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George W. Bush Can’t Fight for Freedom and Authorize Torture
It is not yet clear whether George W Bush is planning to cross the Atlantic to flog us his memoirs, but if I were his PR people I would urge caution. As book tours go, this one would be an absolute corker. It is not just that every European capital would be brought to a standstill, as book-signings turned into anti-war riots. The real trouble — from the Bush point of view — is that he might never see Texas again. … Read More

Tea Party Queen Michelle Bachmann Joins Pro-Torture Crowd
Well, now. For-the-record, as just one American citizen, and a Christian, as Bachmann claims to be, I do not “expect” any President to order the torture of anybody. In any event, here’s some of what Bachmann had to say on Fox News (O’Reilly, 11/9/10). The topic being George Bush’s new book, and some recent interviews, in which Bush admits and defends his ordering and approving the use of torture. … Read More

America’s Bread And Circus Society
The Roman poet Juvenal (circa 100 A.D.) wrote regarding the way latter-day Roman emperors retained power and control over the masses that were seemingly more than happy to obsess themselves with trivialities and self-indulgences while their once-great-and-powerful empire collapsed before their very eyes. He wrote: “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions–everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.” … Read More

Is There a Distinctly Biblical Economics?
Can economics be studied from a Christian perspective? Is there a distinctly biblical economics, or is the biblical approach to economic issues only one approach among many? Some might maintain that economics is a “neutral” enterprise where religion in general and Christianity in particular are irrelevant. This, however, is not the Christian view. Economics deals with relationships, the exchange of goods, just weights and measures, just business dealings, contracts, investments, future planning, and charity. How is the individual, family, church, business establishment or civil government able to determine how each will govern its financial affairs? There must be a standard. Will that standard be according to man and his word, or according to God and His word? There is no third way. To say, therefore, that economic matters should be evaluated from a neutral premise is to say that God is not concerned about the economic ordering of society … Read More

The Bush Legacy: “Religious Cleansing” of Christians from Iraq
Two weeks before the October 31 massacre in Baghdad’s Our Lady of Salvation Church, Archbishop Matti Shaba Matoka of the Assyrian Catholic Church warned that Christians are being purged from Iraq and the region, largely as a result of the U.S. invasion. Iraq is convulsed by “a situation of instability and trials and wars… [t]he last being the American occupation…. Since the year 2003, Christians are the victims of a killing situation, which has provoked a great emigration from Iraq…. Seven years have passed and Christianity is still bleeding. Where is the world conscience?” … Read More

Are Elections Pertinent?
The two party political division evolved from a basic disagreement among the Founders of our nation. One group wanted powerful centralized government and the other sought limited government with a dispersion of power. The latter group lost the battle. Our government is severely overweight and efforts to reduce through diet have been stymied by the Federal Reserve that provides unlimited fat-rich food. Morbid governmental obesity now threatens our health. … Read More

The True Nature of Conservatives
The right-wing reaction to the firing of Williams by NPR shows the true nature of conservatives. As Jacob Hornberger recently wrote: “Conservatives have come to accept the basic principles of the welfare state and have chosen to devote their lives, resources, and efforts to reforming it and improving it with what they call ‘market-oriented’ reforms.” Conservatives miss the real issue here. The real issue is whether we should have a nanny, regulatory, interventionist state. Statists come in two varieties: left and right, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative. Only libertarians see the real issues, and only libertarians have real solutions, ones based on genuine principles of liberty. … Read More

Pray for Gridlock
In his 1966 book Tragedy and Hope, the late Georgetown history professor Carroll Quigley examined the role of electoral politics in promoting the interests of our ruling Power Elite. While some believe that “the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies,” Quigley insisted that “the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.” When the electorate becomes disenchanted with the party in power, Quigley continued, “it should be able to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which … will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.” … Read More

So What’s Your View of the Future and Does It Matter?
The future of government must be considered from a variety of perspectives. It is not enough to consider only the civil dimensions of government. In biblical terms, Government is multifaceted and multi-jurisdictional. The future of government must be considered in all of its dimensions, beginning with the individual and including civil affairs. If individuals abdicate responsibilities in the areas of self-, family, business, and church governments we can expect an increase of power and the claim of absolute authority by civil government. Thus, the denial of multiple governments opens the door to the leveling of society by the State. There is no future under such a system, only a god-like State imposing its will on everyone. … Read More

Mass Murder as a “Stimulus” Program
One of the most enduring modern myths is the notion that U.S. entry into World War II saved the economy by bringing about full employment and ending the Great Depression. In fact, real economic growth didn’t resume until after the war, when capital was freed up and regulatory burdens were lifted. Nonetheless, peddlers of conventional wisdom continue to insist that government-supervised mass bloodshed is the most potent form of economic stimulus. … Read More

A Pre-Election-Day Message
For decades pastors have been timid about preaching politics from the pulpit. The Old Testament prophets would have been stunned by such timidity. A good many modern-day churches believe that they have some very good biblical reasons for not touching on the subject of politics from the pulpit. Many believe they are prohibited from doing so because it will jeopardize their tax-exempt status. It won’t, but even if it did, so what? Faithfulness to the Bible is every Christian’s calling regardless of the financial consequences, including the loss of your church’s tax-exemption. Such a development might clear out the “almost Christians.” Then there are the typical arguments for non-involvement that I deal with in my book Myth’s, Lies, and Half-Truths: … Read More

What’s More Important: Liberty Or The Entity That Protects It?
Let me ask readers a question. What’s more important: freedom and its undergirding principles, or the entity meant to protect it? A word of caution: be careful how you answer that question, because the way you answer marks your understanding (or lack thereof) of both freedom and the purpose of government. Thomas Jefferson–and the rest of America’s founders-believed that freedom was the principal possession, because liberty is a divine-not human-gift. Listen to Jefferson: … Read More

Is Civil Government a Biblical Concept?
A brief survey of the Bible and its principles will show that it has directives for all areas of life. Does this include civil government? Is God as concerned about the structure and principles of political systems as He is about families? Or has God left the area of political systems for man to develop according to the needs of a particular era or to satisfy the desires of a particular people? Or does the Bible claim “neutrality” in certain areas of life, leaving man to create his own directives? … Read More

The Bible Opposes Socialism
The Bible’s civil code (in the Older Testament) does not authorize rulers to redistribute wealth. While helping the poor is commanded, none of the laws regarding helping the poor are backed by a civil sanction. Socialism is a form of public slavery Because of its spendthrift nature, the socialist state tends toward heavy taxation and borrowing. This results in enslavement of virtually the entire nation. When the elders of Israel rejected God for a king like that of the pagan nations, Samuel warned of several acts of tyranny by their future king, including ten percent taxation: … Read More

Bonhoeffer Speaks Out Against Hitler
At twenty-six years of age, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian delivers one of the first public criticisms of Hitler. The German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one of the first, and strongest, voices of resistance to Adolf Hitler. An acclaimed preacher, pacifist and author, Bonhoeffer came to the famed Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem on a teaching fellowship. When Bonhoeffer returned to Germany in 1932 he had a new awareness of racial prejudice and challenged Christian churches to stand with the Jews in their moment of need. Bonhoeffer eventually joined the unsuccessful plots to assassinate Hitler and was executed three weeks before the end of the war. … Read More

Our Masters, Not Muslims, Are the Enemy
I do occasionally see Muslims praying in the streets. New York City licenses vendors to sell fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, hot dogs and pretzels, even clothing, from stands on the sidewalks. The fruit-guys seem to be mostly Indian or Pakistani immigrants; sometimes, they unroll a prayer rug beside the kiwis and cucumbers and pray. I always consider it a resounding rebuke to us Christians: when was the last time any of us called on our Lord in public? … Read More

We Worship the God of Security
We live in a culture of fear, and since 9/11 we have grown increasingly anxious about terrorism, pandemics, environmental disasters and nuclear annihilation – anything that can injure or kill us. Our method of coping is to make an idol out of any activity, agency or technology that will promise us security. I believe that this idolatry of safety is a very unfaithful response. Whether one is Christian, Jewish or Muslim, the challenge of faith is to put trust in God, not in security precautions. Nor is it a sensible response. Atheists realize – right along with people of faith — that we cannot control every aspect of the world around us. Security is a false god. … Read More

President Omits Creator … Again!
While delivering a speech at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Rockville, Maryland, on October 18, President Obama omitted the “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence for the third time. … Read More

These Are Not Negotiable
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. … Read More

Why I Began to Write on Prophetic Subjects
I began writing on prophetic subjects after I began to speak on the topic of “God and Government” after the publication of my first book of the same name. After addressing how government is not a synonym for politics and outlining what the Bible says about developing a biblical worldview, invariably there would be someone in the audience who would ask a relevancy questions: “How is any of this relevant since we know that we’re living in the last days and Jesus is returning soon?” This was in 1983. Two volumes of God and Government followed in 1984 and 1986. … Read More

Earthquakes, Floods & War: Is It the End of the World?
Every day we hear of earthquakes, war, floods, volcanoes and other disasters and troubles all over the world. Is this a sign of the end of the world? With the advent of the Tea Party movement and the decline of the Republican party due to its compromise and liberal leanings, is there a need for a third party in America? … Read More

The Unannounced Reason Behind American Fundamentalism’s Support for the State of Israel
What was it that persuaded almost the entire fundamentalist movement to move from either hostility or neutrality to vocal support of Israel? No single answer will fit every case, but there is a common motivation, one not taken seriously by most people in history: getting out of life alive. … Read More

Palin goes biblical: Nukes in Iran could lead to Armageddon
When running on the 2008 GOP presidential ticket, Alaska’s Sarah Palin encountered widespread mockery and criticism for claiming that her foreign affairs experience was partially based on her ability to “see” Russia from her front porch. Now Palin appears to be using the Bible’s book of Revelation to back up her world views. … Read More

How Much Socialism is Biblical?
Romans 13 talks about rulers or governments “praising the good”, but what does this entail? Is this a biblical support for government welfare? If it is, where do we draw the line? How much socialism is biblical? … Read More

Does Romans 13 Tell Us To Obey Every Government
Romans 13:1-10 addresses our responsibility to the authority of human government and to the law of God. Unfortunately, many Christians use this passage to cave in to anything the government tells them to do. They become like sheep (also known as “sheeple”) headed for the slaughter. I think this is very dangerous behavior … Read More

The Slippery Slope of Wealth Redistribution
In his book “Politics According to the Bible”, Wayne Grudem includes a hefty chapter dealing with economics and this is good. There needs to be a greater emphasis on and involvement in politics and economics by Christians. However, it is crucial that we truly use the Bible as our guide. Today, Gary DeMar and Dr. Gary North take a closer look at some of the conclusions in Dr. Grudem’s book. … Read More

Rights, Liberties, and Romans 13
For centuries the book of Romans, chapter 13, has been used to extinguish the flames of liberty. It has been misused to such an extent in fact, that it has become the favourite passage of dictators. When the State couldn’t beat early Christianity it decided to join in. Soon the floors of Roman tax collection offices had Romans 13 inscribed, and slaughter in the name of Christ began. Hitler also used the passage, claiming that churches should take care of heavenly matters, leaving earthly matters to him. More recently, Mugabe’s totalitarian government shamelessly played the Romans 13 card. The Christian Right are using it right now, to exempt the State from basic laws like “Though shalt not kill” – making it fine to slaughter the innocent in wars around the world. (See “If God is Pro-War – He Lied”) At the same time, the Christian Left continue using it to exempt the State from basic laws like “Though shalt not steal” – making it alright for the State to take all it wants and pretend tax avoiders and evaders are the thieves and cheats. … Read More

Render unto God what is God’s. You, too, Caesar.
Most people who refer use the phrase “render unto Caesar” don’t consider the biblical account in its context-either its biblical context, or historical context. This causes considerable misunderstanding and confusion about the issue of legitimate Authority among Christians. … Read More

GOP “Pledge” Promises More UnGodly, UnConstitutional Government
The Republican Party has no solutions to any of the real problems afflicting our country. And this is never more obvious than when GOP “leaders” tell us their solutions to what they think are the real problems afflicting our country. A case in point: “A Pledge To America,” a 45-page document recently released by House Republicans. Here’s some of what this document says, with comments: … Read More

Are We Headed for Economic Armageddon?
In today’s episode, host Gary DeMar is joined by Dr. Gary North, noted speaker and author of the most extensive commentary on the Bible as it relates to economics. They will be taking a look at Wayne Grudem’s book “Politics According to the Bible”, particularly the section addressing economics. … Read More

Will Liberty Continue to have a Home in America?
That America seems destined for a fall (how far and how fast is yet to be determined) appears inevitable. Therefore, the real questions seem to me to be, Will liberty continue to have a home in America? And, if so, WHERE will liberty continue to have a home in America? I think it is safe to say that many Americans today are not only unwilling to fight for their own liberty (and I am not talking about fighting unconstitutional, unprovoked wars in the Middle East), they do not even seem to be able to discern what true liberty is. To many avant-garde Americans, freedom is whatever Uncle Sam (or Big Brother, as he is better known today) determines freedom to be. … Read More

Christianity vs. Statism
Although many believe that either rightwing warfarism or leftwing welfarism is tied up in Christian ethics, this is a tragic contradiction and logical fallacy. See David Theroux’s fascinating three-part series on the relationship between Christian natural law theory and liberty, using the work of C.S. Lewis as a focus of discussion. Just as cold utilitarianism leads to authoritarianism, faith and morality solidly point to human freedom as a first principle. Part 1 begins: … Read More

