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Hunter Valley photography professionals have multiple uses for businesses all across the region.

Viewed initially as event-only specialists who are called upon for weddings and family ceremonies, these expert practitioners can extend their skills for corporate entities as well.

From Newcastle to Forster, Port Stephens to the Upper Hunter and the Great Lakes to Singleton and Cessnock, this vibrant landscape is perfect for snap shots that give consumers an idealistic portrait of an organisation.

It only makes sense to take advantage of that environment and here we will outline how commercial clients from both the public and private sectors can leverage these services.


Getting New Product Shots

wedding photographer

In 2019 there is not only an appetite but an expectation that customers can obtain a high-resolution 360 degree perspective of products that are listed for sale. With the help of Hunter Valley photography professionals, companies can publish brand new product shots from a transparent white background that removes all interference. This complete view of the item in question is ideal for customers who are scouring the web, giving clarity to the shopper and a chance for the business to update their catalogue in the process.


Updating a Website

The new product snaps happen to be one phase under a bigger project, namely the updating of a brand new website. When this activity is underway there is a need to source quality imagery that Hunter Valley photography professionals are capable of providing. This will range from background wallpaper shots to business profiles, product images and social media integration where Instagram and Facebook can be leveraged with high-resolution pictures.


Updating a Brand Image

A brand image can be one of those intangible elements of a business, much like a corporate culture that is established by the HR department. What Hunter Valley photography professionals can utilise is their photoshop skills to integrate images and themes that an organisation might want to adopt for a logo or to present on marketing materials. When a brand is lacking cut through or is suffering in the PR stakes, the reboot of a brand image can assist during that phase.


On Location for Events

Whilst we have already identified that events are part and parcel of what Hunter Valley photography professionals do on a weekly basis, there is no reason to suggest they cannot apply those same skills to the business sector. Private and public enterprises who want to capture a community event, a tradeshow or the opening of a new retail outlet would be best placed to have a photographer on location, allowing the enterprise to document the day and have a database of pictures to choose from for content purposes. Broadcasting these snaps on social media and including them on newsletters and the website will become easily integrated.


Business Profiles

Customers, clients, investors and sponsors would love to know more about a company if they understand who is actually working for the organisation. With the assistance of Hunter Valley photography professionals, enterprises are able to create wholesome business profiles that offer a tangible and visible portrait of everyone up and down the hierarchy. From the president and CEO to the managing director, head of recruitment, marketing officer, administration staff, IT support, customer service and client liaison, these images can showcase who actually represents the company, what roles they are in and what their background is.



Hunter Valley photography professionals can do so much more than turn up for weddings. These practitioners enjoy a diverse range of skills that are applicable to the needs of local businesses, and it only makes sense that the two parties would be able to form a successful working relationship. From builders to dentists, accountants to florists, manufacturers to schools and universities, these operators will prove to be an asset to any brand.