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Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology


Liberty and Economics
Liberty and

Money - A Brief History Of The American Dollar
Money - A Brief
History Of The
American Dollar
Part 2

Gold vs Dollar
Gold vs

Dollar Value Dropping
Dollar Value

Monopoly Men

Money As Debt
As Debt

Ron Paul at the 1983 Capital Hill Gold Standard Conference
Ron Paul at the
1983 Capital Hill
Gold Standard

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve
Money, Banking
And The
Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Notes VS. United States Notes
Federal Reserve Notes
United States Notes

Jim Rogers says
Jim Rogers says
"Abolish the FED"

Americans Protest Against U.S. Fed Policy
Americans Protest
Against U.S.
Fed Policy

A Nation In Peril
A Nation
in Peril

Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck: Inflation Nation?
Peter Schiff
On Glenn Beck:
Inflation Nation?

G Edward Griffin - Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
G Edward Griffin
Creature From
Jekyll Island

The Federal Reserve
The Federal

Rothschilds to Bring America to Its Knees !!
Rothschilds to Bring
America to Its Knees

$700 Billion is Nothing
$700 Billion
is Nothing

Jim Rogers, World Banks Unleashing Inflationary Holocaust
Jim Rogers,
World Banks Unleashing
Inflationary Holocaust

Federal Reserve Caused 700 Billion Dollar Bailout & Economic Crash
Federal Reserve
Caused 700 Billion
Dollar Bailout and
Economic Crash
Part 2

Tracking The
Bailout Billions
Tracking The
Bailout Billions

Moving Beyond the
Fake Stimulus: Reviewing Policies that Produce Real Growth
Moving Beyond the
Fake Stimulus:
Reviewing Policies that
Produce Real Growth

America: Freedom
to Fascism
Freedom to

Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One
Why the Meltdown
Should Have
Surprised No One

Modern Gold Rush Under Way
Gold Rush
Under Way

Peter Schiff - End the FED Rally
Peter Schiff -
End the FED Rally

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR1207
Federal Reserve
Transparency Act -

The Fed Under Fire
The Fed
Under Fire

Audit The Fed



Biblical Money (pdf)

Christian Council For Monetary Justice

True Wealth

The Freedom

Foundation For
Economic Education


All American

Financial Sense Online

Honest Money Report

101 & 102

Gold Money

State Monetary Initiative



The Daily


Safe Haven

What Every American Should Know About Money

Buy Gold & Silver From GoldMoney

The Silver And Gold Liberty Dollar Solution

More Videos
On Money

Dollar's collapse - The story
Dollar's Collapse
The Story

Fiat Currency versus The Liberty Dollar
Fiat Currency
The Liberty Dollar

Support the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar
Support The
Ron Paul
Liberty Dollar

Gold Ron Paul Tells The Truth About Money
Gold Ron Paul
Tells The Truth
About Money

FBI Raids Liberty Dollar Evansville Indiana
FBI Raids
Liberty Dollar
Evansville Indiana

CNBC Larry Kudlow About Liberty Dollar Raid
CNBC Larry Kudlow
About Liberty
Dollar Raid

Quick! Hide Your Ron Paul Dollars
Quick! Hide Your
Ron Paul Dollars

NH: Liberty Dollar Fever Spreads After Fed Confiscation
NH: Liberty Dollar
Fever Spreads After
Fed Confiscation

NH Reaction to FBI Liberty Dollar Raid (1 of 2)
NH Reaction to
FBI Liberty Dollar
Raid (1 of 2)

NH Reaction to FBI Liberty Dollar Raid (2 of 2)
NH Reaction to
FBI Liberty Dollar
Raid (2 of 2)

Bernard Von Nothaus on Glenn Beck
Bernard Von Nothaus
on Glenn Beck

Bernard von NotHaus - Liberty Dollar
Bernard Von Nothaus
- Liberty Dollar

Ron Paul on Liberty Dollar Raid
Ron Paul on
Liberty Dollar Raid

JFK, Executive Order 11110 and the Warren Commission
JFK, Executive Order
11110 and the
Warren Commission

Ron Paul on a Possible Global Currency to Replace Dollar
Ron Paul on a
Possible Global
Currency to
Replace Dollar

Ron Paul - Stop Dreaming Remastered
Ron Paul -
Stop Dreaming


In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value....This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard.