A “Howse” Built on Prophetic Sand
You’re thinking that I misspelled “house.” I didn’t. The reference is to Brannon Howse who heads up Worldview Weekend. A better designation would be “World-Ending Weekend” since so many of his speakers and article topics push an end-of-the-world eschatology. Howse warns his young audiences of the dangers facing society with one batch of speakers and then with another batch of speakers tells the same impressionable and eager audiences that the rapture is near. Here’s a list of some of the many articles he publishes on end-of-the-world themes: … Read More

The War Socialism of the American Right
When American conservatives denounce Keynesianism and socialism, it is difficult not to detect a note of jealous resentment on their part. After all, since Reagan, the American right has made Keynesian fiscal policy and the socialization of American industry its own specialty. Conservatives are rhetorical libertarians but operational Keynesians, when they are not operational socialists — military socialists. … Read More

Eschatology and The New Christian Right
In my article, I pointed to the obviously rival goals of the fundamentalists who had voted for Reagan: pro-political reform vs. pro-Rapture. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority was inherently schizophrenic. Premillennial dispensational eschatology is committed to portraying the world as inherently incurable and in moral decline. Only the following series of eschatologically inevitable events can reverse this decline: the (somehow) secret Rapture, followed by the Great Tribulation against the State of Israel, followed by the return of Christ to set up an international Christian bureaucracy. … Read More

Kingdom Come: The Politics of the Millennium
Christianity has played a central role in Western civilization and contributed an important influence on the development of classical-liberal thought. Not surprisingly, Christian beliefs about the “end times” are very important for us right now. Christian Reconstructionism is one of the fastest growing and most influential currents in American religious and political life. Though the fascinating discussions by Jeffrey Tucker and Gary North (in the July and September issues of Liberty) have called libertarian attention to, and helped explain, this movement, to clarify Christian Reconstructionism fully we have to understand the role and problem of millennialism in Christian thought. The problem centers around on the discipline of eschatology, or the Last Days, and on the question, How is the world destined to come to an end? … Read More

A Giant Leap of Faith?
We Hold These Truths has released its new documentary Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I. To watch the preview go to: … Read More

Obama and War: What Would Jesus Do?
Barack Obama came into the office of the presidency proclaiming hope and change and a personal adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ, who preached a message of peace, love and nonviolence. Yet any hope that Obama’s professed religious beliefs might lead him to put an end to the endless wars was short-lived. Indeed, rather than dismantling the military empire that became a hallmark of George W. Bush’s presidency, Obama has continued to spread American troops around the globe. … Read More

‘Top Secret America:’ The Rest Of The Story
The Monday, July 19, 2010, edition of The Washington Post featured an investigative report entitled “Top Secret America,” with the subtitle, “A hidden world, growing beyond control.” The report begins, “The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work. These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.” … Read More

Exposing the Fed Scam
Yesterday, Ron Paul took part in the House Financial Services hearings, starring Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. Observing the continuing trends of growing deficits and high unemployment, the free-market Congressman questioned the effectiveness of the very same policies which caused the problem to begin with. He asked Bernanke, “Is there a point where you might say maybe my theories are wrong and I have to change my course? Or will you pursue this five more years, or ten more years? What would it take to make you reassess your basic fundamental beliefs?” Bernanke artfully navigated around the brunt of the question: “Pursue what?” … Read More

Wishful Thinking – Denying Truth, Supporting Fantasy
I will concede at the outset that the various Christian denominations that immigrated into the colonies made it impossible to specify a particular religious denomination without resorting to coercion. I will also concede that many of our Founders supported Christianity as a moral restraint on the populace and that they publically expressed this preference. However, if a man is described as being a Christian I want to read of a reverent use of the Savior’s name (not references to an esoteric god) as a public testimony. Support for the ethics of Christianity is not tantamount to being a Christian. … Read More

From One Oppressor To Another – Changing The Guard
Changing The Guard: President George W. Bush departed from conventional political influences and wholeheartedly embraced the Zionists agenda. The unprovoked invasion of Iraq was a Zionist objective; a logical result of the Project for the New American Century. Aggressive design against Iran is a similar goal. Zbigniew Brezezinski (ZB) and Brent Scowcroft (BS), old guard New World Order advocates, oppose military action in the Middle East. … Read More

America Is In A Societal Meltdown
“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” So said Founding Father and America’s second President John Adams. And he was absolutely right. And that is what is absolutely wrong with our country today: America is in a complete moral, societal, and cultural meltdown. … Read More

A Few Thoughts on Red, White, and Blue
At first I was rather sorry to hear that today, July 4th, fell on a Sunday this year. But now I am rather glad, for it highlights a few things I strive to remember most every Independence Day. First: My allegiance and fear always and only belong to one sovereign, King Jesus. Sappy patriotism and Godly fear and righteousness to the King of Kings do not mix, and should not be considered as being on the same level with one another. Second: While I need to render Godly obedience to those authorities over me, it is only Godly so long as that obedience is not in direct transgression to God’s laws. When and where I can I will peacefully resist and undo such laws that require me to render disobedience, slavery, and state worship. … Read More

Declaration Of Independence Day For Kids
This past week, my son and constitutional attorney, Tim Baldwin, wrote the following and then delivered it to his elementary age Bible class at our church. It tells the story of our brave forebears’ struggle for freedom and independence in a way that even children can comprehend. Oh! By the way, the class stood up and clapped after Tim delivered this address. I offer Tim’s lesson to my reading audience with the prospect that many of you may want to read this story to your children or grandchildren this weekend, as we celebrate our nation’s independence. … Read More

July Fourth Special Show
American Vision stands on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, to restore America’s biblical foundation by educating and equipping Christians to apply a biblical worldview to every aspect of life. Some dismiss these values, and the faith of our founding fathers, as fleeting and archaic. But we know that we owe all our national success to our dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ, and His favor on this nation in times past. … Read More

The Internet Must Remain Free
The Internet is abuzz with news that a US Senate committee has approved a bill that apparently gives the President authority to shut down the Internet. According to, “A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack.” The report continues by saying, “The bill, introduced earlier this month [by Senators Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Thomas Carper, D-Delaware], would establish a White House Office for Cyberspace Policy and a National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications, which would work with private US companies to create cybersecurity requirements for the electric grid, telecommunications networks and other critical infrastructure.” Of course, pro-family groups have long lobbied Washington lawmakers to pass regulations restricting objectionable material on the Internet. But Senator Lieberman’s bill does more than restrict content on the Internet; it gives the federal government the power to completely shut it down. My friends, if you have any love for liberty left in your heart, one thing is critical: the Internet must remain free–absolutely, totally unrestricted and free … Read More

Oil, Israel and the Apocalypse
Dispensationalists say that there are no signs leading up to the rapture but there are signs leading up to the tribulation. Since the tribulation is supposed to occur right after the rapture, signs for the rapture would, by default, be signs for the tribulation as well. Throughout history, every major disaster has been touted as a sign of the end, in spite of the fact that we are still anticipating a signless, imminent rapture. … Read More

Signs of a Signless Event
The majority of dispensationalism teaches a pretribulational rapture that could happen at any time. If the rapture is an imminent event, then Israel becoming a nation again, or any particular sign, prior to a pretribulational rapture cannot be a prophetic sign. It&’s no wonder that so many Christians are confused about Bible prophecy. … Read More

Government-Sanctioned Theft – The IRS
When our nation’s founders pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” for the cause of freedom, the average citizen was paying less than 3% of their income in taxes. Today, when you add up ALL the taxes we pay – directly or indirectly – the average American works for the government for just about half the year. In other words: we are paying about 50% of our total income in taxes. Our founders would have called for a second American revolution before it ever got half this bad. What is wrong with us? Wake up America! No country has survived long once the people became this dependent and subservient to the government. … Read More

Freedom is for the Living
Two hundred and twenty years ago, the United States Constitution was ratified by a convention of delegates in the several thirteen states, comprised mostly of an agrarian and Christian culture-back before train tracks were laid across this continent; when the West was considered to be uninhabitable for civilization for another thousand years; before electricity was a usable product; when travel was more than merely inconvenient. Not without serious resistance from some of the most intelligent, noble and articulate statesmen of the day, the United States Constitution became the ratified form of government to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and for their posterity. Now that they are gone and their posterity is living, the question of slavery or freedom is once again being brought to the forefront of history. … Read More

Dispensational Prophecy Myths Busted
Gary DeMar recently debated Jim Fletcher, author of “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” and director of Prophecy Matters, on whether or not modern Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. In preparation for this debate, Gary wrote a new book titled “10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed”. This book lays out some of the most popular dispensational teachings and refutes them from God’s Word. … Read More

Modern Israel in Bible Prophecy
Many Bible prophecy teachers and writers believe and teach that Israel becoming a nation in 1948 is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The revival of the Hebrew language is often taught as a fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:9. Should the Bible be viewed through the lens of current events or should we rather view current events through the lens of the Bible? … Read More

Poll: 41 percent expect Jesus by 2050
More than four out of 10 U.S. citizens expect Jesus Christ to return to Earth during the next 40 years, a poll suggests. The Washington-based Pew Research Center said its telephone poll of 1,546 adults, conducted April 21-26, found 41 percent of respondents expect Jesus to return by 2050, while 46 percent said it would definitely or probably not happen. he think-tank said 58 percent of respondents who identified themselves as white evangelical Christians agreed Jesus would be back by 2050, compared to 32 percent of Catholics and 27 percent of white mainline Protestants. … Read More

Can America’s Biblical Foundation be Restored?
As a nation, we have drifted far from the principles were were founded on. Christians have been trusted with the responsibility of bringing our nation back to God. Today, Gary interviews David Jolly of Restoring Biblical Foundations on this topic. … Read More

A Perfect Gift For Independence Day
A few years ago, I sadly discovered that it was next to impossible to find our nation’s great historic documents together in one volume, so we decided to fix that problem. It took us a full year to research and compile over 50 of our country’s greatest historical documents, but we did it! Now, just in time for Independence Day, you can have these great documents at your fingertips in one beautifully bound, easy-to-read format. These are the documents that gave birth to the greatest free nation on earth. Nowhere else that we know of can you find these documents, complete in one volume, under one title. We call this magnificent collection THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. … Read More

What Seems Good To A Man
It happened quickly; almost suddenly. In a thirteen year period between 1774 and 1787 thirteen loosely knit American colonies, which had evolved over nearly two hundred years, joined in congressional meetings, drafted two Constitutions, fought and won a war with England, and declared their independence. The First Continental Congress met in 1774 in Philadelphia to protest British oppression. In 1775 when King George ignored their plea the Second Continental Congress met to adopt the Declaration of Independence, devise war methodology, appoint diplomats, make treaties, and direct strategy. They appointed a committee of thirteen to draft a constitution; it produced the Articles of Confederation. … Read More

Escaping Socialism’s Prison
We Americans can learn quite a bit from the reconstruction going on in the formerly Eastern-Bloc nation of Bulgaria. From the ashes of communism now arises a growing thirst for prosperity and freedom. Many of them–especially the younger generation–have one favorite example at which to look: the legacy of the United States. While our leaders are plunging us ever deeper in socialism, my concerned and informed friends in Bulgaria are saying they’ve had enough socialism: “Give us freedom! Give us free markets!” … Read More

The Bible Opposes Socialism
The Bible’s civil code (in the Older Testament) does not authorize rulers to redistribute wealth. While helping the poor is commanded, none of the laws regarding helping the poor are backed by a civil sanction. For instance, the law about leaving gleanings from the harvest for the poor and the sojourner (Leviticus 23:22; cf. 19:9) is not accompanied by a penalty to be enforced by the state if the law is violated. (The main penalties the state is permitted to enforce for certain sins include restitution [e.g. Exodus 22:1-4], flogging [e.g. Deuteronomy 25:1-3],and execution [e.g. Leviticus 24:16]). Of course, while the state is not to punish the sin of neglecting the poor, God nevertheless does. Whenever we neglect the poor, we risk God’s judgment in this life (cf.Deuteronomy 28:15), and we must answer to Him for it on judgment day (2 Corinthians 5:10). … Read More

The Threat of Sarah Palin Neocons
In recent primary elections, the corporate news media has indicated that there were some Tea Party victories. But a closer look reveals that many of the candidates are not that conservative/libertarian and not that Christian. Clear example is Nikki Haley in South Carolina. Endorsed by Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley is daughter of Indians from India, of sheik descent. The recent primary victories, were victories of the neo conservative alliance with Sarah Palin feminists & non-Christians. … Read More

Does Prophetic Speculation Hurt the Gospel?
Predictions of Armageddon and impending world destruction have the same effect as the boy that cried wolf, weakening the gospel message to unbelievers. … Read More

The American “Church” and “Republic” Join Netanyahu’s Psychiatrist in Suicide
The National Prayer Network’s Ted Pike painfully reminds us that the American “evangelical” community is once again supporting the crimes of the Zionist State of Israel against decent humanity. Ted joins my old friends, Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths, and Dale Crowley, as one of the few Protestant evangelicals of national prominence who recognizes that murder and terror undergirded by an ideological agenda of Jewish racial supremacism, is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. The terroristic strike on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is just the latest example of this demonic alliance, but it isn’t the last. The endgame is a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran. … Read More

