hands on the steering wheel

Many people out there who know all about the ins and outs of an OT driving assessment. That they will usually need to complete one with a trained professional in order to discover if they are still suitable to be behind the wheel. For some, they will need to complete this when they are recovering from an illness or injury and would like help returning to the roads. Occupational therapists are the trained professionals who conduct these kinds of things and are the best people to seek support from when wanting to achieve something. As well as being able to pass on the completed OT driving assessment to relevant government or non-government agencies, they are also able to help their clients by recommending certain things that will help them recover more quickly and be able to conduct a vehicle more easily and in less pain. For example, they may recommend that certain equipment should be used in a car such as lumbar support or some other kind of vehicle modification. They may also recommend that someone takes some lessons before they are able to get back on the road so they can be sure that they are able to handle their vehicle with ease and care. As there are plenty of people out there who are looking to receive their licence after recovering from illness or injury, they will be wanting to know how they are able to book their OT driving assessment in.


Head to a company’s website

For those who may not be experts in this topic, a great deal of information can usually be found on a company’s website. Furthermore, people are able to learn how they can easily book in their OT driving assessment. This will usually involve simply emailing the company at hand or giving them a quick call. Some websites may even include an online form to fill out. But whatever the contact method may be, it is always a good idea to visit a site as businesses will usually go into great detail about what is involved. This can help people when they are trying to prepare themselves for the day. Usually the evaluation will include an off-road assessment as well as an on-road assessment as well as a health history. It is usually best that people bring their current or past driver’s licence, glasses if need be, and a list of medications that they are currently taking or any other kinds of therapists that they are participating in. Once the evaluation is completed, there are a few different outcomes that may occur.


What are the different outcomes that may occur?

Once an OT driving assessment has occurred, there are several different outcomes that may come of this. For most people that undergo this kind of evaluation, they will simply return to operating their vehicle without a worry. For some it may be required that they implement vehicle modifications to ensure that they are everyone else on the roads are safe. Others may need to undergo rehabilitation which will allow them to get used to these modifications or get used to their new way of living e.g. amputees. For some, they may simply have limitations where they are only able to travel for certain distances on their own. In some extreme cases it may be established that some people may not be able to operate their vehicle alone and so will not be able to renew their licence. But whatever the case may be, the professional will explain the results carefully so that everyone involved will know what is expected of them.