- Allen Greenspan - Gold And Economic Freedom

Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology

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Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology

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National Debt Clock

Cost of the War in Iraq
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America's Total Debt Report
America has become more debt-dependent - - than ever before with total debt of $57 trillion, or $186,717 per man, woman and child and each added dollar of new debt produces less increased national income
- by Michael Hodges / Grandfather Economic Report
Federal Reserve Policy Destroys The Value Of Your Savings
When the Federal Reserve increases the supply of dollars in circulation, both paper and electronic, prices must rise eventually.
- by Ron Paul / Texas Straight Talk

Federal Reserve: U.S. Headed For Bankruptcy
A newly published paper by a researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis warns that a ballooning budget deficit and pension and welfare timebomb is growing into a $65.9 trillion fiscal gap that will force the United States into bankruptcy.
- by WorldNetDaily

Fed's Researcher: 'Very High' Taxes, Inflation Coming
Professor funded by Federal Reserve warns of tumultuous economy.
- by WorldNetDaily

Money: Substance Or Symbol - Part I
Our abstract monetary system creates money by borrowing it into existence through banks. Eventually, those who create the money will enslave everyone else in debt, and end up owning all property. The abstract will consume the reality. The only solution is, don't use their money.
- by Franklin Sanders / The American View
Money: Substance Or Symbol - Part II
To secede personally from the monetary system, every one of us must stop thinking of money, and start thinking of wealth. About 650 B.C. a new technology arose in Lydia, in Asia Minor. It was destined to change the entire world. It was called "coinage." Until coinage, every transaction paid in copper or silver or gold required different sized ingots to be weighed out, after they had first been tested for purity. Using metallic money was slow, and risky. Direct barter was more efficient, but it limited trade.
- by Franklin Sanders / The American View

The Federal War On Gold

Given the rising price of gold and the fact that federal spending is totally out of control, the prospect of gold confiscation and criminalizing the private ownership of gold by federal authorities inevitably rears its ugly head. There are few things that federal big spenders hate more than gold. Why? Because they know that, historically, gold has provided the best means by which people could protect themselves against the ravages of a rapidly depreciating currency. The mainstream press often uses the term "inflation" to describe rising prices. That's incorrect. Actually, when the general price level is rising, that's a result of inflation, not inflation itself. Inflation is the process by which governments print up the money to pay for ever-increasing expenditures.
- by Jacob G. Hornberger /

Inflation And War Finance
As the war in Iraq surges forward, and the administration ponders military action against Iran, it's important to ask ourselves an overlooked question: Can we really afford it? If every American taxpayer had to submit an extra five or ten thousand dollars to the IRS this April to pay for the war, I'm quite certain it would end very quickly. The problem is that government finances war by borrowing and printing money, rather than presenting a bill directly in the form of higher taxes. When the costs are obscured, the question of whether any war is worth it becomes distorted. Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank have a cozy, unspoken arrangement that makes war easier to finance. Congress has an insatiable appetite for new spending, but raising taxes is politically unpopular. The Federal Reserve, however, is happy to accommodate deficit spending by creating new money through the Treasury Department. In exchange, Congress leaves the Fed alone to operate free of pesky oversight and free of political scrutiny. Monetary policy is utterly ignored in Washington, even though the Federal Reserve system is a creation of Congress. The result of this arrangement is inflation. And inflation finances war.
- by Rep. Ron Paul / Texas Straight Talk
The Gold Standard Is Required To Preserve Liberty
The cost of war is enormously detrimental; it significantly contributes to the economic instability of the nation by boosting spending, deficits, and inflation. Funds used for war are funds that could have remained in the productive economy gto raise the standard of living of Americans now unemployed, underemployed, or barely living on the margin. Yet even these costs may be preferable to paying for war with huge tax increases. This is because although fiat dollars are theoretically worthless, value is imbued by the trust placed in them by the world's financial community. Subjective trust in a currency can override objective knowledge about government policies, but only for a limited time.
- by Ron Paul /