Self-loathing & Self-Hatred Wrapped in Christianity & The Death of the West
There is, in the Church in America today, a profession of a love for Jesus that is in reality a masquerade for a self-loathing and self-hatred that stems from the conviction that White, Western, Male and traditionally Christian is the fountain head of all that is evil in the world. This pseudo-love for Jesus expresses itself as a love for others who are non-White, non-Western, feminist female, and marxist-Christian but in reality this faux love that seeks the advantage of the non-White, non-Westerner, feminist female, and marxist Christian is in reality an attempt, based on a overwhelming sense of unrelieved guilt, to provide a self-atonement by means of ethno-cide. … Read More

A Christian Case Against Government Education
Much greater than many of us might like to believe has been the influence of the status quo. The mentality that “this is way things have always been” permeates much of our thinking, and the issue of education is no exception. When the failures of our country’s education system are pointed out, the most common response is “What else is there?” “Maybe we can try to influence the system, we don’t have another option, and we can’t afford a private school.” Others say “isn’t it the way it’s supposed to be?” Indeed, many who join in tea parties to shake their fist at government-gone-wild will argue bitterly against the abolition of public education even though it operates under the same faulty premise that other much decried “entitlements” do and at a much greater cost. It seems that some minds will think inside the box to the degree that they don’t equate anything short of a cookie-cutter classroom as valid education or learning. And Christians seem to be no exception. … Read More

Things the Marine Corps Forgot to Mention
The Marine Corps recruiting literature sent to high school students is a little different each time. The first time I saw it the theme was preserving the American way of life. The student who sent in the reply card was entitled to receive dog tags, a duffle bag or a skullcap. I wrote about this in “The Few, the Proud, the High School Students.” The theme the second time I saw it was defense. Offered this time was a choice between folding speakers, a T-shirt, or a wristband. I wrote about this in “The Marines Are Looking for a Few Good High School Students.” Although it has been said that the third time’s the charm, I’m afraid the Marine Corps has failed once again to ensnare my son. … Read More

City On A Hill To City In The Gutter
“Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish. They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. But no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen.” Huey Long … Read More

No Other Single Principle but God and His Image in Man
It is about time for us to restore the true foundation of liberty. The “single most important general principle” on which libertarians must focus is that: God the Creator, and His image in Man as His creation. There is no solution to the problem of liberty outside of this principle. … Read More

America’s Bread And Circus Society
The Roman poet Juvenal (circa 100 A.D.) wrote regarding the way latter-day Roman emperors retained power and control over the masses that were seemingly more than happy to obsess themselves with trivialities and self-indulgences while their once-great-and-powerful empire collapsed before their very eyes. He wrote: “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions–everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.” … Read More

Hoping and Praying for Gog and Magog to Attack
I knew it would happen. The latest incident in Israel has brought out the prophetic speculators again. “A council of rabbis in Israel says their nation’s conflict with Turkey over a flotilla of ‘aid’ ships headed for the blockaded Gaza Strip controlled by the terrorist Hamas organization just may be the beginning of the ‘Gog and Magog process where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption'” (see here). Picking up on the story, Christian prophecy speculator Joel Rosenberg takes a similar position but with some caution: … Read More

Prophecies of Gog and Magog Fulfilled – Again?
End times “gurus” are pointing to the recent flotilla raid in Israel as fulfillment of the gog and magog prophecies. Gary examines these claims in today’s episode and exposes them in the light of scripture. … Read More

Prisoners of Unbiblical Eschatology
In today’s episode Gary takes a look at the crippling effects of incorrect eschatology and how dispensational premillennialism keeps Christians from impacting the world for the Kingdom of Christ. … Read More

Centralizing Power: The Tyrants’ Agenda – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4
The goal of tyrants has always been to centralize power unto themselves. Alexander Hamilton admits this much: “This tendency is not difficult to be accounted for. It has its origin in the love of power.” While nation and empire building inevitably lead to destruction and breakup of the political structure, tyrants always believe themselves to be the exception to the rule, not to mention the exception to God’s rule. Thus, as they begin losing control, their grip becomes all the more tighter and firmer. In the process, millions of lives are slavishly destroyed. … Read More

The Wandering Ship
I always enjoy the columns Laurence Vance posts on Lou Rockwell’s page. In many ways we are in agreement. Mr. Vance is a pedagogic, Dispensational Christian. A recent contribution titled “Every Crime Needs a Victim” was of particular interest since I believe we need to recall all of our congresspersons and senators; federal, state, and local, and hire a rational group of Christian individuals to sort through our laws discarding those that are sinful, foolish, unjust, too costly, cannot be enforced, conflicting, duplicating, oppressive, incomprehensible, or otherwise deplorable. Once that is finished, we should cut their numbers, compensation and working time in half saving taxpayers billions of dollars and paring down the 5 to 1 prison population ratio Vance mentions. … Read More

Tinseltown’s War on Christianity
Anti-Christian bigotry is rearing its ugly head again. Comedy Central is developing a new animated series called “JC.” Its premise is that Jesus Christ, alienated from his aloof and bored father, God, goes to New York City and has adventures in the Big Apple. Christ will be shown as a deracinated, cynical city slicker who partakes of the temptations and weirdness of modern urban life. He will hang out with prostitutes and drug dealers. He will be shown experimenting with marijuana and gay sex. He will slaughter gangbangers in street fights, preferably using a machete. Christ meets “Pulp Fiction” – but in a cartoon. This is what Hollywood considers to be “entertainment.” … Read More

The Warfare State is Making You Poor
Unlike most members of the House of Representatives, the worthy and reliable exception being, of course, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Florida Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has been willing to confront the official counterfeiters of the Federal Reserve and the architects of the warfare state – that is, the people who are bankrupting our country and pauperizing its citizens. Grayson is to be commended for his proposed “War is Making You Poor” Act, a measure co-sponsored by Rep. Paul that would end the practice of expanding the Pentagon’s expenditures for war and weapons development through “off-budget” emergency appropriations. It would force the Pentagon to operate within the official budget. MP3 … Read More

Pelosi Doesn’t Believe in the Separation of Church and State
In this episode, Gary examines the inconsistencies of liberals on the separation of Church and State. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set forth as an example of liberals’ double standards. … Read More

Why Some Dispensationalists are Like Evolutionists
Millions of Christians are fixated on what is going on in Israel today. Ever since Israel became a nation again in 1948, prophecy writers have insisted that this event is a prophetic sign that we are nearing the conclusion of the so-called Church Age. When 1988 came and went (40 years after Israel’s modern founding), a new paradigm had to be found to explain why the rapture had not taken place before the end of 1988, as Hal Lindsey and Chuck Smith had predicted, and before the new millennium, as Jerry Falwell and John F. Walvoord had predicted. There was a lull in the prophetic storm when 1988 passed without the promised “rapture” of the church. …Dispensationalist prophecy writers are like evolutionists. When the facts don’t fit the theory, modify the theory. … Read More

Is Our Problem Political? Is The Constitution The Solution?
Chuck Baldwin’s current column is entitled “Breakup of U.S. is inevitable”; as usual the column and the title are brimming with truth. Our beloved nation is being gutted, its image is being changed, its morals are being decimated, its wealth is being stolen, it is losing its freedom, and its culture is being destroyed. … Read More

Fox News Video – Church and State
What did the Founding Fathers really believe about the still-controversial issue of religion in public life? … Read More

Every Crime Needs a Victim
Just as every husband needs a wife, every child needs a parent, and every teacher needs a pupil, so every crime needs a victim. Not a potential victim or possible victim or a supposed victim, but an actual victim. There are a myriad of federal, state, and local laws on an incalculable number of subjects. The result of this is that the United States — the land of the free — has one of the highest per-capita prison populations in the world. With less than 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. … Read More

The Perverted Persistence of Prohibition
When persistence inflicts unjustified injury on others, it ceases to be a virtue. The War on Drugs offers a splendid illustration of that principle. Over the past 40 years, the Federal Government has spent more than a trillion dollars, imprisoned millions, killed thousands, and exported violence to Mexico, Columbia, and elsewhere in its crusade to regulate the bloodstream of individual Americans. Yet the rate of illegal drug use among youth is the same as it was in 1970; the rate of addiction is likewise unchanged; drugs are more available than ever; and narcotics-related corruption is widespread among law enforcement personnel. … Read More

Can a Christian Kill for His Government?
This is a serious and controversial question to ask anytime, but especially in the midst of a war. But that is exactly what Bennie Lee Fudge did – in 1943. Fudge doesn’t claim to be adding anything new to the subject of the Christian’s relationship to civil government and his participation in government wars, but says that his work “is an effort to collect in logical, systematic form, the principal arguments that have been presented by those who affirm the right of the Christian to participate in these activities, and to study these arguments in the light of the Scriptures.” Following each of these arguments, Fudge presents his “reasons for holding to the opposite view.” … Read More

Christianity or War?
Tracey Harmon, member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, discusses her reasons for joining – and then leaving – the military, the influence of Ron Paul and Adam Kokesh on her adoption of libertarian non-aggression ethics, working with an NGO in Iraq to document the human rights abuses against the Kurds and where G.I. resisters can find resources and support networks.

MP3 here. (17:16) … Read More

Governments Use Military Personnel to Justify Killing
Israel, not unlike the USA, uses their military, like Colonel Gruber, to sell the false idea that it is the victim, and is a humane, surgically clean eliminator of “terrorists”. The response at Denver University was an encouraging surprise and another sign of a “turning” in our time that is finally beginning to happen in the minds of those who think about what they are being told, especially students. … Read More

Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?
Gary interviews Jim Fletcher, author of the book “It’s the End of the World as We Know (and I feel fine)” and director of Prophecy Matters. They will go deeper into this topic at the Bible Prophecy Debate on June 19th at Midway Presbyterian Church. … Read More

The End Times?
As one raised in Dispensational theology, I understand first hand the End-Time jitters and paranoia associated with that particular interpretation of Scripture. I lived through the Hal Lindsey and Edgar Whisenant’s End-Time scares. Through the years of study in the Scriptures, however, I have rejected that view for a number of reasons. … Read More

‘Is Gary DeMar a Demon?’ Really?
Gary responds to an emailer who accuses him of “demonic teachings”. Using scripture to interpret itself, Gary exposes the emailer’s error and brings truth to light. … Read More

Interview With Rev. John C. Egerdahl
Interview: Rev. John C. Egerdahl, author, ‘the Bible Versus Dispensational Eschatology,’ A demonic doctrine. That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. … Read More

Pastor John Hagee: Is the Devil in Him?
John Hagee, the megachurch televangelist, is approaching the Washington, D.C. area again, ready to land in his private jet on July 20. An army of politicians and wide-eyed believers will follow this professed “man of God” who outdoes, in a sinister way, televangelists Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell combined. Although Falwell did receive a Lear jet from the Israeli government in 1979, he never had an 8,000-acre luxury ranch loaded with mansions, hotels, barns and a private landing strip. But Hagee, the “corpulent con man,” as he is popularly known, does. This Texas pirate is running a large number of organizations all geared toward spreading the word of the coming rapture and promoting war for Israel. … Read More

Is the “Day of the Lord” the end of the World?
Gary continues his review of “Will the World End in 2012?” by Raymond C. Hundley. In this segment Gary takes a closer look at Dr. Hundley’s interpretation of prophecies from Zephaniah and Joel in the Old Testament. … Read More

Doomsday Predictions Debunked
In the conclusion of his review of the book Will the World End in 2012? by Dr. Raymond C. Hundley, Gary looks at the prophecies of Nahum and Malachi as well as many instances where the word “near” is used in reference to the “end times.” … Read More

Verispeak – The Truth Tellers
There are individuals in diverse fields of endeavor who speak against the misconceptions, deceptions, lies, and distortions that are all too common in our time. Lawrence Vance and Chuck Baldwin keep the Christian pot boiling; Butler Shaffer and Tom DeLorenzo are active in academia; and David Duke and Kevin MacDonald keep rattling the Zionist chains. Though their numbers are comparatively small, there are many more. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, now gone, was always one of my heroes. … Read More

Chuck Baldwin on the Drug War
I previously criticized 2008 Constitution Party presidental candidate Chuck Baldwin for his support for the federal war on drugs. I was pleased to read today in his latest column: “I believe the federal ‘war on terror’ and ‘war on drugs’ are mostly a cover for power-hungry, Big Government zealots to trample constitutional government and squash freedoms and liberties, which are supposed to be protected by the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. … Read More

Let’s Bring Down the Political Gods
Rep. André Carson, an elected official from Indiana’s 7th District, believes that people who are involved in calling this present civil government (both Democrats and Republicans) to account are similar to Islamic terrorists. Here’s an exchange between Washington Times reporter Kerry Pickett and Carson: … Read More

Supreme Court may have no Protestant justices for first time in history
If the Senate confirms Solicitor General Elena Kagan, the high court will contain six Catholic and three Jewish justices. Retiring Justice John Paul Stevens is Protestant; Kagan is Jewish. For most of American history, a Supreme Court with no Protestant Christian justices would have been unthinkable. Nearly three quarters of all justices who’ve ever served on the nation’s high court have been Protestant. And roughly half of all Americans identify themselves as Protestant today. … Read More

