all along.
– by YouTube
September 27, 2008

Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should Be Criminally Charged
Speaking on The Alex Jones Show, Paul said of the bailout, “They want dictatorship, they want to pass all the penalties and suffering on to the average person on Main Street,” adding, “We will have a depression or recession, it’s locked in place due to previous Federal Reserve actions.”

“When they say that if we don’t do exactly as they say and turn over more of our money and more of our liberties and exempt themselves from any court in the whole nation, they’re trying to intimidate us and lead us into doing the wrong thing,” said Paul.
– by Paul Joseph Watson / Info Wars
September 27, 2008

Scott Horton Interviews Rep. Ron Paul
As part of Antiwar Radio’s week long series on the economic crisis in association with the Campaign for Liberty, Rep. Ron Paul discusses the current financial crisis, payoffs to special interests and arm-twisting in congress to get the next 700 billion dollar bailout through, the role of the war budget in helping to inflate the dollar bubble, the difficulty in getting the media and politicians to understand Austrian monetary theory, how the Fed’s policies send false signals to people in business, leading to bad investments across various markets, necessitating a correction (recession) for prices to reflect reality again, the inflation/heroin junky analogy, the Fed bureaucrats’ inflated belief in themselves, his proposal to re-legalize competing currencies in the free market, the possibility of creating a new Gold Commission [.pdf], and some limited success in teaching congressmen some things about it.

MP3 Here (20:09)
– by Antiwar Radio
September 27, 2008

Misleading Voter’s Guides not including Baldwin!
Across the country there are voter’s guides being publised by various organizations. Far too often these guides are incomplete and inaccurate. One example is the American Family Association’s ‘Voter’s Guide’ . Another example of bias is OpenSecrets.org where a variety of candidates are listed, but not Chuck! We need your help to reach these groups to show them that everyday people are interested in all of the candidates, and in true information about them, not merely canned campaign rhetoric.

Please take a few moments to contact them letting them know they have 1) misrepresented John McCain’s voting record on the issues and 2) ignored the only truly pro-life, pro-secure borders, pro-second amendment candidate: Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin!
– by Daily Paul
September 27, 2008

Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater, Jr. on Louisiana Ballot
That’s right. A third party has emerged in Louisiana and placed Congressman Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. on the ballot for Nov 4. The group calls itself the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and is headed by Trent Hill a devout ‘Conservatarian’ and Ron Paul supporter and organizer. Having had many conversations with Trent, (though I’ve yet to meet him in person) I can attest to his character, industry, integrity and the love he shares for country and liberty. He is a principled conservative and a guy that generates results.

The Tax Payer’s party has their eye on the next presidential election and they hope that Goldwater will catch the bug, along with the attention of the American public, and enter the presidential race in 2012.
– by Partisan Report
September 27, 2008

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