What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us
Holding gold is protection or insurance against government's proclivity to debase its currency. The purchasing power of gold goes up not because it's a so-called good investment; it goes up in value only because the paper currency goes down in value.
- by Ron Paul /

Gasoline at 10 Cents a Gallon and Falling
Does gasoline at 10 cents a gallon and falling sound impossible in today's world? Well, if you think it's impossible, you're wrong. Because that's where gasoline actually is, and it looks like it's going even lower.
- by George Reisman /

The Bailout Reader
The events taking place in the financial market offer an illustration of the soundness of the Austrian theory of money, banking, and credit cycles, and, which has long warned of precisely the scenario playing itself out today, is your source not only for analysis of these events but also the economic theory that helps explain what is happening and what to do about it.
- by Mises Institute

The Depression Reader
For those new to Austrian economics, this reader will offer an introduction to this unique school of thought. It is unlike any other school of economics you have likely come across. Instead of focusing on unrealistic mathematical models, the writers here build their thinking on human action and observations of how the economy actually runs.
- by

Collapse of the Dollar
Relying on authoritative data and the historical record, the following videos explain why:

* Our monetary system is dishonest at every level, from the lack of definition of our money to the behavior of the banking system. Dishonesty cannot be cured by regulation.

* Legal tender, which is defacto coercion, is not in conformity with free markets, nor is it authorized by our Constitution.

* Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, and Madison, whose likenesses appear on our money, condemned paper money. Madison, the principal author of the Constitution, said it was "unjust" and "unconstitutional."

* Our monetary system is unstable and will blow up, because there is no longer any market based self-correcting mechanism for increasing financial leverage, increasing debt, or increasing the money supply. Historically, whenever the authorities have had the ability to issue legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket money, they were never able to resist the temptation to over issue. Savings, annuities, and pensions are at unacceptable risk.

* Legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket-electronic money results in interest rate volatility as well as foreign exchange rate volatility, neither of which is acceptable to the producers of goods and services at home or abroad.

* The remedy to the current financial debacle is to reassert the monetary powers and disabilities of the Constitution.
- by Lawrence Parks /

Hyperinflation Around the Globe
The United States has experienced two currency collapses. The first was the Continental Currency ("Not worth a Continental") the American colonists used to finance the Revolutionary War. While the Americans won their independence, their currency was destroyed in the process.

The second were the Confederation notes. In an effort to finance the civil war with the north, the Confederate States of America issued vast amounts of money. At one point, the Secretary of the Treasury recommended that counterfeit money be utilized. Anyone holding a counterfeit bill was to exchange it for a government bond. The government would then stamp it "valid" and spend it.
- by Mike Hewitt /

The Myth that Laissez Faire Is Responsible for Our Present Crisis
The news media are in the process of creating a great new historical myth. This is the myth that our present financial crisis is the result of economic freedom and laissez-faire capitalism.