A New Kind of Future
The eighth question that is “transforming the Christian faith,” according to author Brian McLaren, is the biblically and politically heated question of eschatology. For those not familiar with the term, eschatology refers to the study of “last things,” and specifically, in this case, to the interpretation of what the Bible has to say about these last things. McLaren rightly points out that some version of the dispensational view, which was “invented somewhat recently…[and] popularized worldwide through the Scofield Reference Bible” (p. 191), is far and away the most popular and accepted interpretation among the modern evangelical church. I would go even further and say that dispensationalism has become so synonymous with modern evangelicalism that most churches are dispensational simply by default. Many are not only unaware of the “newness” of the system, but they would be shocked to learn that any credible alternatives to it actually exist. … Read More

“Last Days” Not Quite Prophetic
Gary responds to an e-mail he received recently that a person sent in reaction to an American Vision Ad sent through e-mail that commented on the dispensational thinking that has led to the decline of Christianity in America. This e-mailer tries to bring out passages that talk about the “last days” to bolster the thinking that Jesus will come back only after things get really bad. Gary contends that these passages refer to today, not the future. … Read More

It’s Not Getting Worse, It’s Always Been Like This
Gary DeMar continues discussing an e-mail he received questioning his viewpoint on the end times. Gary discusses how the “last days” in the Bible apply to New Covenant times, not to some futuristic event, and addresses the issue of things supposedly getting worse before Christ returns. … Read More

‘The Left Behind Fantasy’
Interview with William Powell Tuck, author, “The Left Behind Fantasy: The Theology Behind The ‘Left Behind’ Tales.” That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. … Read More

The Theology Behind the Left Behind Tales
The popular Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins has sold more than 62 million copies since the first volume appeared in 1995. Jerry Falwell pronounced it the most important series of books in the history of modern Christianity. Many readers have assumed it gives the true facts about the way the world will end and what will happen to all the people in it. But according to real biblical scholarship, this series is seriously flawed. Based on a misreading of many scriptures, including Daniel and the Book of Revelation, it has fed a kind of hysteria in the Christian populace that has led many people to reorder their existence in expectation of an impending doom and the sudden, unexpected return of Jesus. In this book, William Powell Tuck carefully and authoritatively refutes the premises and faulty theology of the Left Behind books, critiquing them in the light of genuine biblical scholarship and common sense. … Read More

Left Behind Answered Verse by Verse
LEFT BEHIND rejects the teaching of Martin Luther and John Calvin (leaders of the Protestant Reformation), Roger Williams (the first Baptist pastor in America), John Knox (early Scottish Presbyterian), Cotton Mather (a leader of Congregationalists in the American colonies), John Wesley (Methodist), John Wycliffe (Bible translator), John Huss (martyred by the Inquisition), and the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith. … Read More

Socialism is Already Here
The Tea Partiers have made Obama’s socialism one of their biggest issues, but what about the socialism that’s already firmly entrenched in our culture? Joel McDurmon, filling in for Gary DeMar, discusses the socialism that the Tea Party conservatives are ignoring and the hypocrisy that comes with their selective ire. … Read More

What’s More Important: Liberty Or The Entity That Protects It?
Let me ask readers a question. What’s more important: freedom and its undergirding principles, or the entity meant to protect it? A word of caution: be careful how you answer that question, because the way you answer marks your understanding (or lack thereof) of both freedom and the purpose of government. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America’s founders believed that freedom was the principal possession, because liberty is a divine-not human-gift. … Read More

The Republican Party and Planned Parenthood
I have seen it reported in several places that Planned Parenthood, one of the world’s leading abortion providers, received government grants and contracts of $350 million for fiscal year 2007-2008 and $337 million for fiscal year 2006-2007. I verified this information for myself on the Planned Parenthood website. I also discovered that Planned Parenthood’s fiscal year ends on June 30. This means that Bush the Republican was the president during this time. But after doing a little digging, I also found out that Planned Parenthood received government grants and contracts of $305 million (34%) during fiscal year 2005-2006. During this time we not only had Bush the Republican president but also a Republican majority in Congress. Yet, Planned Parenthood was still funded. … Read More

Atheists Want Christian Leadership Positions
The U.S. Supreme Court is confronted with atheists that want to have “equal opportunity” in Christian organizations. The apparent reason that atheists want to be a part of such religious establishments is so they can control them. Christians are countering the atheists and want the freedom to choose their own leaders on religious grounds. What will the Supreme Court decide? … Read More

Second Best – Promoting An Intermediary
While the leaders of our government seek to ignore the Constitution and set up a Fascistic system, Christian leaders, instead of seeking a theonomic governmental structure by contending for God’s Legal system, seek restoration of a failed secular system. … Read More

Is God Green?
I suppose it had to happen eventually so I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Yet, the sight of it raised my eyebrows to new heights. It is made of environmentally friendly materials: a cotton/linen cover, recycled paper, soy-based ink, and a water-based coating. It was manufactured in a green friendly environment where all air is purified and all water is purified and recycled. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It is endorsed by an ecumenical group of Christians and individuals in prominent environmental organizations. In case you haven’t seen it, let me tell you about The Green Bible so you won’t have to bother. As a member of the International Society of Bible Collectors, and the author of several books on the Bible, I think I know a little bit about Bibles. … Read More

A Concurring (Biblical) Opinion For Secession
My son, Tim Baldwin, who is a constitutional attorney, recently engaged my friend, attorney Ed Vieira, Jr., in a spirited and intellectual written debate on the rightness or wrongness of State secession. Vieira took the unionist position that states do not have the constitutional right to secede. Tim took the freedomist position that states have both a constitutional and Natural Law right to secede (a position with which I firmly agree, as most readers know). One element that neither writer covered was the BIBLICAL right of secession. Christians rightly square everything with the principles and precepts of the Holy Scriptures. So, is there Biblical approbation and authority for State secession? … Read More

Against Anti-Civilian Sanctions
Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to this motion to instruct House conferees on HR 2194, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act, and I rise in strong opposition again to the underlying bill and to its Senate version as well. I object to this entire push for war on Iran, however it is disguised. Listening to the debate on the Floor on this motion and the underlying bill it feels as if we are back in 2002 all over again: the same falsehoods and distortions used to push the United States into a disastrous and unnecessary one trillion dollar war on Iraq are being trotted out again to lead us to what will likely be an even more disastrous and costly war on Iran. The parallels are astonishing. … Read More

Economics and Christianity
The seeds of my new book, Foundations of Economics: A Christian View, were sown at the Ludwig von Mises Institute back in the winter of 1999, which was definitely not the winter of our discontent. A year earlier, I had been interviewed by the school newspaper at the university where I had landed my first job out of graduate school. After the usual questions, such as, “Do you like it here?” and “What courses do you teach?” the reporter asked me “So – why did you decide to become an economist?” as if she wanted to peek behind the veil so as to understand why not just me but anyone would want to pursue such a career. Without a moment’s hesitation I spun my chair around, reached up to the second shelf of my relatively small bookcase, and pulled down my worn copy of Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action. … Read More

Who’s Taking Our Liberty?
There’s a lot of tough talk going around about how to save our country from dire days ahead — some of it coming from religious Rambos who feel called to shake their fists and firearms in the face of danger — each bellowing their own retaliatory recipe for rescue and recovery while pontificating in patriotic prose and a vulgar verve things that sound more revengeful and rebellious than redemptive. But you know, when I hear fellow Christians who have benefited immeasurably and eternally from a Gospel of love, mercy and grace talk loud and proud about “taking America back,” I have to wonder just whose agenda they’ve bought into and if they’ve given up on God in all their fear and frustration. … Read More

The Founding Fathers and Jesus
Periodically I get emails from the same dopey antagonists. Some of you may remember a guy named “Fred.” I have a folder of nearly 500 emails from him. I started out answering him point by point but began to see that he’s a one-way street. All counter evidence is dismissed. And when he’s caught in the most apparent fabrication of information, he blusters and protests that he’s still right. When he started sending me vile email posts, I contacted his email provider. I still get an occasional email from him. He’s a real trooper. He continues to fly high the flag of infidelity. … Read More

Back to the Founders
Wars overseas that last for years. Multibillion-dollar bailouts. A push for a trillion-dollar health care makeover. Whether born on the left or the right side of the political aisle, the government’s huge initiatives of recent years have left perhaps more ordinary citizens than ever wondering what influence they have over the forces that shape their lives. … Read More

An Ignorant Citizenry Tolerates Tyranny
If a citizenry doesn’t know the purpose, function, and limitations of the State, then the State can do whatever it wants to do because the citizenry doesn’t realize anything improper is being done. For there to be any indignation towards acts of tyranny by the State, one must know that tyranny is taking place. Unfortunately in America today, most citizens wouldn’t recognize tyranny if it came up and bit them on the end of the nose. Tyrants bank on such ignorance, and the legislative agenda of the political class thrives under such conditions. … Read More

Army Report: Christians Threat to Foreign Policy
The report’s header reads, “Strategic Implications of American Millennialism, A Monograph by Major Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army. . . . When Major Stuckert speaks of millennialism, he is referring to the Biblical doctrine of Eschatology–specifically, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth to institute a 1,000-year (millennial) reign. He recognizes some of the nuances of this doctrine in his study, most notably post-millennialism and pre-millennialism. His report is heavily focused on pre-millennialism, however. … Read More

Palin Is A Lying, Shameless Deceiver (See Video)
ABC News is reporting that Sarah Palin joins pro-abort Sen. John McCain on the road to boost his reelection campaign. McCain has been a “big-government globalist neocon for virtually his entire senatorial career.” The last thing we need is for McCain to be reelected! Palin is calling evil good (Isa.5:20) and has sold her soul to the devil — the Republican Party. … Read More

Economics Is Important for Christians
It is not uncommon for Christians to treat economic science with suspicion, because, it is often assumed, economics deals with the things of this world. It must therefore be tainted by the assumption that consumers are selfish, entrepreneurs are greedy, and the market is a cold mistress to the poor and needy. What the world needs instead, it is thought, is love sweet love, and besides the Kingdom of God is not of this world, so why should we care about production and consumption? This attitude is unfortunate because good economics is not dependent upon any specific assumption about the morality of human motivation to action and, as I point out in my new book, Foundations of Economics: A Christian View, God also cares about the material aspect of our existence. … Read More

Military, Money, Healthcare – The Arsenal
The Twenty-First Century has brought an increase in potential government oppression. President George W. Bush often lauded Democracy while he was busy passing laws that could destroy it. Though twice elected by a clueless electorate he left office with abysmal ratings. President Obama is conducting his presidency in the same manner; disregarding his campaign promises and ignoring the will of the people while establishing the framework of despotism. … Read More

Dallas Seminary Goes on Record – Churches Should Follow “Public Policy”
Following is an email exchange between Sam Adams, Pastor of Independence Baptist Church, Belleview, Florida, John McGough, and Jason Wiesepape, Research Assistant to the President of Dallas Theological Seminary in which they conduct a friendly discussion of the IRS tax-exempt scheme for churches. This is most valuable for an understanding of one of the leading evangelical seminaries in America today on the subject of church and state especially as it interprets the Internal Revenue laws in the light of Romans Chapter 13. … Read More

Saving Souls-Losing Freedom
One would have to be a blind man to not see that America is fast losing the fundamental principles of liberty upon which our once-great country was established. And, without a doubt, the single biggest reason for this decline is the lack of concern and effort on the part of today’s Christians and pastors to resist it. All over America, when one approaches our pastors and church leaders with the obvious decay and ruination of constitutional government and Declaration principles taking place in our land today, the response flippantly comes back: “God hasn’t called me to do that; I’m supposed to win souls and that’s it.” (Or words to that effect.) As if the call to Gospel preaching, evangelism, and missionary endeavor negates our responsibility as citizens of a free land. … Read More

Paul Craig Roberts Signs Off
Says American Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It: There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword. That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest. Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it. Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded “anti-American,” “anti-semite” or “conspiracy theorist.” … Read More

Welfare and The Two Kingdoms
The tyranny of the Welfare States we currently live under (throughout the world, but the West especially) is a direct outfall of “two-kingdoms” style theology. By setting up a false division between heavenly and secular matters, the Church has consistently mismanaged its wealth and abdicated its social responsibilities. … Read More

Might Makes Right – The Theology Of Wishful Thinking
When individuals and their governments loose the anchor of God’s immutable Law they revert to a theology of wishful thinking that centers righteousness on their personal ambitions. When God sent His chosen people into the Promised Land with genocidal instructions His intention was the creation of an obedient people who could live in peaceful abundance. Disobedience extended the conflict. Christians often fail to properly understand God’s abhorrence for war. King David, highly favored by God, was prevented from building the Temple because he had been stained by the horrors of war. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a God of peace. When His order to annihilate indigenous men, women, and children in the Promised Land was disobeyed the seeds of conflict were planted and future peace was destroyed. … Read More

Higher Law vs. Horizontal Law
The Constitution states that it is “the supreme law of the land” (Art. 6). This can’t mean that it is the supreme moral law of the land since there is very little of what we think of moral law in it. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land only in terms of what powers are actually enumerated in the document itself. If the Constitution does not address a topic, it has no authority over it and therefore does not carry the validity of “supreme law.” The Constitution assumes an existing body of moral law. That’s why you will not find a prohibition against murder, rape, theft, marriage. These moral issues were settled by the populations of the various colonies (and later states) and were written into their law codes. … Read More

Dates That Destroyed America
Passage of the so-called “health care reform” bill in the House of Representatives this past Sunday, March 21 drove yet another stake into the heart of America. For all intents and purposes, it is the health of the United States that is in dire need of healing. In fact, the US has been on extended life-support for decades. With its condition being rendered critical, and absent major surgery, its days are numbered. The passage of this bill only serves to further weaken an already frail Constitution. In fact, this one may prove to be the fatal blow. Lady Liberty may never recover. … Read More

