In this day and age, many of us struggle to find the time to breathe let alone put aside time for self-care. In the scheme of things, making money and taking care of the people around us can seem like the most important thing, whereas a morning routine can seem trivial. What some may not know is that when they dedicate that time to themselves, they are able to give more to the things and people that they love. Have you ever heard of the saying you can’t give from an empty cup?

This is where a morning routine can be useful. One of the reasons why this can be so beneficial is because people will be starting their day with positive action, instead of immediately stressing about all of the things they have to do. This means that they will be more prepared for things that may pop up and some claim they feel happier overall. Some people may dedicate an hour to themselves in the morning, whereas others may dedicate 5 minutes. The important thing is to consistently give to one’s self each morning so that we are feeling the best we possibly can.

What types of things can a morning routine include?

A morning routine will look completely different for each person. A busy mum may only be able to squeeze in ten minutes to dedicate to herself before her kids wake up. Some won’t have any time to themselves and will need to incorporate a practice that includes their kids. It could consist of meditation, writing in a journal, writing a gratitude list, taking a quick soak in the tub, reading a chapter of a book, or simply taking some deep breaths.

Others will enjoy a quick stroll around the block or will write down all of the things they want to achieve for the day. It could involve cuddles in bed with a partner or making sure that a healthy breakfast is made. Some may like to put on their favourite music and dance around their homes like crazy before they have to head off to their work day. They key is to find something that will bring you joy. When we start off our days with joy, and by letting ourselves know that we are the most important people in the world, we are more likely to have a great day. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?