The utter absurdity of statements claiming that the present political-economic environment of the United States in some sense represents laissez-faire capitalism becomes as glaringly obvious as anything can be when one keeps in mind the extremely limited role of government under laissez-faire and then considers the following facts about the present-day United States:
- by George Reisman /

On Board the U.S.S. Titanic
I can't help but compare our country's situation to the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Everyone has seen the movie, so can relate to the story. The captain (Alan Greenspan) has been handed the greatest ship (United States) ever made. It is unsinkable. The initial voyage across the Atlantic Ocean has drawn the rich elite ruling class (financers & bankers) onboard. But, the lower decks are filled with lowly peasants (Working Class) who are sneered at by those in the upper decks. A maiden voyage should always be taken slowly. A prudent captain would not take undue risks. Our captain (Alan Greenspan) wants to make his mark on history. He declares full steam ahead (reducing interest rates to 1%). Midway through the voyage, the captain is handed a telegram warning of icebergs (potential financial catastrophe) ahead. If he slows down the ship, he will not set the speed record. He ignores the warning and steams on to his rendezvous (eternal disgrace) with history.

In the middle of the night, the lookouts (Ron Paul, among others) scream iceberg!!! But, it is too late. The great ship (United States) has struck an enormous iceberg (banking crisis). At first, it seemed like everything is OK. There are no visible problems. But, below the waterline the great ship (United States) is taking on water (massive mortgage write downs). The engine room (Federal Reserve printing presses) works frantically to stem the damage. The captain believes that the compartmentalization of the ship will save it. The expert on the design of the ship (Nouriel Roubini) explains that the ship will surely sink. The captain orders the band (Hank Paulson) on deck to distract the masses from their imminent fate. The owners of the ship (U.S. government) never thought it could sink, so they didn't provide nearly enough lifeboats.
- by James Quinn / OpEDNews

Grand Illusion - The Federal Reserve
The whole world is in a state of complete confusion. Americans are coming to the realization that their lives have been a grand illusion. You thought your neighbor had it made. They were driving a Mercedes, spent $40,000 on a new kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, sent their kids to private school, had a second home at the shore, and took exotic vacations all over the world. Now their house is in foreclosure and you are paying to bail them out. The anger and outrage in the country is at the highest level since the Vietnam War. The American public is being misled by government officials, politicians, and the Federal Reserve regarding the causes of this crisis and the solutions needed to solve our economic tribulations.

The average American does not know much about the Federal Reserve. The government and the Federal Reserve prefer to operate in the shadows. If the American public understood what their policies have done to their lives, they would be rioting in the streets. Henry Ford had a similar opinion:
- by James Quinn / Financial Sense

Federal Reserve Transparency Act
I rise to introduce the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. Throughout its nearly 100-year history, the Federal Reserve has presided over the near-complete destruction of the United States dollar. Since 1913 the dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power, aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve's loose monetary policy. How long will we as a Congress stand idly by while hard-working Americans see their savings eaten away by inflation? Only big-spending politicians and politically favored bankers benefit from inflation.

Since its inception, the Federal Reserve has always operated in the shadows, without sufficient scrutiny or oversight of its operations. While the conventional excuse is that this is intended to reduce the Fed's susceptibility to political pressures, the reality is that the Fed acts as a foil for the government. Whenever you question the Fed about the strength of the dollar, they will refer you to the Treasury, and vice versa. The Federal Reserve has, on the one hand, many of the privileges of government agencies, while retaining benefits of private organizations, such as being insulated from Freedom of Information Act requests.
- by Ron Paul / Speeches and Statements

Capitalism Needs a Sound-Money Foundation
Under a gold standard, if people think the paper money printed by government is losing value, they have the right to switch to gold. Fiat money -- i.e., currency with no intrinsic worth that government has decreed legal tender -- loses its value when government creates more than can be absorbed by the productive real economy. Too much fiat money results in inflation -- which pools in certain sectors at first, such as housing or financial assets, but ultimately raises prices in general.

Inflation is the enemy of capitalism, chiseling away at the foundation of free markets and the laws of supply and demand. It distorts price signals, making retailers look like profiteers and deceiving workers into thinking their wages have gone up. It pushes families into higher income tax brackets without increasing their real consumption opportunities.
- by Judy Shelton / The Wall Street Journal

The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act
Abolishing the Federal Reserve will allow Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over monetary policy. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the authority to coin money and regulate the value of the currency. The Constitution does not give Congress the authority to delegate control over monetary policy to a central bank. Furthermore, the Constitution certainly does not empower the federal government to erode the American standard of living via an inflationary monetary policy.