How Much Bureaucracy Did Congress Just Buy Us?
Estimates run that the one-hundred eleven new groups formed by the bill will need to employ on the order of 50,000 newbie bureaucrats. But whatever, this country is bankrupt and probably won’t be able to sustain this program for a couple of years. Start taking care of yourself better now so you don’t get smashed by statist health care later. … Read More

Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now
Rejoice and be glad, Americans! Owing entirely to the visionary compassion of the Dear Leader and his party, the same regime that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, that poured trillions of dollars into the coffers of Wall Street kleptocrats, that brought its unique healing touch to victims of the post-Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and that routinely commits similar acts of divine charity, will now relieve you of the burden of making your own health care decisions. … Read More

Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage
This essay examines four dimensions of the Tribute Episode: the historical setting of the Episode; the rhetorical structure of the Episode itself; the context of the scene within the Gospels; and finally, how the Catholic Church, Herself, has understood the Tribute Episode. These dimensions point to one conclusion: the Tribute Episode does not stand for the proposition that it is morally obligatory to pay taxes. The objective of this piece is not to provide a complete exegesis on the Tribute Episode. Rather, it is simply to show that the traditional, pro-tax interpretation of the Tribute Episode is utterly untenable. The passage unequivocally does not stand for the proposition that Jesus thought it was morally obligatory to pay taxes. … Read More

God, Socialism, and the Free Market
This latest edition of “V&V Q&A” is an intriguing look at the biblical basis for the free-market economy, dispelling the popular notion among many “social justice” Christians that Scripture supports a socialistic, collectivist, redistributive economic system. Dr. Shawn Ritenour, economics professor at Grove City College, offers an insightful biblical defense of free markets. … Read More

Tea Parties Stir Evangelicals’ Fears
The rise of a new conservative grass roots fueled by a secular revulsion at government spending is stirring fears among leaders of the old conservative grass roots, the evangelical Christian right. … Read More

Waning Freedom Wherefore The Dilemma
Entrance into a contemporary promised land will involve resisting some giants. The forces seeking world domination are in control of the money, they control the media, and they control the military of the world’s most powerful nation. “Proles” must understand that the only remedy for globalism involves God’s dominion over His creation. As long as God’s people are willing to allow evil humanist laws to rule us victory will be evasive. If we continue to allow them to control our money, our medical care, our peace, and our freedom the battle is lost. But if we repent of our evil ways, read God’s Law, agree to obey His Commandments, fearlessly face the evil powers of darkness, and proclaim God’s right to dominion, He will defeat our enemies and the battle can be won. … Read More

America’s Christian Heritage – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5
Gary DeMar is interviewed on broadcast television on the subject of America’s Christian foundations. The host of the show plays devil’s advocate and probes Gary’s research to answer the common questions that people have that are uninformed about America’s historical facts. … Read More

Census Is For Counting Not Prying
What is even worse is the number of churches that are cooperating with and facilitating the advancement of this unconstitutional Census. I see churches in my area advertising for their congregants to become Census-takers. Of course, each of these workers will be schooled in how to cajole or even coerce members of their communities to participate in an unconstitutional Census, and to give up personal information that is absolutely beyond the proper purpose and scope of the Census. Shame on those churches! Shame on those pastors! … Read More

‘Social Justice’ IS for Socialists
A fun little debate has sparked between media personality Glenn Beck and Christian socialist Jim Wallis. I am not a frequent follower of Beck, though I think he has inflicted some damage to the forces of leftism. I do think he is much closer to the truth on this issue than his more propaganda-driven commie opponent. Let’s look at the issue. … Read More

‘Social Justice’ Is Not Christian Charity
You will find the word “justice” in scripture, as you will the word “gospel” — but you won’t find the word “social” in front of either of them because “social justice,” like the “social gospel,” is the wily work of men, not the Will and Word of God. . . . Justice is about righting a wrong, defending the innocent and punishing the guilty. It is a commendable work but it is not Christian charity. . . . Charity has empathy for those in need and shares with them, cares for them, comforts them, encourages them, prays for them and provides for them as a divine demonstration of God’s love, compassion and generosity. … Read More

John McCain’s Attack On Liberty
Anyone paying attention knows that John McCain has been a Big-Government Globalist Neocon (BGGN) for virtually his entire senatorial career. As with many BGGNs hiding out in the Republican Party, McCain likes to talk about smaller government, but his track record is littered with the promotion of one big government program after another. But, what else would one expect from a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? Lately, however, McCain has outdone himself. … Read More

Jealousy and Envy: The Christian and the State
It is time that Christians turn away from envy and embrace jealousy. We should actively keep watch over that which we hold dear – whether it is our property or the hearts of our children. And we should despise a system of government that seeks to take from one and give to another – a system of government that is both based on envy and controlled by the envious. There is nothing godly about such a system. … Read More

Polytheistic Christianity
The condition of the Protestant Christian Church provides a lesson in the results of absolute freedom. We are living in a time when dividing and conquering is a progressive reality. Power is multiplied in agreement and diminished in diversity. The world government power oligarchs seek diversity, multiculturalism, and conflict. … Read More

Interpreting the Bible With the Bible
Many end times “prophets” seek to pull out individual verses from the Bible and base all their eschatology on that one verse, ignoring the historical and biblical context. Gary DeMar discusses the errors in this way of interpreting the Bible and how to avoid it. … Read More

Bleaching Out Historical Religious Expression
Many modern civil governments contend that they rule at no one’s discretion. Their legitimacy is self-imposed. It’s no wonder that secularists attack any suggestion that might lead to the truth civil government is under God’s sovereign rule and the freedoms of citizens are God-ordained and not a gift from the State. In a 1982 message, Francis Schaeffer made the following point: … Read More

Shaking Up Bible Prophecy
End times’ speculators look to the Bible for signs and wonders of the last days, then predict that the end is near because we experience the kind of natural disasters the Bible mentions. Earthquakes have always been happening–practically everyday. What make the earthquakes of the end times unique is what Gary DeMar sheds light on in today’s show. … Read More

Rethinking ‘Pro-life’
I am an unemployed electronics technician who works on cars, does home repair, and general handyman jobs. In my spare time I tinker in theology. I can’t read Greek, Latin, Aramaic, or Hebrew, but I know when a house is out of plumb to examine the foundation.

This paper examines the foundation of the pro-life movement which I believe is “out of plumb.” If the foundation is bad, anything we build upon it will crumble. … Read More

The Pro-Abortion, Homosexual CPAC
The Moral Bankruptcy of The Modern Conservative Movement: “American Conservative Union’s” acceptance of pro-abortion, homosexual CPAC co-sponsors more evidence of anti-Christian, moral decadence of “Conservatism”. That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network.. … Read More

Our Government Is Godless & Unconstitutional
Yes, “TIME,” our national government is frozen, broken because it is Godless and unconstitutional. That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. … Read More

Is America Becoming A Police State?
Only a blind or deliberately naive man cannot see that America–the once-proud “land of the free”–is being systematically turned into a twenty-first century police state. Good grief! The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom notes that America is not even listed among the “free” countries of the earth. We are ranked in the second tier, of “mostly free” countries. Beyond that, the Heritage index ranks the US as only the 8th freest nation on the planet. … Read More

Dispensationalists Want Lots of Jews Wiped Out
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu recently proclaimed the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37. Dispensationalist Jan Markell is excited that an authoritative Israelite is on the Bible prophecy bandwagon. What dispensationalists are not telling Israelites is that they believe two-thirds of them are potentially about to be wiped out! Gary DeMar reports on this and reflects on the errors of interpretations in Old Testament Scriptures that dispensationalists make. … Read More

The Necessary Limits of Government
The first place to go to understand the proper relationship between church and state is to study the nature of jurisdictions. Jurisdictional separation deals with the legitimate boundaries of authority. A person who owns a piece of property has jurisdiction over his own property, but he does not have jurisdiction over someone else’s property. A property owner can only “speak the law” (juris = law + diction = speak) within the confines of the boundaries of his own property. In this way, a property owner’s jurisdiction is limited. Property lines are legal entities that limit authority. . . . If we are ever to win back our nation, understanding jurisdictional limitations is a necessary first step. … Read More

Evangelicals For War (Again)
In a recent Takimag essay, the estimable Paul Gottfried explained that the neoconservative movement consists of two factions he describes as “ill-mannered, touchy Jews” and their “groveling or adulatory Christian assistants.” In the former category, Gottfried includes the Frum-Kagan-Podhoretz-Kristol axis of evil. Occupying the “servants’ quarters” are Bill Bennett, Michael Novak, Cal Thomas and other lesser lights of the “conservative movement.” Among conservatives of the Religious Right variety, Israel and her neocon hirelings find unqualified support among Dispensational fundamentalists and Hagee-style Pentecostals. In my denomination, the SBC, Richard Land provides political cover for neocons and supporters of Israeli policy vis-a-vis Arab states and the Palestinians. … Read More

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places
Both Big Government And Big Religion The Enemy Of Freedom: Almost immediately after Adam’s fall, Lucifer and his minions collaborated with evil men to usurp God’s authority and sovereignty. And nowhere is God more sovereign than in the heart and conscience of man. In the spirit world, the First Commandment (“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”) is the battleground that is most fought over. The war for man’s heart and soul is never-ending. … Read More

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Television is the primary source of news and entertainment in the United States and in most of the world. Some Americans still read daily papers and some depend on the internet but the vast majority relax in front of the television and click on the channel of their choice. The world media is an oligopoly. Oligopolies and monopolies exert inordinate power over the marketplace. . . . The power of the press was recognized and manipulated many years ago. In 1915 a J. P. Morgan study found that 25 newspapers could provide sufficient control of the news to force congress to spend large sums of money with Morgan steel, ship building, and powder companies. Potential profits from acquiring the ability to control public opinion were worth the cost of purchasing control of 25 newspapers. … Read More

Rockefeller and the New Temple in Jerusalem
Prophecy enthusiasts speculate that a man on the rise to ‘savior’ status in the Middle East will build a new temple in Jerusalem! Of course, this story has come and gone, and the developments are not true. But what are Christians expecting to happen if a new temple is built in Jerusalem, anyway? Gary DeMar explores the Biblical ramifications of Jerusalem and such a temple. … Read More

‘Pro-Life’ Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution
The right-to-life movement is a failure. Although millions of dollars have been spent on lobbying, marches, and protests since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, millions of women have still had abortions since then. There is no doubt that many abortions have been prevented, but even a round number of how many is almost impossible to estimate. The pro-life movement has failed miserably to persuade women to not have abortions, to educate women on the evils of abortion, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to convince doctors to not perform abortions, to effectively counsel women with unwanted pregnancies, to impede promiscuity, and to provide sufficient alternatives to pregnant women considering abortion. Pro-lifers are quick to lay the blame on the Supreme Court, activist federal judges, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, feminists, doctors who perform abortions, the Democratic Party, and liberals – anywhere and anyone but themselves and the women who actually have abortions. … Read More

Biblical Mandate for Just Government
What is “Good” and “Evil,” Part 1: I find it quite amazing that a person who claims to believe in the Bible and who actually studies it would ever hold the position that Christians should (or must!) submit to government’s laws contrary to the Natural and Revealed Laws of God relevant to justice, judgment and equity. What is their main support for this position? It is Romans 13. Let us consider these verses and the Bible’s confirmation that our duties to God and man necessarily mean that we not submit to laws contrary to God’s laws. For purposes of this discussion, this article is limited to “What Is ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’,” in context of Romans 13. … Read More

What? US Repent? – US, Citizens of the World’s Greatest Nation?
Christians who conciliate with evil to gain a desired end are pragmatists. In humanism the end justifies the means; in God&’s kingdom the means must justify the end. Pragmatic disobedience has been accepted by people who claim the name of Christ and is a substantial reason for His judgment.. … Read More

Is America Still the Land of the Free?
Of a truth, the only real liberty is that Liberty which the Lord Christ grants either to an individual, a family, a state, or a nation, by His Sovereign Grace. For an individual, liberty is granted as a result of regeneration. This liberty is a spiritual liberty from the penalty of sin, and the ravages of sin’s dominion over the flesh. While it is spiritual, it is no less real. Its essence is Divine, and its power is therefore of God, which makes it very real in this life. The liberty one has in Christ is not merely conceptual or theoretical, but actual, with physical, behavioral and emotional evidences attached. cf Gal 5. Since True Liberty is only that Liberty which is under God, a family, state, or nation, en mass, realizes Biblical Liberty when it submits itself to the Law of God as it is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Contra-wise, whenever an individual, family, state or nation refuses to submit itself to the Law-Word of God, it comes under the frowning providence of God, and is thereby libel to God’s wrath. If repentance is forthcoming, God turns, and re-establishes that entity under His blessing. However, if that entity continues in its rebellion, God judges, and if repentance ultimately fails, He destroys that entity, be it an individual, family, state or nation. … Read More

Bashing Iran Increases Danger to Christians in Iran!
Interview with Carl Moehler of “Open Doors” Ministry says yes, of course, U.S. “Christian leaders” bashing Iran increases danger to christians in Iran! On this program you will hear the actual voices of the warmongers who have agitated for war with Iran, for overthrowing that government. Tied for Warmonger-In-Chief re: Iran are: Pat Robertson and Neo-Con Man William Kristol. Others include: George Will; Sean Hannity (rhymes with insanity); Michael Ledeen; Rick Warren; Newt Gingrich; Rep. Mike Pence. … Read More

