Demolition companies in Sydney oversee the destruction of a structure after its life of service using regulated methods. A project sometimes requires taking out the old and bringing in the new. Sometimes, establishing a new building cannot proceed without removing an existing structure.

Destruction of structures is necessary for various reasons. Buildings are designed considering the number of years they’re expected to last. When these buildings exceed this number of years, then the building’s structure usually becomes unsafe and, therefore, uninhabitable.

There are many other reasons for destroying buildings: structures losing their stability, buildings encountering structural damage, old buildings getting replaced by new ones, and smaller structures getting replaced by bigger ones.

Process Of Building Destruction By Demolition Companies in Sydney

Destruction of these buildings goes through a sequence of processes. They are controlled and pre-planned by demolition companies in Sydney. Below are these processes:

  1. Survey Of Buildings

This is the evaluation of different parameters of the building and its surrounding. Surveying is split into two; Building and structural surveys.

Processes carried out in building surveys include:

  • Demolition companies in Sydney evaluate the nature of materials used.
  • Survey of hazardous materials like water wastes, toxic chemical damage, radioactive materials are removed.
  • Manner of use of building before destruction.
  • The responsiveness of the neighbourhood concerning traffic impact, dust, and noise.
  • Drainage condition of the structure with probable flooding, erosion, and water drainage problems.

On the other hand, the process of structural surveying deals with an in-depth look at the construction of the building. These processes include:

  • The design of the structure.
  • The initial structural approach used in the design.
  • The present state of the facility.
  • The structural condition and system of underground vaults, tanks, and basements.
  1. Elimination Of harmful materials


If harmful materials are found on-site before the destruction of the building, specialised personnel are hired to eradicate them. Professionals must expel toxic substances like petroleum contamination, radioactive metals, and asbestos minerals before destruction occurs.

  1. Organisation of plan before destruction

An arrangement of a well-detailed plan is made, which shows the processes involved. These plans include:

  • Location of building to be demolished
  • The building is separated from adjacent structures, streets, and prominent street features.
  • Demolition companies in Sydney map out a plan that shows the destruction procedure of the building and the method of destruction to be applied.
  • A mapped-out plan of preventive measures for safeguarding the public.
  • The structural integrity of the building.
  • Means of clearing out scrap.
  • Period necessary for demolition companies in Sydney to complete the entire process.
  1. Safety And Precautionary methods To Be Taken During Demolition

Every worker, equipment operator, engineer, and site supervisor is informed about the destruction process and its hazards. Flammable materials are evacuated from the site except those used in the destruction operation. Safety appliances are positioned on-site till destruction is completed.

Suitable measures are undertaken to overcome problems like exposure to dust, noise pollution, heat stress, and chemical exposure by the workers.


It’s better to employ the services of demolition companies in Sydney than to face the risk of the building’s collapse. There are different methods to destroy a building. However, in whatever way you choose, always try to follow the due process. This helps maintain the safety of life and the environment.