In fact, Congress' constitutional mandate regarding monetary policy should only permit currency backed by stable commodities such as silver and gold to be used as legal tender. Therefore, abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to a constitutional system will enable America to return to the type of monetary system envisioned by our nation's founders: one where the value of money is consistent because it is tied to a commodity such as gold. Such a monetary system is the basis of a true freemarket economy.
- by Ron Paul / Speeches and Statements

Is America Broke Part I
The United States used to be the largest creditor nation. Now we are the largest debtor nation. One bread winner used to earn enough to support the entire family. This is no longer the case for most American households. It now takes two. Why?

The savings of the American people is at all time lows, less than one half of one percent. Debt levels are at historic highs. Our government is running deficits of unprecedented proportions. What has happened in the past few decades to cause such drastic changes in our standard of living and way of life?

Something is going on, and whatever it is, it isn't good. The goal of this work is to ferret out what is wrong with our monetary system, and to offer a possible solution before it is too late. Not so much for ourselves, as for our children and their children to come. Time is of the essence.
- by Douglas V. Gnazzo / Safe Haven

Is America Broke Part II -- The Debt God
The Constitution states that only gold and silver coin is legal tender in payment of debt. Our Founding Fathers were fully aware of the destruction that paper money breeds. The Revolutionary War and the Continental paper money used to finance it had left deep impressions. Inflation rates of over 1200% caused hardships not easily forgotten.

Runaway inflation turned into hyper-inflation that destroyed the currency. This is where the phrase: "not worth a Continental" comes from. The authors of the Constitution wanted nothing to do with paper money. Bills of credit were forbidden. Only gold and silver coin was allowed to circulate as legal tender.

Today's bailout plans will save nothing. They are simply creating more debt to exchange for existing debt. Debt cannot pay off debt. This simply erodes the purchasing power of the dollar and quickens its inevitable demise. If excess credit continues unabated, the saying "not worth a Continental" may once again become the topic de jour.
- by Douglas V. Gnazzo / Safe Haven

Is America Broke Part III -- A Solution for the Financial Crisis
The following work offers a solution. It does not provide all the answers; it does, however, provide a starting point from which the healing process can begin. The information is from the 18th chapter of Honest Money.

Monetary Restoration

The United State's monetary system requires substantial reform to restore its present state of disrepair to a sound and healthy system, worthy of the greatest nation on earth.

There are four categories of reforms this study suggests:

* Educational Policies

* International & Global Policies

* Abolishment of Unconstitutional Policies

* Constitutional Acts to Restore the Monetary System
- by Douglas V. Gnazzo / Safe Haven

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom
Silver and gold are not merely valuable commodities, investments, and media of exchange. More importantly, they are key "checks and balances" in America's legal and political institutions.

The fight against the use of silver and gold as money that has been waged by bankers and rogue politicians since the 1870s as to silver and the 1930s as to gold --and will intensify as fiat currencies collapse throughout the world -- is ultimately directed against America's national independence, her constitutional government, and every common American's individual liberty and prosperity.
- by Edwin Vieira Jr /

Audio Book: Great Myths of the Great Depression

Full Audio
Phase I - The Business Cycle
Phase II - Disintegration of the World Economy
Phase III - The New Deal
Phase IV - The Wagner Act
Postscript - Have We Learned Our Lessons
About the Author
- by Foundation For Economic Education

The Gold Standard
The gold standard is a monetary arrangement whereby the currency in circulation is equivalent to a fixed value of gold. The gold standard was replaced by fiat currency, whereby the government or central bank is ultimately responsible for the value of the money. Until 1971, the U.S. dollar was fixed to the price of gold. Many economists feel that reverting to the gold standard would quell inflation because of the fixed value feature.
- by Foundation For Economic Education

Did U.S. Export Over 175 Million Ounces of Gold?
So, for 2007 and 2008 combined, the U.S. exported 22 million ounces of refined gold and over 154 million ounces of "compound gold." This is more than 11 times U.S. gold mine production during those two years. In fact, this is higher than global gold mine output. Where did all this gold come from?