Gary Answers Your Bible Prophecy Interpretations
In response to yesterday’s show and an article on the same topic, many of our followers commented on the matter. These Christian friends wanted to tell Gary why he was wrong in interpreting Matthew 24 as “events that must soon take place.” If Christians will study the whole of Scripture and take the meaning of the Greek words for what they literally translate to mean, they will come to the same conclusions Gary has arrived at. Gary revisits Matthew 24 and opens discussion to the book of Revelation to follow up with your comments. … Read More

What Matthew 24 Really Means
People often make the mistake of not getting all the facts on the table before they make a case about the facts. Example: Bible prophecy is often misinterpreted when Christians assume Bible passages must fit into their presupposed eschatology. “Pay no mind to what the Bible says-I’ve already made up my mind what the Bible means….” Gary DeMar urges viewers to take Biblical facts at face value, and not reorder or redefine the facts to fit your presupposed beliefs. … Read More

Interpreting Signs of the End Times
Interest in Bible prophecy is picking up again among Christian eschatology enthusiasts. The integrity of the Bible is at stake when Christians make assumptions about the end times making the claim the Bible supports them. When students, unbelievers, and the Church at large are watching to see whether Christians will rightly discern the truth, Christians should carefully represent Scripture — accurately relating Bible prophecy to the world at large. … Read More

The Early Church and Bible Prophecy
The Early Church and the End of the World by Gary DeMar and Francis Gumerlock asks this fundamental question: “What did the earliest of the early Christian writers actually believe about prophetic events?” We can only answer this question by studying what they wrote. Unfortunately, we do not have a complete record of the period. Many of their surviving works are only fragments of larger works no longer available to us. To make an historical investigation even more difficult, there are translation issues. Many of the works of those who wrote just before the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and beyond have not been translated into English. … Read More

A History of Dispensationalism in America
The issue before us is not a few minor differences or disagreements between those who hold basically the same position. It is not just a difference in eschatology. It is the whole system of theology that touches every major doctrine of Christianity. What is at stake is the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and the sinner’s assurance that he is living according to God’s plan for history. … Read More

Warmongering vs. the Sanctity of Life
Although I sympathize with the pro-life cause, believing with Ron Paul that “a fetus is a human life deserving of legal protection, and that the right to life is the foundation of any moral society,” I must point out that many pro-lifers are hypocrites with a warped view of what it means to be pro-life.

Do adults have the same right to life as unborn children? Do foreigners have the same right to life as unborn American babies? Many pro-lifers don’t think so. It is hypocrisy in the highest degree to talk about the sanctity of life, the evils of abortion, the horrors of partial-birth abortion, and to vocally claim that one is pro-life, but then turn around and show contempt for, or indifference to, the lives of adults and foreigners. Are the lives of unborn children more valuable than the lives of adults? Are the lives of unborn American babies more valuable than the lives of foreigners? … Read More

The Personhood Movement – A Multi-Pronged Pro-Life Strategy
The Personhood movement is a pro-life strategy being waged on all fronts throughout the United States. We are advocating for state constitutional amendments that would recognize the personhood of all human beings from the beginning of life to natural death. We are evangelizing, educating and changing hearts. Thus far almost 40 states have begun a Personhood strategy through legislative and voter initiatives. … Read More

The Pro-Life Movement 37 Years After Roe
On this edition of “The American View” John Lofton is joined by Michael Anthony Peroutka and Pastor David Whitney. They emphasize, again, among other things: Abortion is murder; courts do NOT make law; and much more. … Read More

Hate-Crimes Law Named No.1 Anti-Christian Act of 2009
The new federal hate crimes law has all the potential to be a major attack on religious liberty and freedom of speech, according to top religious liberty attorneys. The law was chosen the number one anti-Christian act of 2009 by the Christian Anti-Defamation League. … Read More

The Rule of Law Has Been Lost”
The greatest human achievement is the subordination of government to law. This was an English achievement that required eight centuries of struggle, beginning in the ninth century when King Alfred the Great codified the common law, moving forward with the Magna Carta in the thirteenth century and culminating with the Glorious Revolution in the late seventeenth century. The success of this long struggle made law a shield of the people. … Read More

Martin Luther King, “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”
Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. against the Vietnam War. Audio. This speech was released by Black Forum records, a subsidiary of Motown, and went on to win a Grammy in 1970 for the Best Spoken Word Recording. Excerpts of a Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967. … Read More

You Can’t Support the Troops and the Constitution
At the expense of sounding callous and unpatriotic I will attempt to lay out exactly why the “Support the Troops” mantra is anti-American and determinental to the health of our Republic. Though I certainly do pray for them, I simply can’t and won’t “support” the American soldiers mission fighting in the middle east anymore than I would support an abortion doctor. The fact remains that both the American soldier and the abortion doctor have abandoned their oaths. … Read More

The Modern Christian’s View On Abortion
Matt exposed the mindset of mainstream Christianity with a very telling Man-On-the Street segment done in St. Louis at Urbana 2009. The questions were straightforward and very answerable, however it seems that even Christians are having trouble seeing abortion for what it really is….To find out what that “is” is, then take a look see by clicking the title of this video. … Read More

Rapture and Resurrection
The significance of hope for a person, the function of vision for his life-style, the critical need for accurate calculation and wise planning, and the ethical ramifications of one’s historical expectations have been repeatedly stressed and illustrated in futurology (the study of the future) which has become firmly entrenched in modern thought, from psychology and morality to economic and sociology. The spirit of our age has taken an eschatological turn. Secular counterparts to apocalypticism and various millenarian perspectives can be uncovered, and theological counterparts to humanistic utopianism and political engineering are likewise to be found. Your view of the future, whether stemming from revelation or extrapolation, is not a matter indifferent or irrelevant; your attitude toward history is not simply idle speculation. Ideas have consequences. … Read More

Sit Back, Enjoy The Wickedness
It’s All Suppose To Happen This Way!
Having been a pastor for over 20 years now, I write out of a deep concern over the state of the Church in America. If one was to look at Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, the Church in America today is stuck in Vanity Fair. There is a perpetual pursuit by American Christians for personal peace and prosperity. Comfort and ease reigns. … Read More

My Way Or His Way
Christians must understand that illegal wars begun under false pretenses, conducted with false objectives, and fought with evil intensity are an abomination to God and must be disavowed and condemned if we expect God’s blessings. We must also acknowledge that our nation has been involved in past illegal wars and invasions that were responsible for killing millions of people – all made in God’s image. We must realize that we cannot support troops who are engaged in an illegal war and who are being used to bring an illegal hegemony over land and people. If we expect God’s blessing the war must be stopped and our troops must be brought home. … Read More

Obama Establishes ‘Council of Governors’
The White House Office of the Press Secretary released a report on the White House web site titled “President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors.” According to the press release, “The President today [January 11, 2009] signed an Executive Order establishing a Council of Governors to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect our Nation against all types of hazards. When appointed, the Council will be reviewing such matters as involving the National Guard of the various States; homeland defense; civil support; synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.” … Read More

Thank You, Governor
Former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, and Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, recently launched a new television show on the truTV (formerly known as Court TV) cable channel. The first episode debuted on Wednesday, December 2, 2009. And the final episode of this season aired this past Wednesday, January 13, 2010. … Read More

The True Essence of Slavery
No, slavery is not forced labor. It is not a legal term. It is not a form of property. It is not racism, or nationalism, or an empire. These things are the symptoms of slavery, but they are not its essence. It is not a “mode of production.” Neither is it an “historical stage in the evolution of humanity.” These are only convenient mantras used by those who want to conceal the real essence of slavery. The essence of slavery is elsewhere. Few are those who understand it and are willing to say it publicly. Even fewer are those who self-consciously stand against it. The essence of slavery can be seen clearly in Moses’ experience with the Hebrews. The nation of Israel was in slavery in Egypt where they were forced to heavy exhausting labor under cruel taskmasters. … Read More

Is Ron Paul Really An Anti-Semite?
Ben Stein exposed for using the Anti-Semitic trick he tried to pull against Ron Paul on the Larry King Live show. … Read More

American Right to Life Questions Ron Paul’s Pro-life Credentials
American Right To Life Action, the political 527 group which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes in 2008 in Iowa and South Carolina, is now targeting U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). … Read More


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Ron Paul at the Natioanl Right to Life Convention

Why Do Evangelicals Ignore Ron Paul?
Had it passed, H.R. 776 would have recognized the personhood of all unborn babies by declaring, “human life shall be deemed to exist from conception.” The bill also recognized the authority of each State to protect the lives of unborn children. In addition, H.R. 776 would have removed abortion from the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, thereby nullifying the Roe v Wade decision, and would have denied funding for abortion providers. In plain language, H.R. 776 would have ended abortion on demand. (It is more than interesting to me that none of the evangelicals’ pet politicians, including George W. Bush, even bothered to support Paul’s pro-life bill.) … Read More

It Is A Madhouse Out There
I think we need to face it: 2010 is more than a new year; it is also part of a new era in which all vestiges of normalcy and common sense have been left behind. In other words, it is a madhouse out there. Let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about. … Read More

Obama and the Global Police: More Friendly Fascism?
A shift toward authoritarianism is underway and only small pockets of Americans realize it, warns John W. Whitehead. In this weeks vodcast, Whitehead examines the ramifications of a recent executive order that could establish Interpol as an autonomous police agency within the U.S. … Read More

Obama’s TSA Nominee Targets Anti-Government Christians
President Obama’s nominee to head the TSA and boss the naked body scanners now being installed at airports across the country says that white Christian “anti-government” types will be the primary target of suspicion for authorities. … Read More

Is the World Rejecting Angry Evangelicalism?
We heard the phrase, “The world is rejecting angry evangelicalism” during a sermon from a visitng pastor, Karl Clauson in my evangelical church. Although, he didn’t elaborate on it during his sermon, it got my curiosity in gear. Right away, I thought “angry evangelicalism” must be a euphemism for “Christian Zionist.” I decided to find out what Karl Clauson meant, so I emailed him. Find out what I learned at: … Read More

War and Empire – The Evil Twins
Twenty centuries have past since the birth of the Savior and as we embark on the Twenty First Century God has chosen to touch the lives of myriads of people throughout the world. However, this continuous increase in the number of Christians has not resulted in an increase in righteousness and obedience, the hallmarks of Christian conversion. Treachery, theft, torture, murder, and aggressive warfare are pervasive in our civilization. … Read More

Christianity Separates Church and State
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was written and authorized with one intended meaning. Few in our country know what the lawmakers that formed the First Amendment has in mind – they only know what they have been told. Christianity is not opposed to separation, but actually supports it biblically. Gary DeMar shows where the line should be drawn for all jurisdictional powers based on the God’s Word. … Read More

Myths, Lies, And Half-Truths – Part 2
It is crucial that Christians learn their roles as citizens and what they can do to produce good change. Gary reviews the call Christians have in Scripture to cultivate a biblical culture around them — including in civil government. Politics may be dirty, but politics can be cleaned up and should be cleaned up by heavenly citizens. … Read More

We Should Legislate Morality
Christians are confronted with liberals saying “separation of church and state,” “judge not, that you be not judged,” “you can’t legislate morality.” Gary shows that not only do we legislate morality, but that nearly every bit of legislation is based on some sort of moral code. Every person in office makes moral choices that dictate their platforms. … Read More

Martial Law vs. Christian Responsibility
The first thing I would like to point out to people like Dr. Tuberville, who think Christians should obey government officials no matter what because they are “the higher powers,” is that there is another, yet higher power to which even such officials are beholden: the Constitution of the United States….It is from the Constitution that our elected officials, both federal and state, derive their office and legitimate powers….Further, our elected officials are “bound by oath or affirmation” to support the Constitution and its provisions, including the limitations placed upon their own powers:…Thus, in taking up the powers and responsibilities of political office, our elected officials are also agreeing to place themselves under the law. This is one of the foundational ideas of the American political system: the concept that everyone is under law and equal in its eyes. For this reason, if government officials violate the Constitution, their actions are illegal and void of authority, and they are no better than common criminals. It is absolutely critical that Christians understand this when they contemplate their relationship to the government. … Read More

Creatures from the Conservative Id
It is strikingly perverse that contemporary Christians — people who claim to follow the same faith as the early believers, many of whom were well-acquainted with the dim solitude the dungeon and the sting of the torturer’s whip — embrace this profane cult.

The early Christians were willing to face death by torture rather than offer a pinch of incense on the altar of a ruler who supposedly embodied the State’s divinity.

Too many Americans who profess to be believers are more akin to the dissolute Romans who occupied the best seats in the Coliseum while Christians and other enemies of the State were dismembered for their political heresies…. What, then, can we infer from the willingness of conservative American Christians to countenance, and even applaud, torture? … Read More

Harold Camping’s 2011 Apocalyptic Predictions
There are many Christian dispensational scholars that predict the time of “the end” of the world. One more such person, you may have not heard of, is Harold Camping. If you’ve been watching Bible prophecy discussions closely since the early 1990s you may remember his name. Gary DeMar reviews reports from Camping that the end of the world is in 2011 (just like Camping said it was going to be in 1994). … Read More

A Bipartisan Dictatorship
Although Republican politicians criticize what they call Barack Obama’s weakness in the exercise of presidential counter-terrorism powers, in substantive terms Obama’s conduct has differed little, if any, from that of his predecessor.

