Cognos TM1

Often compared to Microsoft applications that deliver a similar process, IBM’s Cognos TM1 is a platform that can allow any type of business to excel at what they do best. By sorting, analysing and making forecasts into the future based on precise and up-to-the-minute data, this is an outlet that many brands and providers from all across the country and globe have decided to tap into.


Having been developed two decades previous and under previous guises of Applix TM1 and Sinper TM/1, the fundamentals have essentially remained the same to deliver a service that is comprehensive, flexible and cutting edge.


Should reporting through spreadsheets be your option of choice when picking apart consumer and competition data, then there will be a host of tools from the Cognos TM1 package that will be in your company’s best interests.


Here we will run our eye over these points in more detail to illustrate why this outlet continues to be so popular in the commerce field, and why you need to get TM1 training for your business.



Cognos TM1 is all designed around efficiency of execution and nowhere is that more paramount than the ability to make plans through these applications. The workspace in this setting expands the visuals as the spreadsheet works to categorise various filters according to your individual preferences. This way the user can map out accordingly the data set out, providing clear pathways to marker dates, times and order processes without any fuss. Here is what is considered to be a driver-based planning model where analysts can work off a system that is cohesive and comprehensive throughout all facets in the planning phase.



It is one aspect of modern commerce technology to offer planning procedures, but it is quite another to deliver when it comes to forecasting. Cognos TM1 allows you to implement your data into the spreadsheet from a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual viewpoint and systematically examine the finances and information accordingly.

When decisions need to be made based on what is expected to be the target in the future, they will issue reporting on whatever projection is needed. This is a means of rolling forecasts that do not rely on static information but dragging data in real time to make these relevant projections.

Freedom of Formatting


The sheer size that is necessary for certain compression algorithms is too much to bear, but with Cognos TM1, only a limited amount of RAM is needed. That freedom of space allows the formatting to take place effortlessly without much training or experience required to make it possible. There are parallels to certain Apple products that base their entire brand on a capacity to be user-friendly.



Given the Cognos TM1 has an in-memory 64-bit OLAP server, the capabilities to run a comprehensive diagnostic on all analytical functions are second to none. Examining how a sales or marketing campaign performed with a fact-based approach to a graphical exploration of the information via graphs and flowcharts illustrates the power of this application.


Additional users can be brought into the software to allow an entire team of strategists to sift through the data and make collective calls as well. Even more of an excuse to buy into the Cognos TM1 package from IBM.



From small enterprises to large corporations that need greater digital capabilities, Cognos TM1 can tick all of the software boxes when it comes to your commercial needs. The streamlining of functions lowers the risk for operators who do not have to rely on manual processes at every turn, whilst an open collaborative model offers all members equal footing with access. Few software packages have this many features included as the Cognos TM1 application from IBM.