This amount of gold exceeds what is held by all private parties in the U.S. combined. When the U.S. government called in gold in 1933, it then melted down the coins without refining. As a result, such bars from the coin melt would have a purity of around 90 percent gold. These would not qualify for description as refined gold, but could fit the definition of compound gold.

In the past few years, several gold traders have commented that a surprising number of coin melt gold bars were being delivered in London and Zurich markets, bars which almost certainly came from the U.S. Treasury vaults.

It is possible that some of these gold exports could be the repatriation of foreign central bank gold that had been stored with the New York Federal Reserve. Such transfers would be classified as "exports" for purposes of this report. The other possibility is that it could be gold formerly held by the only central bank in the world that had that much gold – the United States.

Wherever this gold came from, it is bad news for the U.S. government. If foreign central banks are pulling their gold reserves out of storage in the U.S., that signals lost faith in U.S. financial strength, which the U.S. government would not want the general public to learn about. If the U.S. government has actually been exporting its own gold, while still trying to pretend that the quantity in its vaults is unchanged, confirmation of such exports would clobber faith in both the U.S. government and the dollar.

The U.S. government has not had a genuine audit of its gold holdings in decades. In recent years, it has changed the description of gold holdings in reports so that now it is only described as "custodial gold" rather than gold reserves.
- by Patrick A. Heller /

"It's The Money"
What is it that turns a man into a specimen like Acting United States Attorney Edward R. Ryan, whose name is inscribed on the tissue of lies and totalitarian assertions called a "Bill of Indictment" against four key figures in NORFED, aka the Liberty Dollar organization?

To at least some extent, it must be the money (or at least the officially sanctioned similacrum of the same) that provides for Ryan's material comforts and subsidizes whatever squalid vices he enjoys. Since Ryan is a servant of the kleptocracy we can assume that vice, of some kind, plays a significant role in his discretionary time: Someone who steals for a living isn't likely to be a moral paragon when he's off the clock.

As a tax-feeder, Ryan, like the rest of us, is paid in the innately worthless scrip and slugs that the Regime insists on calling "money."

The chief difference is that he, like others in the Regime's employ, gets first, best use of the currency at the beginning of the debasement cycle; he enjoys a slew of benefits that are funded by the labors of the honest and productive; and he -- unlike those in the productive sector -- can reasonably expect that his salary will more than keep pace with inflation. For the Regime and its clients, and those who serve that system, inflation is as beneficial as it is baneful for those of us trying to make an honest living.
- by William N. Grigg / Pro Libertate

Statement on Competing Currencies
Over millennia of human history, gold and silver have been the two metals that have most often satisfied these conditions, survived the market process, and gained the trust of billions of people. Gold and silver are difficult to counterfeit, a property which ensures they will always be accepted in commerce. It is precisely for this reason that gold and silver are anathema to governments. A supply of gold and silver that is limited in supply by nature cannot be inflated, and thus serves as a check on the growth of government. Without the ability to inflate the currency, governments find themselves constrained in their actions, unable to carry on wars of aggression or to appease their overtaxed citizens with bread and circuses.

The first step consists of eliminating legal tender laws. Article I Section 10 of the Constitution forbids the States from making anything but gold and silver a legal tender in payment of debts. States are not required to enact legal tender laws, but should they choose to, the only acceptable legal tender is gold and silver, the two precious metals that individuals throughout history and across cultures have used as currency. However, there is nothing in the Constitution that grants the Congress the power to enact legal tender laws. We, the Congress, have the power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, but not to declare a legal tender. Yet, there is a section of US Code, 31 USC 5103, that purports to establish US coins and currency, including Federal Reserve notes, as legal tender.