While it is true that their shared posture does little to protect us from the threat of foreign terrorism, it constitutes an acute threat to the liberties protected by the Constitution. … Read More

Buchanan Continues To Drink The Kool-Aid
Sad to say, Pat Buchanan continues to drink the “War On Terror” Kool-Aid, advocate torture; and doesn’t understand the American view of Law and Government. … Read More

First Circle: Liberty Has Been Lost
The silence of bar associations and law schools indicates an astounding insouciance to Thomas Paine’s warning: “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” Some of my Republican and conservative acquaintances are even gleeful that, finally, we are going to get tough and deal forcibly with “these people.” They naively believe that they themselves will remain safe when law ceases to be a shield of the people and becomes a weapon in the hands of government. … Read More

What’s Wrong With A More Social Gospel?
The social gospel and its increasingly popular “social justice” campaign is not an acceptable substitute for preaching repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Its promoters all too often set aside the vertical, spiritual and eternal issues of sin, rebellion, obedience, holiness and reverence toward God in order to redirect the focus toward more horizontal, physical and temporal values. In the end, the flesh is, for a time, fed and comforted, but the souls of sinners are left abandoned to biblical ignorance because disobedient do-gooders have spiritually sidetracked the Church and its mission. … Read More

‘False Prophets In The Church’
Interview with Thomas P. Hill re: his book “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: False Prophets In The Church.” That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. Our call-in phone number is 1-866-986-6397. Do listen, please, and give us a call. The Liberty News Radio Network site is … Read More

Do Christians Have A Right To Self-Defense? Part 4
Only virtuous people with diligent enthusiasm may consistently secure liberty. Institution of power created by man’s own hand will claim to protect individual rights but like the gods of old[2] they will soon turn those original rights into regulated privileges. If institutions of power protect and secure your rights then those rights will become privileges. … Read More

The Religion of Centralized Government
Gary DeMar reviews more of the life and times of Gideon in the book of Judges, and how the fall of Gideon’s power in Israel led to the centralized, powerful, religious government of Abimelech. There are parallels in those times and the times we face in America. What many Americans want is a “Baalism” of civil government. … Read More

Brambles Strangling the Cedars of America
Continuing his study in Judges 9, Gary develops perspective of one of man’s basic needs: to have a ruler over him. How man finds these rulers is treacherous. Does the typical man appeal to God’s plan for civil government, or does the he settle for a godless form of reckless men to have dominion over him? … Read More

Ben Stein Smears Ron Paul
Why in the world would Ben Stein call Ron Paul an “antisemite”-a sickening slander-and therefore try to destroy him? Perhaps because Ben is a warmongering Keynesian and Republican conservative. Perhaps because Ben has long been upset at Ron’s success against the holy Fed. And certainly because Stein sought to discredit Ron for delving into the causes of terrorism (basically, they’re over here because we’re over there), and for opposing perpetual war on the Muslims, which for some reason they don’t like. The whole incident reminded me of the time during the last campaign when the Repcon Christian Values Voters Summit booed Ron for saying he worshipped the Prince of Peace. Instead, Repcons want us to offer more victims to the Demon of War. … Read More

The Votes of the Morons will Prevail
It is a simple matter for an educated person to make fools of these morons who profess to be Christians. However, these morons have vast constituencies numbering in the tens of millions of Americans. There are, in fact, more of them than there are intelligent, informed, moral, and real Christian Americans. … Read More

What is Preterism? Part 1
Most Christians don’t learn the competing view-points of Christian eschatology. Do you know what preterism is? How about partial-preterism? Gary answers Christian scholar Stephen Myers’ preterism misinterpretations. It is good to know your terms, types, and answer a man accurately. … Read More

What is Preterism? Part 2
The prophecies in the Word of God make sense and speak for themselves. Gary reviews Old and New Testament prophecies that show how the destruction of Jerusalem was the focus of their intent. Most of Revelation does not relate future events, but instead the events of the first century in the Roman Empire. … Read More

The History of Preterism and Futurism: Poisoning the Well
Moreover, while history is instructive, it is not authoritative. In the final analysis, Christians should want to know what the Bible says on the subject of eschatology.

A modern-day competitor to dispensationalism and a long-term competitor to full blown futurism is preterism. Preterists believe the majority of NT prophetic texts were fulfilled in the lead up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem that took place in A.D. 70. Preterists base their reasoning on the use of time words like “near,” “shortly, and “quickly,” the way “this generation” is used by Jesus in the synoptic gospels, and other considerations. … Read More

The Greatest Gift for All
Power that is secularized and cut free of civilizing traditions is not limited by moral and religious scruples. V.I. Lenin made this clear when he defined the meaning of his dictatorship as “unlimited power, resting directly on force, not limited by anything.” Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed unthinkable. … Read More

The Politics of the Government Healthcare Bill
As the Government Healthcare Bill passes the Senate with a 60-40 vote, how are Conservatives to react? Responding to a crass email received from a lawyer who would benefit from the new healthcare system, Gary examines the politics behind the bill and what the American people may expect should it be made into law. … Read More

Blame The Bishops
In short, the Catholic Bishops have merged as a major “progressive” force in the United States, determined to saddle the country with a socialized medicine scheme. The disagreements over abortion among the “Big Government progressives” should not distract our attention from this basic fact. The Bishops also favor “climate change” legislation and amnesty for illegal aliens. … Read More

The End of Christian Zionism, or Just a Facelift?
Join us for a fascinating discussion with Chuck Carlson of as he discusses the attempt on the part of Zionist interests to change the ugly face of Christian Zionism (John Hagee, Pat Robertson et al) with the ‘new and improved’ version featuring creatures such as Rick Warren and Sarah Palin.

Listen Now … Read More

The Birth of The Savior
The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined… For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this. –Isaiah 9:2-7 … Read More

Christians United for War
As today is Christmas Eve, it might be useful for those of us who call ourselves Christians to recall the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding humility, charity, tolerance, and peacemaking. The Christian message should be particularly welcome to the American people who have borne the burden of nearly continuous warfare since 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 5,300 Americans and hundreds of thousands of foreigners at an appalling cost to the US economy. The message is particularly appropriate for Christmas 2009 because it appears that many so-called Christian leaders are urging the United States government to take steps that will inevitably lead to a new war, this time against Iran. … Read More

Critically Studying Biblical Eschatology
People’s eschatology effects the way they live out their worldview. Pre-millennialists and post-millennialists acknowledge this. The relationship between eschatology and culture is inseparable in each generation and nation. Gary critically evaluates his critics that suggest “getting along” is more important than rightly interpreting Bible prophecy. If Biblical eschatology can be understood by believers today, it is most important for Christians to the right eschatological view so that they will most effectively live out biblical dominion. Without a correct interpretation, Christians will inevitably loose heart and passively acknowledge what their Lord has in mind for the Church to do. … Read More

Is Abraham Part of the History of a New Faith?
Evangelical (Judeo-Christians) are the lone exception, they have invented theology that suggests God’s plan failed the first time God tried it on man because the surviving Israelites were so stubborn and evil as not to accept Jesus. They have it that God had to go back to the drawing board and work out a second Jesus re-run to fix the broken plan…therefore, they conclude His kingdom is yet to come. … Read More

Film: Waiting for Armageddon
Americas 50-million strong Evangelical community is convinced that the world’s future is foretold in Biblical prophecy – from the Rapture to the Battle of Armageddon. This astonishing documentary explores their world – in their homes, at conferences, and on a wide-ranging tour of Israel. By interweaving Christian, Zionist, Jewish and critical perspectives along with telling archival materials, the filmmakers probe the politically powerful – and potentially explosive – alliance between Evangelical Christians and Israelan alliance that may set the stage for what one prominent Evangelical leader calls World War III. … Read More

Do You Believe in Magic…or in Jesus?
If you believe in magic you imagine that you can vote for the “lesser of two evil candidates” and God will bring about “good” consequences for our culture. You imagine that you can substitute the “commandments of men for the doctrines of God,’ without becoming “ashamed and dismayed.” You imagine that you can serve “God and man” without having God consider your prayers to be “an abomination.” You imagine that you can be “salt and light” to your non-Christian neighbors without living according to God’s laws. But if you disregard God’s ethics, and are basing your behaviors upon your wisdom instead of God’s because this is “the age of grace,” how can you keep from being “trampled under foot by men?” … Read More

Birth Of Christ And Birth Of America Are Linked
The sentiments and statements of America’s founders make it clear that this nation has enjoyed a love and appreciation for the rights and freedoms recognized in Natural Law that is unique in the annals of human history. No other people have such a heritage. … Read More

Christians Object to State’s Absolute Authority
Gary demonstrates Christians aren’t anti-government; they are anti-tyrannical government. Christians are concerned that the limits of civil government are no longer recognized in America. What does the Bible have to say about government, and how is government different from politics? … Read More

Everyone Defies Laws
Who is the aggressor?–the citizen who desires peace and the rule of law, or the usurper whose actions can only be described as tyrannical and despotic? Our conscience confirms the answer. Federal law is not God’s law. Federal law is not even the Supreme Law of the Land. The only Supreme Law of the Land (to this date) is those laws that are passed pursuant to the constitution-and by constitution, this means not only the US Constitution, but also the State constitutions. Our founders stated emphatically: unconstitutional laws are null and void and have no effect. You speak of defiance. This is true, for everyone defies laws. The only question is, which laws are you going to defy: constitutional laws or unconstitutional laws. If you choose to submit to unconstitutional laws, you defy the Supreme Law of the Land found in the US Constitution and the State constitutions … Read More

St. Paul and the Communists
This is a comment on communism in general, on communists in the political establishment, and on Saul of Tarsus. Let us begin with the last.

It is written that Saul, a Pharisee, was plagued with the arrogance of Truth. He could brook no error. And the error that disturbed his soul was the doctrine of the arisen Messiah. Not only was the doctrine gaining currency among the lowly proletariat, to whom the promise of salvation offset the hopelessness of their earthly condition, but even among his own class, the scholars, there were a number who took to it. To Saul it was a denial of the Law of Moses – which was the whole Truth – and therefore unthinkable. He could do no less than challenge the “untruth.” … Read More

Franklin Graham: ‘Our Churches Are Dead’
Unfortunately, Graham didn’t name names, an all too common practice among clergy today, which leaves many vulnerable to “Christian” celebrities who put people-pleasing programs and global agendas over and above the Word of God and the call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. If Mr. Graham believes certain pastors are out there leading others astray with a false gospel, he has a duty to warn them, not just make vague references that will go in one ear and out the other as if who’s doing it doesn’t really matter. Souls are at stake here. … Read More

The Impact of Christianity on the World
The church has a long history of applying all the Bible to all of life. “Throughout American history, the moral principles of Judeo-Christian ethics have been used as one of many effective tools to evaluate and reform a wide variety of social structures, and have continued to be invoked in political debates.” … Read More

A Biblical Antidote for the Manhattan Declaration
How would the Protestant Reformers respond to the Manhattan Declaration? Like any extended family, America’s protestants have our differences of opinions, but in an effort to call us back to our roots, allow me to offer a simple way to filter through our core beliefs this and other “declarations” that present themselves to us from time to time (i.e., 1994’s “Evangelicals and Catholics Together,”). After all, without the core beliefs of the Protestant Reformers we would still be entangled with the blasphemous superstitions of the Catholic Church. With this in mind, it should be obvious that the Reformers would not be a part of any coalition with Catholics, nor with Mormons or Jews. … Read More

Why Didn’t You Sign It, R.C.?
On November 20, 2009, a document called the Manhattan Declaration was presented to the public by a coalition of cobelligerents. The document is concerned primarily with three very important biblical and cultural issues: the sanctity of life, the meaning of marriage, and the nature of religious liberty. Without question, these issues are up for grabs in our nation. As anyone familiar with my ministry will know, I share the document’s concern for defending the unborn, defining heterosexual marriage biblically, and preserving a proper relationship between church and state. However, when the document was sent to me and my signature was requested a few weeks ago, I declined to sign it. … Read More

‘Global Warming’ Big Lies
“Global Warming” Big Lies/Hysteria A False Religion Whose Cult Followers Worship “Mother Earth,” Seek New World Order Paid For By Our Tax Dollars. That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. Our call-in phone number is 1-866-986-6397. Do listen, please, and give us a call. The Liberty News Radio Network site is … Read More

A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering
We, a group of Christian Palestinians, after prayer, reflection and an exchange of opinion, cry out from within the suffering in our country, under the Israeli occupation, with a cry of hope in the absence of all hope, a cry full of prayer and faith in a God ever vigilant, in God’s divine providence for all the inhabitants of this land. Inspired by the mystery of God’s love for all, the mystery of God’s divine presence in the history of all peoples and, in a particular way, in the history of our country, we proclaim our word based on our Christian faith and our sense of Palestinian belonging – a word of faith, hope and love. … Read More

Palin Praises Obama Comments On War, Evil
Obama won praise from a surprising admirer with his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peeace Prize: Sarah Palin. The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee tells USA Today that Obama’s defense of war to combat “evil” — for the use of which his predecessor took criticism — could have been taken from her own memoir. “Wow, that really sounded familiar,” Palin tells USA Today’s Kathy Kiely. “I talked, too, in my book about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times.” … Read More

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel
While Israel and its dedicated U.S. Jewish supporters know they have the president and most of Congress in their hands, they worry about grassroots America…the well-meaning Christians who care for justice. Thus far, most Christians were unaware of what it was they didn’t know about Israel. They were indoctrinated by U.S. supporters of Israel in their own country and when they traveled to the Land of Christ most all did so under Israeli sponsorship. That being the case, it was unlikely a Christian ever met a Palestinian or learned what caused the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. … Read More

Christian Zionism on the Skids; Rick Warrens to the Rescue?
What would Jesus say about a Pastor who fails to mention a single specific “corruption or conflict?” Jesus used terms including, “sons of Satan” and generation of vipers,” to describe the corrupt religious leaders of his day who did business with the Roman occupiers. Warrens did not say a word about preventing incineration and forced starvation brought on by men in our own government with whom he claims to be intimate friends. … Read More

Blessed Are the Warmakers
Mark well the bloodthirsty chickenhawks who never met a war in the Middle East, or probably anywhere, in which they are do not try to enlist the Prince of Peace. Here they want to starve and sicken Iranian children, women, and men (“tough sanctions”) for the sake of Big Oil, the WMD monopoly of a US client state, and US global rule. … Read More

Sarah Palin Another Stooge
The promotion of Sarah Palin is following a propaganda pattern set up by the media. A Black hero is followed by a Female hero who is succeeded by a bumbling White man. I am not sure what is meant by the term “political sex appeal” but Palin appears to be a pseudo-Christian woman who is falling into the politically correct role of stooge for those who rule America. … Read More

ClimateGate and the End of Christianity
With the ClimateGate revelations of flimsy “science” behind the man-made global warming theory, the role of the religious left in promoting this fraudulent scheme now deserves serious media scrutiny. Walter Grazer, who served as the Director of the Environmental Justice Program for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops from 1993 to 2007 and is now interim executive director of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE), was asked for a comment on ClimateGate and replied, “I am really not up on that issue at all.” … Read More

Severing Freedom of Speech from Academia
Tyrannical liberals of the secular educational system do all they can to stifle the worldviews of free thinkers and educators. The war of the worldviews in the educational system is cause for conservatives and Christians alike to find effective alternatives to beat the system the liberals and socialists want everyone to be locked into. It’s time to rebuild and restore family education and entrepreneurship. … Read More

Christian or Deist
As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words,” so the question each of us needs to answer is: “Does our lifestyle reflect that we are a Christian, or a non-Christian?” For Christians, a more realistic question might be: “Does my daily decisions (whether in the legislature, the courthouse, the home, or other vocation) testify to those around me that I am a Christian or a Deist? … Read More

Dallas Seminary and the New Dispensationalism
Gary reviews a recent article by Dan Wallace about how Dallas Seminary graduate students are rejected by secular doctoral programs because the school is dispensational. … Read More

Reading Into Bible Prophecy
Gary debates the dispensational views of Bible prophecy. Dispensational scholars have said the burden of proof is on the preterists, but as Gary demonstrates, it’s quite the other way around. … Read More

Prophecy Past Vs. Prophecy Future
Gary uses scholarly biblical hermeneutics to make an honest interpretation of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy supports more fulfillment of Revelation than not. The fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 must be explained by dispensational scholars to validate futurist apocalyptic prophecy. … Read More

Preterism in the Witness Box
Gary counters more dispensationalism with Bible-based facts. The New Testament lays out a “soon” judgement of Israel, and how it was fulfilled was through the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Dr. Heidler interprets Preterism as replacement theology, but as Gary explains, there’s not a replacement at all. … Read More

Preterism Found in the Book of Acts
What dispensationalists think preterists believe usually is not true. There are several misconceptions about preterism that are commonly spread by dispensational scholars. Gary tackles the subject to give you a better understanding of how preterism is supported by Bible prophecy. … Read More

Israel in End Times Bible Prophecy
Gary describes the different views of interpretation in Bible prophecy in relation to the nation of Israel. Some Christians believe Israel is set apart from the Church; others think the Church is added to the “children of God” and the outgrowth of “God’s people” since the time of the apostles. Learn how to make sense of all the views and see what is consistent with the Word of God in today’s show. … Read More

Dealing With Straw Man Eschatology
One would call Heidler’s understanding of preterism as it relates to Israel a straw man, “a false caricature of another position.”[1] Like any straw man, it’s easily set aflame. Let’s begin by pointing out some obvious errors. Quoting Old Testament prophecy, Peter describes how the Davidic covenant was fulfilled in exacting detail in Jesus: … Read More

1983 Chicago Declaration by 100 Church Leaders Resubmitted
Because of a computer glitch, the Chicago Declaration of 1983 that was revived and submitted on December 5 did not hold its numbering and paragraphs, which made it difficult to read. Due to the good graces of the Editors of Freedom’s Phoenix, we are resubmitting it for the benefit of those readers who are interested in circulating the article. Again we give thanks to a loving God of the Holy Bible and our wise Founding Fathers who gave us the inalienable right of Freedom of the press along with the others enumerated in our Bill of Rights. … Read More

Biblical Solutions Need to be Proposed
The first step to take toward Christianizing our culture is to develop an explicit and exclusive biblical social theory. At a time when even non-Christians are recognizing that there are no workable solutions emerging from all of their super-expensive, taxpayer-funded “Great Society” programs, we have a golden opportunity to model the right way to live. … Read More

It’s Not Just Obama, It’s the System
Make no mistake about this: there has not been a United States President elected since 1861 that has advocated for the true principles of federalism and freedom, and both major political parties have only cemented and built upon the previous President’s legacy of federal power at the expense of the states and people. If you think that freedom will be restored because a Republican who claims to be pro-life, pro-family, or pro-business sits in the White House, you are mistaken. If you think that Obama’s true birth place being revealed will restore all that we have lost for over 100 years and will somehow decapitate the head of the beast (thereby granting victory to “conservative America”), think again. … Read More

The Myth Of Neutrality Homosex & The Silence Of The Lambs
Neutrality is a myth. Someone’s law is going to rule. The only question is – whose law is going to rule? Because Christians have abandoned the public arena, the laws of wicked men rule our land – with filthy and harsh consequences. … Read More

Breaking: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom- Kevin Jennings and the GLSEN Reading List
Scott Baker from and Co-Host of “The B-Cast” submitted this shocking report today on Obama’s deviant Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.

—Warning on Content— … Read More

Stop Power Politics NOW!
Worldviews are all around us, and they send out their fashionable philosophies, and there is no way to escape them. We can succumb to their pressures or fight them and offer alternatives. Pick any industry, profession, ideology, or political movement, and the results are the same. What’s true for the clothes on our back is equally true of the ideas that make their way to Congress that end up ruling and ruining our lives. … Read More

Do Christians Have A Right To Self-Defense?
In the days of Samuel when the voice of the people cried out to give someone authority and power to protect them it was called a rejection of God.[1] We have been warned through history that a loss of freedom would result, yet, we continuously look to governments of power to solve our problems. … Read More

Obama on Afghanistan: A Bald-Faced Lie
Obama/Afghanistan: It Is Simply A Bald-Faced Lie To Say Our Country’s Life (“Vital National Interest”) At Stake In Afghanistan. That is the topic on this “The American View” radio program which broadcasts live, daily, from 11 am to Noon (EST) and is now on the Liberty News Radio Network. … Read More

Our Dead Constitution
The United States Constitution was formed and framed on certain immutable principles: principles which acknowledge that God is the Source of all rights; the Definer of all authority; the Judge of all actions and laws; the Giver of life, property and pursuit of happiness. Those principles never die. They live forever. … Read More

Where is the True Evangelical Fire?
The release of the Manhattan Declaration has sparked much controversy and conversation. The document attacks the very biblical foundations of the Christian faith, including, in practical application, the doctrine of justification. The evangelical signers—my focus in this article are the ministers and leaders—can deny that all they like and indulge in all the sophisms which many have. But the truth is, the document declares that the gospel of the Roman Catholic Church, which is also the gospel of her estranged sister the Orthodox Church, is “the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” … Read More

An Open Letter To America’s Christians
As I see it, there are two glaring obstacles that keep today’s Christians from being truly effectual and influential in helping to restore America’s freedoms and founding principles. And let’s be honest enough to admit that, for the most part, today’s Christians (including our pastors) are ineffective and irrelevant in providing any meaningful solutions to America’s many problems. Sadly, more often than not, we are little more than gullible pawns, which wily and wicked politicians use to advance their own nefarious agendas. … Read More

Leaders Of The Political System
An important fact that we all need to face is that the Republican/Democrat political system that controls access to the government is going to do whatever it takes to hold onto its power. This means continued wars, continued expansion of government influence, and continuation of policies that diminish the value of our currency, labor, and assets. How has the War Against International Terrorism benefited the nation? Why do officials in the government believe that, despite the huge debt it has amassed ($12.1 trillion as of this writing and over $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities), it can efficiently and economically administer the practice of medicine? How does fear mongering over specious environmental crises and crushing regulations that inhibit development of productive industries relieve growing unemployment? … Read More

Quick Analysis of ‘The Manhattan Declaration’
A Quick, Off-The-Top-Of-The-Head Analysis…
MD: In Europe, Christians challenged the divine claims of kings and successfully fought to establish the rule of law and balance of governmental powers, which made modern democracy possible.
COMMENT: “Modern democracy?” Yikes! If we as Christians, in any way, made any kind of “democracy” possible, we should definitely repent of this sin. … Read More

A Pastor’s Rebuke on The Manhattan Declaration
“It is the biblical duty of all faithful Christian pastors to stand against the evangelical authors of the Manhattan Declaration and all evangelicals who sign it or promote it in any way. Such betrayers of Christ and His church must be separated from and called to account by all faithful Christian ministers and people.” —Ralph Ovadal, Pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin. … Read More

Religious Extremism Yesterday’s Orthodoxy
Several months ago I published an essay entitled “The Constitution – Solution or Problem”. It pinpointed some troubling elements in our founding document. The foundational deterioration of the Christian religion, ignored by worshipers and their leaders, is severe and of long standing. What is pleasing to the One True God is branded “extremism” by secular sources and that description is accepted by most Christians. … Read More

The Organized Christian Church Has Buried Its Head in the Sand
Strange as it may seem, the organized American Christian church appears to be silent about the unbearable load of debt that Americans carry. There are few if any preachers warning their congregations of the inevitable economic cataclysm that approaches. This is despite many admonitions in the Bible to avoid debt, both at the governmental and personal level. … Read More

The Exclusive Kingdom of God
In societies where the majority of people would call themselves Christian, many prevailing beliefs originate from distorted understandings of the Bible. The Gospel teaches that Christ came to set us free, to “proclaim liberty to the captives”. Let’s wake up and resist the evil tide that is rising on the earth. The Gospel has turned the world upside down before; but Christianity has also come into disrepute when absorbed into the State. From the beginning, the State has always been the enemy of the church – by which I mean all Christians. But just like the devil its master, if the State can’t beat us, it will try to join us. Let us refuse the State’s application for membership in our churches and our lives. … Read More

My Thanksgiving Prayer
I pray that this Thanksgiving season may be a time of both rejoicing and reflection, as well as a time of feasting and fellowship. But may it also be a time of rededication and renewal; a time of determination and decision, that we will each give our whole heart, mind, and strength to the restoration of the principles of freedom and federalism upon which our republic was built. Let us renew the Spirit of ’76 in America once more. In the face of whatever danger and challenge that may oppose us, I pray that we will be the ones that will rise up to reclaim the blessings of liberty for our children and our children’s children. So help us, Almighty God! … Read More

Atheistic Evolution and the Origin of Morality
How do Atheism and Evolution explain when morality began? Who decides what is truly right or truly wrong? What separates mankind from worms, mice and apes when it comes to moral choices? Gary challenges Atheists to provide empirical evidence for their claims since empirical evidence is supposedly what their entire belief system is based on. … Read More

Scripture Plucking to Justify Land Theft and Murder
The New Testament (the whole book of Galatians for one place) deals with this question of who is Abram’s “seed” from the only prospective a Christian can honestly take, which is Abraham is part of the history of a new faith. But the Jewish Federation people Henry is dealing with will not accept the New Covenant because, (1) they don’t believe there was a Jesus, and (2), if they did accept the new covenant they lose their argument for the land. Christian Zionists must also ignore many of Jesus’ words in order to continue their worship and support of political Israel. Thus they stop being Christ followers for the sake of Israel. … Read More

Explicitly Christian Constitution
The State of Connecticut’s nickname is the Constitution State. If asked, most people may guess that the reason for this nickname is that Connecticut may have been the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. In actuality, they’d be wrong. Delaware was the first, having done so on December 7, 1787. Connecticut was the fifth state to ratify. So, why the nickname? Most people would be surprised to learn that Connecticut is known as the Constitution State because what many consider to be the first written constitution in the western tradition was adopted there. Thus, Connecticut became known as the Constitution State. However, what would really stun people is to learn that this first written constitution was an explicitly Christian document. … Read More

Health Care ‘Debate’ A Total Scam
The most important questions (in this order) re: any proposed government program are: (1) Is it Godly, which is to say does the program fit within the limits God has set for civil government (see, among other Scriptures, Romans, chapter 13.) (2) Is the program Constitutional within the limits set by Article I, Section 8 which lists the categories where Congress may spend money. Providing “health care” is not allowed by God’s Word re: civil government. The U.S. Constitution does not authorize any spending on “health care.” Thus, any Federal “health care” proposal is un-Godly and un-Constitutional.

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