The second step to reestablishing competing currencies is to eliminate laws that prohibit the operation of private mints. One private enterprise which attempted to popularize the use of precious metal coins was Liberty Services, the creators of the Liberty Dollar. Evidently the government felt threatened, as Liberty Dollars had all their precious metal coins seized by the FBI and Secret Service this past November. Of course, not all of these coins were owned by Liberty Services, as many were held in trust as backing for silver and gold certificates which Liberty Services issued. None of this matters, of course, to the government, who hates to see any competition.

The final step to ensuring competing currencies is to eliminate capital gains and sales taxes on gold and silver coins. Under current federal law, coins are considered collectibles, and are liable for capital gains taxes.
- by Ron Paul / Before the US House of Representatives

Ron Paul : Five Myths About the Gold Standard (1981)
I find it amazing that economists can make statements like this, for it is an elementary principal of economics that if one raises the price of a commodity, one will always have enough of that commodity. What we saw in the run up of gold prices is in fact the raising of the price of gold to match the depreciation of the dollar that has occurred, and still is occurring.

Simply put, there will always be enough gold so long as no one interferes with the free market mechanism.

At $700 an ounce the United States government has enough gold reserves to more than cover all the Federal Reserves notes outstanding. If we were to establish a gold standard by the procedure I have outlined in my bill H.R. 7874, then the world would be fully informed of the gold holdings of the United States Government and the price of gold could adjust accordingly, so that when redemption of our greenbacks - our Federal Reserve notes - began, the price would be the market-clearing price. Quite simply, the statement that there is not enough gold is false. It is a scare tactic used by opponents of the gold standard.
- by Ron Paul / Congressional Record, February 23, 1981 / Daily Paul

Honest Money
Editors note: Mr. Gnazzo's meticulous research provides the reader with empowering information concerning America's monetary system. This eight part essay explains a dysfunctional system, why it is dysfunctional, and how it got that way. This is, IMO, mandatory reading for every responsible patriot. -JSB

Part I: The Constitution and Honest Money
Part II: Silver Standard with a Bimetallic Coinage System
Part III: Coinage Acts from 1834-1900
Part IV: Treasury Notes
Part V: History of American Money and Banking
Part VI: The European Connection
Part VII: The Moneychangers - Secrets of the Temple
Part VIII: Final Summary and Conclusions
- by Douglas V. Gnazzo / The Silver Bear Cafe

The Federal Reserve Must Die
Ron Paul's scathing assessment of the Federal Reserve's primary role in creating the financial crisis and his raking of Chairman Bernanke over the coals is so accurate, truthful and sane that it should blow your mind. Mr. Bernanke must have felt like his head was spinning like a top while Ron Paul gave him a tutorial in basic economics. Mr. Paul's noble efforts to Audit the Fed (HR 1207) and eventually to rid the country of its insidious control over our lives will bring the pillars of the Federal Reserve building crashing down upon Mr. Bernanke in his mahogany paneled, gold plated boardroom with ornate chandeliers.

The worldwide financial system experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in September 2008. The very foundations of our economy were shaken to their core. The fear exhibited by government officials, politicians, and the public was palpable and real. For a few weeks there was the distinct possibility that the system would come crashing down. A massive printing of dollars by the Federal Reserve, the clandestine buying up of toxic assets by the Federal Reserve, behind the scenes deals with the biggest banks, covert currency swap deals with foreign Central Banks, and forcing the FASB to change accounting rules to allow banks to fraudulently value bad loans, temporarily staved off the final chapter in the 96 year old diabolical experiment in currency manipulation.
- by James Quinn /

Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology

Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology

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Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology Today's American Dream news and commentary, Christian resources, Church and state, pro-life, free enterprise, prophesy, eschatology and theology